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Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy page denotes our Commitment and Transparency towards creating a Better Electronic Environment on the Internet. is well aware of the privacy concerns of our Users. We do not share or use any of our user information with any third party. The information we collect are retrieved with the consent of the individual. tends to change this policy from time to time by updating this page. User is responsible for checking this page every now and then and comply by the policies listed below.

Using Cookies

In our endeavor to serve you better, we drop a cookie or similar file in your computer. This activity helps us in understanding your preferences and searches so that we are able to tailor our website better to match your interest. However, you have the choice of deleting the cookies from your browser and the option of blocking these cookies as per your preference.

Personal Information & Safeguarding User Information

The information which are collected by are collected with full consent of the users (meaning voluntarily). We do not sell them or use them with any third party. We safeguard these information and ensure the privacy, integrity and security of the owner. We will however use such data to be passed around our organization and use it for research, marketing and advertising purposes. In addition, we do not use any of the information collected on an individual basis.

Contributions, Comments and Feedback

We welcome feedback, suggestions, and any contribution that would enrich our sites. You can share the information via the available feedback system. And in case of any such contributions made, the user is free to share this information digitally and otherwise. However, the information published by our users (comments and feedback) on our site is not our discretion and does not warrant or subscribe to such opinion or information.

Links to Other Sites

As part of the content, will contain ads which link out to other sites. These ads and links are purely for advertorial purposes. We may use some of these links to monetise, however, we are not responsible for the privacy policy and the content therein.