Accomplishment Report on Catch Up Friday

Catch Up Friday, an initiative launched to provide students with additional support and resources to complete assignments, reinforce learning, and engage in enrichment activities, has significantly impacted our academic community. This report highlights the achievements and progress made through this initiative over the past semester.

Objectives of Catch Up Friday

  • To reduce the backlog of incomplete assignments and projects.
  • To enhance student understanding of difficult concepts through targeted tutoring.
  • To offer enrichment activities that complement the standard curriculum.


  1. Completion of Assignments
    • Over 90% of students successfully cleared their backlog of assignments, resulting in a noticeable improvement in overall class grades.
  2. Enhanced Understanding of Core Concepts
    • Special tutoring sessions were organized, focusing on subjects identified as challenging. Post-session assessments showed a 75% improvement in student comprehension.
  3. Enrichment Activities
    • A variety of enrichment activities were introduced, including science experiments, creative writing workshops, and coding bootcamps, attended by 85% of the student body.

Student Feedback

Feedback collected from students indicated a high level of satisfaction with Catch Up Friday, particularly appreciating the opportunity to clarify doubts, catch up on missed work, and engage in diverse learning experiences.

Challenges Encountered

  • Scheduling conflicts for some students.
  • Initial resistance from students overwhelmed by the concept.

Strategies for Improvement

  • Implementing a more flexible schedule to accommodate all students.
  • Continuous communication of the benefits and success stories of Catch Up Friday to motivate participation.


Catch Up Friday has made a substantial difference in our academic environment, directly contributing to enhanced student performance and engagement. Moving forward, we aim to refine this initiative, making it an integral part of our educational framework.

Date of Report: February 21, 2024

Compiled by: The Academic Team

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