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Events are simply defined as a thing that happens, especially one of importance or a planned public or social occasion.

Each event is different in its own way organized by different sectors of the community: be it from the government, or somewhere from the private sector [e.g. business process outsourcing (BPO) companies, private households, malls, restaurants, fashion outlets, bands, etc.]. You may also see easter poster template examples.

Popular Events Held You Can Host/Organize

1. Auction

Catered only to the rich and powerful. In a sense, it is like a garage sale but the only difference is that they would have to fight for it if they truly want it in their collection by placing ‘bids’ to the said items called ‘lots’. Take note that the lots being sold in auctions are just not your everyday items. These can range from famous paintings to historical artifacts found some time ago. Others think of it as a waste of money, but hey, rich people need a hobby too, right? You may also see poster billboard designs & examples.

2. Awards

Awards are given in recognition of someone’s service to the company or to the community as a whole. No matter how great or how small the award is, one should feel proud of himself and the work he has done. You may also like examples of vector design.

3. Breakfast briefing

From the term itself, this kind of event is held when the speaker or announcer or host would have something to say to his personnel or to a group of stakeholders.

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4. Cabaret

Cabaret is a stage performance, typically held in restaurants, bars and nightclubs. It mixes music, song, dance and drama with an overarching theme that is normally more suited to adult audiences.

5. Garage Sale

They say one ma’s junk is another person’s treasure. These may be second-hand items or pre-loved clothes or equipment, but they still have some value and worth left to the right person. Either way, hosting a garage sale is a win-win situation for the both of you. You may also check out tips for designing the perfect poster.

6. Celebration

Just as similar to parties, hosting celebrations can really for anything from birthdays to weddings to hosting a farewell party for a person to celebrating someone’s graduation. usually, it’s less formal, but it really depends as to the type of party you are hosting. You might be interested in vertical billboard designs and examples.

7. Conference

Think of conferences like lectures except they are usually made up of several sessions, often mixing up formats including simple keynotes, panels, breakouts and round tables and also blend learning.

8. Congress

Congresses generally refer to formal meetings between politicians or government representatives. Many conferences also adopt the name of ‘congress’ to sound more formal and important too!

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Mother’s Day Brunch Event Poster Example

9. Consumer Show / Fair

This kind of event brings in people from all walks of life as vendors would usually showcase their products to the consumers letting them know what they have to offer for different for different events (e.g. local delicacies, products, handbags, travel services). You may also see labor day poster templates.

10. Debate

Debates are known to tackle the serious topics (i.e. poverty, the economic crisis) typically between students or even local government officials. Passers-by take the opportunity to view this spectacle to learn something from it and to provide their own critical thinking or analysis to the issue at hand. You may also like examples of poster design.

11. Endurance

Endurance competitions normally consist of duathlons or even triathlons that require the participants of the certain event to engage themselves in physical sport letting them complete the distance. For instance, the renowned Ironman Triathlon requires competitors to at least finish 2 km of swimming distance, 90 km of bike and 21 km of running distance  for a total of 113 km. You may also check out event poster designs & examples.

12. Exhibition / Trade Show

Trade shows are similar to consumer fairs, but are normally restricted to professionals and not open to the public. They focus on selling high-value B2B goods or services.

13. Fandom gathering

Once upon a time, Japanese culture found its way to globalized itself to the rest of the world with their ‘anime’ and thanks to that, people began dressing up like them spending hundreds of dollars for them to look ‘kawaii’ for a daay or 2 and get pictured by the fans of that character. You might be interested in retro billboard designs and examples.

14. Fashion show

Fashion shows are not normally organized for public viewing, but for magazine shoots and for designers to showcase their creativity to the journalists or critics before it goes out to the general public.

15. Festival

Often music, but can be on any topic. An organised series of concerts, screenings or plays, usually at the same venue and often over several days.

16. Flash Sale

Sometimes, flash sales are held depending on the season or on the approaching holiday. Flash sales are when the malls or fashion outlets generated profits are the highest. You may also see billboard artwork designs and examples.

17. Food and Drink

Food and drink events are normally held whenever the restaurant or hotel wants to celebrate the holiday by offering food choices that are not normally found on their menu or buffet (e.g. Lent, Chinese New Year).

18. Forum

Forums give people an opportunity that can be used as an avenue to exchange ideas, share opinions, raise questions, provide insights and sometimes even criticism if the need arises.

19. Gaming

Dorks and nerds who have no social life whatsoever would normally resort to e-gaming as a means to socialize with other people and gamers like themselves. E-sports is slowly becoming a trend with competitions held every now and then for games like Defense of the Ancients, to League of Legends and win prize money for all their hard work. You may also like movie billboard designs and examples.

20. Historical / Role play / Reenactment

Frequently military or fantasy themed, groups of enthusiasts gather to immerse themselves in the period or theme, and enjoy role playing or re-enacting famous battles with their fellow fans.

21. Interview / Fireside

If you are a fan of late-night television, then you would have noticed hosts such as Stephen Colbert or Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon interviewing stars and celebrities about their recent movies they have starred in or just to simply goof off with them. You may also check out event banner examples.

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22. Obstacle races

Have you ever heard of the Amazing Race? Well, think it like that except you do not travel around the world and complete obstacles as it can be done locally and with less expenses. Obstacle races are actually more fun and exciting and more memorable when you do it with someone you love and care about. You may also see corporate billboard designs and examples.

23. Open Mic

An event where you get the chance to be the star of the show. They usually focus on poetry, music and comedy and give aspiring artists the chance to showcase their skills and get comfortable performing in public. You may also like restaurant billboard designs and examples.

24. Paint Jam

Find a great space, grab a handle for street artists and you’ve got yourself a paint jam. People love watching people create all kinds of amazing art pieces.

25. Party

Do we have to define a party for you? Really! OK then…parties are simply a gathering of people (friends or strangers) who come together to have fun, relax and often celebrate something.

26. Presentation

Presentation isn’t another word for power point, contrary to the popular understanding of most conference speakers. Wikipedia defines it as  “a demonstration, lecture, or speech meant to inform, persuade, or build good will.” While usually found as part of a conference or other larger event, there’s no reason you can’t have a single presentation as the star of your event. You may also check out simple billboard designs and examples.

27. Product launch

Introducing the iPhone 11. Nothing like you’ve never seen before. Simply amazing and revolutionary. This is the purpose of the product launch in the first place: to promote the said item for the whole world to know.

28. Prom

Ah, prom. The most magical event in a student’s life. The one night in their lives where they get to dress extra special with their tuxedos and dresses or even gowns as a pre-graduation or post-graduation ceremony as a night they will never forget. You might be interested in examples of banner ads.

29. Puzzle/ Escape Room

Are you familiar with survival games? Or even the series Sherlock? Well, this is more of that. Escape rooms are an opportunity to bond with your friends and loved ones in a cool and exciting way by trying to figure out on how to escape the room or solve the puzzle before moving on. You will not die or anything, but the atmosphere kind of gives that impression away. You may also see signage and billboard designs and examples.

30. Q&A Question and Answer

If you have watched the season finale of the Big Bang Theory, you would know that Mark Hamill was a special guest who officiated Amy and Sheldon’s wedding as a way to stall since the bride and the groom were kind of in the middle of finding a groundbreaking discovery. One famous example of a Q&A session would be ComicCon as it gives the fans of the franchise or movie and other journalists to ask questions about the film to the team. You may also like examples of billboard advertising.

31. Rally

They say that the pen is mightier than the sword. In many ways, it is kind of true. You cannot expect the answer to everything to be found in death and blood. Sometimes, you just need to voice your thoughts out under one united banner and cry out your concerns to the higher-ups through protesting on what is true and just. You may also check out outdoor billboard designs & examples.

32. Reunion

Class reunions do not normally happen. In fact, if you are lucky, everyone is going to attend it just as long as early planning and preparation and constant coordination and communication between your blockmates and classmates are being done.

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