Best Realtor Website

Last Updated: April 26, 2024

Best Realtor Website

We are very much aware of the fact that a realtor is the one who is nationally authorized to sell the property. However, selling a property is a tough job, but it can get really easy when you have a platform to showcase the properties. Realtor websites create trust amongst the buyers and hence it is vital for a realtor to have one.

Keeping the same thing in mind lets have a look at the 15+ Best Realtor Website Examples & Templates 2019. Let’s explore the templates, so as to get the best choices for your business.

1. Versatile Realtor Website Template

It is always advisable to go flexible with the website templates. Getting a versatile website is a tough call, however, there are many advantages of having one. This template is highly versatile and great when it comes to being responsive. It is fully functional and looks really sophisticated, which makes this template a must buy for the realtor.

2. Minimalist Realtor Website Template

Keeping things simple is the best way of making it understandable. You can download the template of this hazel-free website where you can list and promote your property very effectively by taking advantage of this minimal design.

3. Innovative Realtor Website Template


Innovation is the key to success and if you actually want to take the flavor of a great achievement you first need to have an innovative website for your business. Get this Innovative Realtor Website Template, as, it is perfect for almost every type of real estate project. The best thing about this template is, it comes with professional layouts and a variety of pages.

4. All-in-One Realtor Website Template


A Realtor has to perform so many tasks on a single go and they need a website flexible enough to help you with every task. This All-in-One Realtor Website Template can advertise a house for sale, rental houses, selling condos, search for homes. This comes with the drag and drop option which makes its customization easier than ever.

5. Responsive Realtor Website Template

It is significant for a website to be responsive. It should be coded effective enough to make it prompt in response. If you want a prompt website for yourself you can show your trust on this Responsive Realtor Website Template. This one comes with efficient coding and easy to customize option.

6. Realtor Website Template For Rental Properties

Some realtors concentrate on a specific property field and they should get the right template which belongs to the respective field. If you are a realtor focused on the rental properties, then this website is for you. This one comes with all the features that a realtor or a customer would want to utilize, for a Realtor rental property website.

7. HTML Realtor Website Template

Every realtor wants their website to build strong to resemble the property they are dealing with. This HTML Realtor Website Template is built with a strong HTML and CSS3 coding. The coding is done in a way that it looks perfectly aligned and ultimately it becomes easier for the user to edit the template as per the requirements.

8. Realtor Website Template For Property Sales


If you are a realtor very much engaged with property sales, then you should definitely look for this great website. Realtor Website Template For Property Sales is specially crafted for selling the property. It comes with a clean design and separate pages for services, agents, agencies.

9. Simple Realtor Website Template


If you don’t want much stuff in your website and want to keep it simple and elegant, then you should give a try to this amazing website template. This one is specially designed for the realtor and hence its language and layouts speak about the property to engage the right audience to convert them into potential customers.

10. Modern Realtor Website Template


Giving your website a modern touch is an important task. No one likes to browse an out-dated website. Get this Modern Realtor template for showcasing your property. This one comes with an attractive layout, 6 home pages, 6 header types and also, it is 100% Responsive.

11. Contemporary Realtor Website Template


The contemporary website never goes off the trend and the best part about these websites is you need not renovate it frequently. So, if you are willing to have a website long lasting and eye-catchy, you should give a try on this Contemporary Realtor Website Template. This website is fully-functional, has good layouts and is professionally designed.

12. Professional Realtor Website Template


We suggest the agencies, agents and the realtor, to go with professionally designed websites. These type of websites create customer trust, built with security and loaded with features. If you also want to have all these features in your website then you should download this template at the earliest.

13. Creative Realtor Website Template


Creativity is always appreciated. It doesn’t matter whether you are a realtor or an agency but it is always good to have a website showcasing your creativity as it would indirectly imply the collection of property, you will be selling. This Creative Realtor Website Template with high-quality pictures, search options, top-notch content and a lot more to amaze your viewers.

14. Realtor Website Template For Single Properties


Single properties like Apartments, Hotels, etc; also deserves to have a different identity and that’s where we have collated this beautiful and creative template, specially designed for the single properties. Using this template, the realtor can showcase all the important details of the property, they want to advertise and take the benefits of its texture, content and design.

15. Smart Realtor Website Template


If you are a realtor who believes in making smart choices, then this website is just for you. This Smart Realtor Website Template is designed with features like pre-built layout, strong code and multiple browser friendly. You just have to download the template and edit its code to make the required changes and your Smart Realtor Website will be ready to be set live.

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