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Formula: Cube Volume = a3

Edge length(a):

Volume: 1 Meter3

How to Find Cube Volume Calculator

Step 1: Enter the Edge Length

  • Enter the measurement of one side of the cube
  • Select the unit in the dropdown list

Step 2: Calculate the Volume

  • Click the “Calculate” button located just below the input field. This action will prompt the calculator to compute the volume of the cube based on the formula displayed (Cube Volume = aΒ³, where “a” is the edge length).

Step 3: Review the Result

  • Look for the result which will appear below the “Calculate” button. It will display the volume of your cube in cubic meters (mΒ³).

Lets Suppose you have a cube where each side measures 4 meters.
The calculator will use the formula 𝑉=π‘Ž3, where π‘Ž=4 meters.
It will compute 43=64 cubic meters.
The result displayed will be “Volume: 64 MeterΒ³”.

Volume of a Cube Formula

The volume of a cube can be determined using the formula:


Where V represents the volume of the cube, and a is the length of one side of the cube.

  • Measure one side of the cube (a).
  • Calculate its cube by multiplying the side length by itself three times: a Γ— a Γ— a.
  • The result is the volume of the cube, expressed in cubic units (such as cubic meters, cubic feet, etc.).

Examples of Volume of a Cube

Example 1: Cube with Side Length of 2 cm

  • Side Length (π‘Ž): 2 cm
  • Volume (𝑉): 23=8 cubic cm
  • Calculation: 𝑉=2Γ—2Γ—2=8Β cm3

Example 2: Cube with Side Length of 5 cm

  • Side Length (π‘Ž): 5 cm
  • Volume (𝑉): 53=125 cubic cm
  • Calculation: 𝑉=5Γ—5Γ—5=125Β cm3

Example 3: Cube with Side Length of 3.5 cm

  • Side Length (π‘Ž): 3.5 cm
  • Volume (𝑉): 3.53=42.8753.53=42.875 cubic cm
  • Calculation: 𝑉=3.5Γ—3.5Γ—3.5=42.875Β cm3

Example 4: Cube with Side Length of 10 cm

  • Side Length (π‘Ž): 10 cm
  • Volume (𝑉): 103=1000 cubic cm
  • Calculation: 𝑉=10Γ—10Γ—10=1000Β cm3

Example 5: Cube with Side Length of 1.2 cm

  • Side Length (π‘Ž): 1.2 cm
  • Volume (𝑉): 1.23=1.728 cubic cm
  • Calculation: 𝑉=1.2Γ—1.2Γ—1.2=1.728Β cm3

What units should I use with the Cube Volume Calculator?

You can use any unit of length (e.g., meters, centimeters, inches) as long as you use the same unit for all measurements. The output volume will be in cubic units of the input (e.g., cubic meters, cubic centimeters).

Can the Cube Volume Calculator handle decimal or fractional inputs?

Yes, most Cube Volume Calculators can handle both decimal and fractional inputs. Just make sure to enter the values correctly, and the calculator will provide the volume in cubic units.

Is there an error margin in the Cube Volume Calculator?

Typically, Cube Volume Calculators are very accurate as long as the inputted side length is accurate. Errors might only arise from rounding decimal points in very precise measurements.

How accurate is the Cube Volume Calculator?

The accuracy depends on the precision of your input. The calculator itself performs precise calculations based on the input provided.

Can I use this calculator for other shapes?

No, this calculator is specifically designed for calculating the volume of a cube. Other shapes require different formulas and possibly different calculators.