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3+ Relationship Contract Agreement Examples in MS Word | Google Docs | Pages | PDF

It goes without saying, when a person hears the word relationship, it could mean a lot of things. A bond between a man and a woman, a bond between a mother and her child, two good friends, etc. It can also mean something between two people who make a promise to fulfill each others’ promises. But it does not only lead to that, it can also mean the people you work with. But when you add the word contract agreement, you would then think about two people agreeing to make something work. Whether this may be in the form of a business or something more close and intimate. Relationship contract agreements work just the same. And this kind of agreement is usually found in businesses as part of the policy that employees have to follow. Of course, a relationship contract agreement may differ if it was made for something more personal. Depending on how you may see a relationship contract agreement, you would usually picture it out as a checklist where employees would be checking to agree or used for personal things. For more ideas and examples you may check the following 3+ examples below.

3+ Relationship Contract Agreement Examples

1. Relationship Contract Agreement Template

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2. Standard Relationship Contract Agreement

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3. Relationship Contract Agreement in PDF

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4. Formal Relationship Contract Agreement

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What Is a Relationship Contract Agreement?

What is a relationship contract agreement and what purpose does it have for anyone who uses it? A relationship contract agreement as the name states is a kind of agreement contract that involves two people, who do not usually have to be in any kind of romantic relationship, who would wish to start something. This may involve a business promise of an idea or even for those who would think of using it as a romantic type of contract. However, this is mostly commonly found in business types of relationship agreement. Wherein the first person would suggest an idea for a business and would want the approval of the other. In addition to that, a relationship contract agreement is a document mainly used as a way to promise someone. This promise can vary from personal to business related promises. This can also be used for companies who wish to remind their employees that any type of relationship outside of the professional dynamic would be something that should not be tolerated. In a way that the company would state that through an agreement or a checklist.

How to Write a Relationship Contract Agreement?

Whether you are writing this contract agreement as a form of promise to your partner or you use it for business related purposes, here are some tips you can check out when you want to write a relationship contract agreement.

1. Name of Person or Party

Like any other kind of agreement or contract agreement, to make it more personal, the name of the person or party you are planning on sending it to should be placed on top or at the beginning of the paragraph. The purpose is to let the person know that this contract agreement is for them to read personally and to understand before accepting anything. Of course, this is also the part where questions may be raised so be prepared.

2. Scope of the Agreement

What is the agreement about? The scope should at least give the person the idea of what you are planning on doing with the relationship contract agreement. The scope does not have to be too long nor does it have to be too short. What matters is that the scope of the agreement and the reason for writing one should be present.

3. Date of Agreement

The date of the agreement should also be specific and placed alongside the name of the person. The date of agreement must only be placed when the person has agreed to it, and not when you have given the agreement for the person to sign.

4. List of Responsibilities

As for the list of responsibilities, there are some agreement forms that would let you list down the responsibilities of the person, while others do not. It is advisable for you to write down the list of responsibilities for you as well as for the other person or party. That way they are aware of what they are expected to do and what not to do.

5. Signature of Both Parties

Last but not the least, the most important thing is the signature of both parties. The signature of both parties represent that you and the other person have gone through a lot of thinking over and have agreed on what had been written and discussed. That both parties are consenting adults and have accepted the responsibilities that have been listed down.


Why is it necessary to write down the responsibilities in the agreement?

It is not a requirement but it is advisable. This is to let you and your partner know that these are the things you need to do in order to make this work.

Should the contract agreement be signed when both are consenting?

Never sign any agreement contract if you are forced to sign it. The most important thing is your consent when dealing with these kinds of documents. Ask an attorney if you have other issues concerning this kind of agreement.

In what other things can a relationship contract agreement be used for?

It can be used on a personal level, a romantic level and a business kind of level. Basically this kind of agreement must also be done if the person has consent or permission.

As we all know, any kind of agreement would require certain information that some of us may not be able to tell. That is unless of course the permission was granted or the permission was given. This relationship contract agreement is the same. There is information here that needs to be discussed and asked, so the next time you plan on writing one, ask for the person or the party’s consent.

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