29 Event Poster Designs & Examples

Events are some of the most joyful scenarios one can be a part of. These can be social occasions that are mainly fun, full of enjoyment and such. Others may be for more formal occasions, those that have importance and event agendas are clearly set.

For activities that are big, invitations may be an inefficient choice of spreading the word of the said activities. In such cases, there might be a need for a different medium to be used for the dissemination of information regarding the event. The commonly accepted medium used for events are posters. Vintage posters are great for information dissemination to a large crowd, and for examples, scroll down to see a wide selection of event posters available to use. Read on!

Bowling Event Posters

Vintage Bowling Event Poster

Bowling League Event Poster

Business Event Poster

Elegant Business Event Poster

Charity Event Poster

Free Charity Event Poster

Church Event Poster

Free Church Event Poster

Church Event Poster in PSD

DJ Event Posters

DJ Event Poster Vector

Free DJ Event Poster

What Are the Inclusions of an Event Poster?

An event poster may have a very creative and well crafted banner design that may stand out on it’s own, if it does not have any information regarding the event itself, what good would it do at the end of the day? Here are the most important information that needs to be in any event poster:

  • Event Name. A well crafted design for a poster will not have any good use if even the name of the event itself is not found anywhere on the poster. The name of the event is very important not only for the viewer to be able to know the name, but the viewer of the poster may also be of help in spreading the information through word-of-mouth advertising. It’s like distributing advertising poster to others, but with no added cost at all.
  • Agenda. The event agenda is also an important part of a poster. Not only would it speak on what the reason the event is being made, but also mean less inquiries on the event. An important aspect of posters is being able to speak for itself, and having the agenda in the poster will help in doing so.
  • Time and Place. Speaking of important pieces of information, the whereabouts of an event and the place it will occur may be the most important pieces of information to be placed in a poster. Without these information, people will know about the event agenda, but will have no idea where it will be held and the time it starts and ends. Basically, without these, the event would be a failure in the making.
  • contact details. For further inquiries about the event, contact details of the point person would be another important information to include in the poster itself so that questions that some people may have about the event may be addressed before the event starts.

Dance Event Posters

Free Dance Event Poster

Dance Event PSD Poster

Fashion Event Poster Examples

Fashion Show Event Poster

Modern Fashion Event Poster

Music Event Posters

Music Band Event Poster

Rock Music Event Poster

Minimalist Event Posters

Minimalist Golf Event Poster

Printable Minimalist Event Poster

Networking Event Poster Examples

Networking Hour Event Poster

Networking Dinner Event Poster

How to Make a Good Poster

Outside other important pieces of information that needs to be included in a poster, it must have a good design that can attract people who would otherwise just be walking pass it. Apart from it being in a good place to be noticed, a good poster has to have a good design to be able to attract people. And these must be inculcated in the design of the poster for it to be more effective, and these must blend with the creative style of the poster itself.

  • Make a good copy. A good copy will be short and direct to the point. Applying advertising theories for a copy will help it be more persuasive. People only have a couple of seconds to be able to look at the copy of the poster, and these seconds are crucial in the sense that the copy itself might either be a deal-maker or a breaker. A well-written copy will persuade the viewer to go to the event and spend some bucks there.
  • Get creative. As stated countless times before, the design of the poster is important in its ability to attract people walking by. Having a good designed poster will be able to help a viewer to get an idea on what the event is about. If the event poster is about party with a vintage theme, then a vintage poster make more sense than a futuristic looking one.
  • Use the inverted pyramid method. This is a method of placing the copy in a specific order such that the most relevant information goes first then the order goes on to the least relevant which will go last.
  • Z-Layout. This is a type of journalism layout which follows the natural reading pattern of most people which is to read starting from the left, going to the right. At the end of the line, goes to the line below and starts to read starting from the left side to the right again, as how someone would write the capital form of “Z” in a paper.

Old Event Posters

Old Music Event Poster

Old Sports Event Poster

Party Event Posters

Party Event Poster Vector

Christmas Party Event Poster

Professional Event Poster

Professional Business Event Poster

Sports Event Poster Examples

Free Sports Event Poster

Sports Themed Event Poster

Vintage Event Posters

Vintage Night Event Poster

Vintage Music Event Poster

Vector Event Poster Examples

Editable Vector Event Poster

Vector Sports Event Poster

Types of Design Elements to Use in a Poster

There are several design elements that can be used in any design. For some, the first rule of design may be “There are no rules.” And a poster designer may follow that. But one thing that’s absolute is that there are design elements, and these said elements may be used in the design process of an event poster.

  • minimalism. This type of design is very pleasing to the eye in the sense that everything looks clean. Emptiness is sometimes good, but with the right design, emptiness will always be good and it will always look clean and a pleasant view to the eyes of a viewer. Event flyers may even be used to help in the promotion of the event but make it adheres to the minimalist style of the poster.
  • the use of negative space. Negative spaces are the spaces around and between the subject. These are not just any space, these are empty spaces. If enough playing around is done with negative spaces, an image or silhouette may even be seen. Notice that in the FedEx logo, there negative space between the “E” and the “x” forms an arrow pointing to the right that may give the impression of moving forward, which what FedEx does for it’s clients.
  • harmony. Everything has to be clean. Every detail in the event poster must be in harmony with each other. If harmony is not there, the poster may look cluttered, the elements seem to party agenda with each other, and may not help with the promotion of the event at all.

There is not a single rule that’s available about what design elements to use in a poster, but these are a few. a different event requires a different design, that may possibly require a different approach. Remember that if the design calls for it, do not stick to the said elements always and remember to explore more. Speaking of exploring, make sure to double check on the examples available here and don’t forget to download some more to be able to see design inspirations!

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