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Formula: Energy in Therms(US) = Energy in Gram Calories (cal) 25199579.530795

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Formula: Energy in Gram Calories (cal) = Energy in Therms(US) x 25199579.530795

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Conversion Factors:

  • Gram Calories to US Therms: 1 US Therm = 25,200,000 Gram Calories
  • US Therms to Gram Calories: 1 Gram Calorie = 1 / 25,200,000 US Therms

How to Convert Gram Calories to US Therms:

To convert Gram Calories to US Therms, divide the number of Gram Calories by 25,200,000.

US Therms=Gram Calories/25,200,000


Convert 50,000,000 Gram Calories to US Therms.

US Therms=50,000,000/25,200,000=1.9841 US Therms

How to Convert US Therms to Gram Calories:

To convert US Therms to Gram Calories, multiply the number of US Therms by 25,200,000.

Gram Calories=US Therms×25,200,000


Convert 2 US Therms to Gram Calories.

Gram Calories=2×25,200,000=50,400,000 Gram Calories

Gram Calories to US Therms Conversion Table

Gram Calories (cal)US Therms (therm)
1 cal3.9666e-8 us
2 cal7.9331e-8 us
3 cal1.1899e-7 us
4 cal1.5866e-7 us
5 cal1.9833e-7 us
6 cal2.3799e-7 us
7 cal2.7766e-7 us
8 cal3.1733e-7 us
9 cal3.5699e-7 us
10 cal3.9666e-7 us
20 cal7.9331e-7 us
30 cal1.1899e-6 us
40 cal1.5866e-6 us
50 cal1.9833e-6 us
60 cal2.3799e-6 us
70 cal2.7766e-6 us
80 cal3.1733e-6 us
90 cal3.5699e-6 us
100 cal3.9666e-6 us

cal to us therm Conversion Chart

US Therms to Gram Calories Conversion Table

US Therms (us)Gram Calories (cal)
1 us2.52e+7 cal
2 us5.04e+7 cal
3 us7.56e+7 cal
4 us1.008e+8 cal
5 us1.26e+8 cal
6 us1.512e+8 cal
7 us1.764e+8 cal
8 us2.016e+8 cal
9 us2.268e+8 cal
10 us2.52e+8 cal
20 us5.04e+8 cal
30 us7.56e+8 cal
40 us1.008e+9 cal
50 us1.26e+9 cal
60 us1.512e+9 cal
70 us1.764e+9 cal
80 us2.016e+9 cal
90 us2.268e+9 cal
100 us2.52e+9 cal

Difference Between Gram Calories to US Therms

AspectGram Calories (cal)US Therms (us)
DefinitionA unit of energy in the metric system.A unit of heat energy used in the United States.
Conversion Factor1 cal = 3.9666e-8 us1 us = 25,200,000 cal
Common UseUsed in scientific and nutritional contexts.Used for measuring large-scale energy consumption.
ScaleSuitable for small energy quantities.Suitable for large energy quantities.
OriginDerived from the metric system.Derived from British thermal units.
Measurement ContextOften used in food energy measurements.Often used in natural gas and energy billing.
Unit SizeRelatively small unit of energy.Relatively large unit of energy.
SymbolRepresented by ‘cal’.Represented by ‘us’.

1. Solved Examples on Converting Gram Calories to US Therms

Example 1

Problem: Convert 10,000 gram calories to US therms.

Solution: US Therms=10,000 cal/25,200,000=0.000397 therms

10,000 gram calories = 0.000397 US therms.

Example 2

Problem: Convert 50,000 gram calories to US therms.

Solution: US Therms=50,000 cal/25,200,000=0.001984 therms

50,000 gram calories = 0.001984 US therms.

Example 3

Problem: Convert 100,000 gram calories to US therms.

Solution: US Therms=100,000 cal/25,200,000=0.003968 therms

100,000 gram calories = 0.003968 US therms.

Example 4

Problem: Convert 250,000 gram calories to US therms.

Solution: US Therms=250,000 cal/25,200,000=0.009920 therms

250,000 gram calories = 0.009920 US therms.

Example 5

Problem: Convert 500,000 gram calories to US therms.

Solution: US Therms=500,000 cal/25,200,000=0.019841 therms

500,000 gram calories = 0.019841 US therms.

2. Solved Examples on Converting US Therms to Gram Calories

Example 1

Problem: Convert 0.000397 US therms to gram calories.

Solution: Gram Calories=0.000397 therms×25,200,000 cal/therm=10,000 cal

0.000397 US therms = 10,000 gram calories.

Example 2

Problem: Convert 0.001984 US therms to gram calories.

Solution: Gram Calories=0.001984 therms×25,200,000 cal/therm=50,000 cal

0.001984 US therms = 50,000 gram calories.

Example 3

Problem: Convert 0.003968 US therms to gram calories.

Solution: Gram Calories=0.003968 therms×25,200,000 cal/therm=100,000 cal

0.003968 US therms = 100,000 gram calories.

Example 4

Problem: Convert 0.009920 US therms to gram calories.

Solution: Gram Calories=0.009920 therms×25,200,000 cal/therm=250,000 cal

0.009920 US therms = 250,000 gram calories.

Example 5

Problem: Convert 0.019841 US therms to gram calories.

Solution: Gram Calories=0.019841 therms×25,200,000 cal/therm=500,000 cal

0.019841 US therms = 500,000 gram calories.

Why is it important to convert gram calories to US therms?

Converting between gram calories and US therms is important for understanding and comparing energy content in different contexts, such as in scientific research, cooking, and energy consumption of fuels.

Are there any tools or calculators available for converting gram calories to US therms?

Yes, there are many online calculators and conversion tools available that can quickly convert gram calories to US therms. Simply input the number of gram calories, and the tool will provide the equivalent amount in US therms.

Is there a quick way to approximate the conversion from gram calories to US therms?

Yes, you can use the fact that 1 gram calorie is approximately equal to 3.97 × 10^-8 US therms. For larger numbers, you can multiply by this factor for a quick estimate.

What are common uses for converting gram calories to US therms?

Converting gram calories to US therms is useful in various fields such as nutrition, physics, chemistry, and energy industries where comparing small-scale and large-scale energy measurements is necessary.

Is the conversion the same for all types of calories when converting gram calories to US therms?

No, the conversion factor specifically applies to gram calories (small calories). There is also a kilocalorie (kcal or large calorie), which is equal to 1,000 gram calories. Be sure to use the correct unit for accurate conversion.