Types of HR Forms You Need for Small Businesses

Last Updated: April 28, 2024

Types of HR Forms You Need for Small Businesses

Every business no matter how big or small will need a human resources department in order for it to function properly. The department is responsible for handling employees, at times their salaries, their legal memos, their benefits, taxes, evaluations, and many other matters as well as being the department that would usually handle recruiting new employees although there are some companies that create an entirely new entity by have a designated recruitment department. So for a proper HR department to function properly it will need certain types of forms so that they can keep a record of the most important details and work efficiently while addressing as many employee concerns as possible.


Types of Forms

  • Business salary analysis form – The purpose of this form is for you to analyze the information you have regarding your salary receipt and compare yours and those of other competitors.

  • Compensation and benefit forms – These forms would show the employees what benefits they are entitled to, how they can get them, and how much they are able to receive. The usual benefits that would be listed here wold be regarding overtimes, holiday pays, night shifts, work allowances, complexities packages, travel and meal allowances, and many others.

  • Direct deposit form – This form should be given to employees who wish to have their paychecks directly deposited to their bank accounts.

  • Direct deposit revocation form – This form is for the employees to have their employees stop sending their paychecks directly into their bank account.

  • Dismissal or employee termination form – This form is used whenever the company would decide to terminate an employee or for when the employee has decided to quit the company. The form would usually have details as to why either party has requested for a termination and both parties must sign on it to show that they have come to an agreement regarding their separation.

  • Drug and/or alcohol testing consent forms – These forms are used so that the employees would consent to having themselves tested for drugs and/or alcohol. It is important for employees to remain at top shape and not indulge or intoxicate themselves with any substance that would cause them to have mental breakdowns or a lack of conscience.

  • Employee absence request and weekly absence record – This form is for the employees who wish to go on leave due to personal or non-personal reasons which require their attention. The form will detail how many hours or days they will need to go on leave as well as indicate whether or not their leave will be one with or without pay.

  • Employee emergency information form – This form is for employees to fill up their personal information, medical information, emergency contacts, and other necessary bits of information that will be used if ever there is an emergency like a natural disaster or a health emergency.

  • Employee incident report forms – These forms are for the employees to fill up if there has been an incident that has occurred in the office like for example somebody opening a door that wasn’t meant to be opened and caused the alarm to off in the process or someone who is usually one of a high position, sexually harassing one of the employees that was under them. It can even go as far as reporting about an employee blackmailing another. This is when the HR department becomes directly involved and will need to investigate the matter and think of an appropriate punishment if ever necessary.

  • Employee time sheets – This form is for the employees to view their records for how long they were doing their work in the office. The purpose of this sheet is for the employees to check if there are any discrepancies with the records and if they happen to come across any then they will have to go the human resources department and have the issue cleared. The HR department will simply re-check their records and confirm with any footage or other sorts of records or witnesses if there really was an inaccurate record.

  • Employee warning notice – these are basically warning letters to give to employees that have done something that goes against the rules and regulations of the company as well as against its policies so that they will be reprimanded not to do them again in the future. If employees have received a certain number of these warnings than it might not be long until the company would have to review their conduct throughout their tenure and decide whether or not the employee is still worth keeping. There will be instances where the offense would be grave enough that their won’t even be a need to end with an HR notice but skip directly to a termination notice.

  • Expense report – This document would give details how much of the company’s money was spent for things like business trips, company sponsored events, food and drinks, bills, rent, and many other things that the company has to pay for.

  • Equipment lease request – This form is for those employees who wish to borrow some equipment that is owned by the company. They would usually give details as to why they have the need for borrowing said equipment, the date for when they would borrow it, the date of when they would eventually return it, and details regarding the said equipment like its serial number and what kind of equipment it is.

  • Job requirements checklist – HR checklists are given to employees who have just applied for the job and were accepted. This checklist shows what are the requirements that these future employees need should they wish to go ahead with the employment process. The things that they would usually need would be documents like their proof of employment from their previous companies, valid IDs, clearance documents from their local town halls, government documents, insurance documents, and many other supporting documents that the company believes is necessary to keep in the future while they will be working under them.

  • Personal reference form – This form is to keep a record of the references that the employees have given to their employers. Usually the human resources department would call or email these character references regarding their knowledge of who this employee is and their work ethic while they were working with them or under their tutelage in the past.

  • PTO request form – This is otherwise known as paid time off. This form is for those employees who have been regularized by he company and are entitled to go on leave with pay for a set number of times. The employees would detail how many days they would go on leave and when they would start and end. The employees would earn usually the same amount of money that they earn if they were to have work on the same day even though they are taking their time to unwind and enjoy their brief respite from a hectic day of grueling work.

  • Release of information consent form – This is for the employees to fill out and sign to authorize their employer to release information regarding their employment verification from other organizations and in particular their previous employers.

  • Work rules – This can be used as a tool or guideline for the human resources department to create some general work rules for your small business so that you can add them to the company policies. The rules can be as basic as no eating in the work area, no loud music, no bringing of pets to the office, no smoking near the work area, recycle, and many others.

  • Workplace privacy policy – This document is used so that you can create specific details regarding the the company’s take on the privacy policy they wish to take for their employees. This is to ensure that the information of the company’s employees is safe and that they would not be leaked to any entity outside of the company. It is important to uphold their private information as it can lead to employees having to take legal action against the company which would result in the company having a bad image or losing a lot of money as compensation for the inconvenience of those who were affected by the leaked information.

  • Workplace safety – This is a set of guidelines which details how to ensure that your workplace is a safe environment and the equipment you might need to ensure that proposed safety. Like for a example, a construction company stating that whenever their construction workers are out working on buildings, they need to wear their hard hats at all times to prevent any serious injury from occurring as much as they possibly can.

  • Yearly physical form – This form is for keeping a record of the physical health of the company’s employees. It is important to keep track of this as it could be dangerous to keep an employee who has a history of health issues and not having any knowledge of how to keep their health in check in times of emergency, like giving an inhaler to someone who suffers from asthma.

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