Incident Response Communication Plan


To effectively manage and communicate during incidents, ensuring timely resolution and minimal impact on stakeholders.

Incident Response Team Structure

Communication Channels

Audience Channels
Internal Staff Emails, Internal Alerts, Intranet
External Stakeholders Press Releases, Social Media, Company Website
Customers Email Notifications, Website Updates
Regulatory Bodies Formal Reports, Direct Communications

Incident Response Process

  1. Identification: Detect and confirm the incident.
  2. Containment: Limit the impact.
  3. Assessment: Evaluate the incident’s scope and impact.
  4. Communication: Initiate internal and external communications.
  5. Resolution: Address and resolve the incident.
  6. Review: Analyze the response and update the plan.

Communication Plan

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Review and Adaptation

Regularly review the communication plan for continuous improvement based on incident feedback and changes in the organizational environment.

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