Business Plan Narrative Report

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Business Plan Narrative Report


This business plan narrative report provides a detailed overview of a proposed business strategy, encompassing market analysis, operational plans, financial projections, and strategic objectives. It is designed to be clear, actionable, and comprehensive for potential investors, stakeholders, and team members.

Company Overview

Company Profile

  • Company Name: [Company Name]
  • Industry: [Industry Type]
  • CEO: [CEO’s Name]
  • Location: [Headquarters Location]
  • Mission Statement: [Mission Statement]

Market Analysis

1. Industry Overview

  • Current Trends: [Description of current industry trends]
  • Market Size: [Total market size and expected growth]
  • Target Market: [Description of the target market]

2. Competitor Analysis

Competitor Name Market Share Strengths Weaknesses
Competitor A 20% Wide product range Higher pricing
Competitor B 15% Strong branding Limited variety

3. SWOT Analysis

![SWOT Analysis Chart: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats]

Product and Services

1. Product Portfolio

  • Product/Service 1: [Description]
  • Product/Service 2: [Description]

2. Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

  • [Description of what makes the products/services unique]

Marketing and Sales Strategy

1. Marketing Plan

  • Channels: [Digital Marketing, Traditional Advertising, etc.]
  • Target Audience: [Specific demographics or market segments]
  • Budget: [Allocated budget for marketing activities]

2. Sales Strategy

  • Sales Channels: [Online, Retail, B2B, etc.]
  • Pricing Strategy: [Cost-plus, value-based, etc.]
  • Sales Targets: [Monthly/Quarterly/Annual sales goals]

Operational Plan

1. Production/Service Delivery

  • Facilities: [Location and description of production facilities or service centers]
  • Processes: [Key processes involved in production/service delivery]

2. Supply Chain and Logistics

  • Suppliers: [Key suppliers and terms]
  • Distribution: [Distribution channels and logistics]

Financial Plan

1. Financial Projections

Year Revenue Expenses Profit
Year 1 $[Amount] $[Amount] $[Amount]
Year 2 $[Amount] $[Amount] $[Amount]

2. Funding Requirements

  • Total Capital Needed: $[Amount]
  • Use of Funds: [Breakdown of how funds will be used]

3. Break-even Analysis

![Graph showing the break-even point]

Risk Management

  • Risk 1: [Description and mitigation strategy]
  • Risk 2: [Description and mitigation strategy]

Conclusions and Next Steps

  • Strategic Goals: [Short-term and long-term goals]
  • Action Plan: [Steps to be taken in the next phase]


Appendix A: Detailed Financial Projections

  • [In-depth financial tables and forecasts]

Appendix B: Market Research Data

  • [Detailed market research findings and analysis]

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