1 Minute Speech on Child Labour

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1 Minute Speech on Child Labour

Good morning everyone,

Today, I want to address the critical issue of child labour. Child labour refers to the exploitation of children through work that deprives them of their childhood, education, and the opportunity to lead healthy, happy lives. It is a violation of their basic rights and an obstacle to their future.

Around the world, millions of children are forced into labour in dangerous and degrading conditions. They work long hours for little or no pay, often in hazardous environments. This not only harms their physical and mental health but also hinders their ability to attend school and develop necessary skills for their future.

We must take a stand against child labour. This means supporting laws and policies that protect children, promoting access to quality education, and raising awareness about the importance of childhood. Businesses, governments, and individuals all have a role to play in ensuring that children are safe, educated, and free to enjoy their childhood.

Let’s commit to ending child labour and giving every child the chance to thrive.

Thank you.

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