About Examples.com


In a world that celebrates the self-made expert, the do-it-yourself artist, the resourceful student, and the bootstrapping entrepreneur—you will need all the help you can get just to keep up.

And to accomplish all this ASAP.

Whatever you are trying to do, someone has attempted to do the same before—and succeeded.

At Examples.com, we recognize this: the fact we are social creatures who learn best by example, and we have made it our business to give you those examples.

This is true if you need designs without being the designers, budget plans and business proposals without being a seasoned expert, questionnaires and essay outlines without the prolonged hours of reinventing the wheel. When creating last-minute business cards and brochures, or invitations and banners and speech drafts, you need more than tips and tricks.

You need real examples. You will find them here.


We don’t pretend to have the best of the best, because sometimes that’s not what you need. What you need is what works.

What we aim to offer are the most illustrative, representative, useful examples of real-life, real-world tools and resources from real people going about their businesses and daily life.

Whoever you are, if you are in need of a clue, a hint of inspiration, or a solution that has worked for others countless times in the past, this is a place to find them.