Child Observation Report

Last Updated: May 8, 2024

Child Observation Report

Working with children can sometimes be a fun and adventurous task, as well as a tiring and demanding job. Seeing as children often get into a lot of activities, it can sometimes be a tiring task just to keep up with them. However, having the opportunity to observe a child by the way they interact with their peers can also make a difference. Especially if you are studying about their development or you are simply curious as to how a child perceives the world. Making observation reports can also be a very helpful way for you to get started. To know more about what a child observation report is, why it is useful and how you can write one, check out the article below.

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What Is a Child Observation Report?

A child observation report is a type of documented report that shows information that can be used to study or to understand more about the child you are observing. These observations can happen just about anywhere. It can be inside the classroom with the teacher present or outside the classroom during recess. Observation reports are a summary of This piece of document gives the person either a specific or a general overview or information about a child. Whether it is used for their development or for assessing a student in class, a child observation report gives out all the necessary details or information regarding the child. This is of course done by observing the child in question, letting the child do as they please.

Making notes that may answer to some of your questions as well as assessing how the child may or may not interact with everything or anyone around them. Once you have done all these, you may now place them in one file and hand it over in the form of a report. In addition to that, a child observation report can be used as a basis when assessing the child. As gathered information through guided observation has been done. It is also a type of method usually done by teachers and counsellors to listen, document, analyze, and observe the way a child mingles or interacts with people and their surroundings. Whether it can be done inside a classroom or even outdoors. This record also shows the information that can be used for other assessments prior to the previous ones.

How to Write a Child Observation Report

Now that what is a child observation report has been discussed, we move on to how to write a child observation report. As well as what can be found in a child observation report. The reason that knowing this is important as well, is because, when you are given the opportunity to write this type of report, you would at least have some idea or at least have something to read to teach you how to write one. So check out the following guidelines or tips or roadmaps. However you may want to call them.

1. Keep It Professional

This may sound easy to do, but it really is not for some. Since you are going to be observing children with what they may be doing, it is often so difficult to not engage or interact with them. Especially if they want you to interact with them. However, avoid doing so as this would affect your observation report. Keep everything from observation to writing your notes in a professional manner.

2. Make Your Observation Report Notes Neat

The reason to have this as part of the tips or roadmap, is because there are times when we want to write what we observed, we often get to write too quickly. This is understandable, but we must also remember that there would be people who would be reading the observation report. As much as possible, keep your notes understandable and neat. As well as your notes should have all the necessary information that is needed for the report.

3. Cite Some Examples

Add some examples from what you have observed in your report. This also helps give a picture of the environment and the child you are observing. It also gives out a good overview of your report.

4. Give a Short Narrative Introduction

Place a short narrative introduction as a way to make your readers know what you are doing. This also gives them an overview of how you did the observation report.

5. Watch What You Write

Avoid having to use words that may not be appropriate for your report. As well as avoid using words that may not be familiar to your readers. Always remember to check how you word things. Since your audiences can range from young people to older people. Instead, use words that are easy to understand and easy to explain. This is also to avoid any misunderstanding.


What is a child observation report?

A type of document made by careful observation of the child in question. The gathered information is piled into one summary of observations to make a report.

How important is doing a child observation report?

Child observation reports are useful when you plan on assessing a child. It is also useful if you want to know about the development of a child by having to compare or to observe them with their friends or the environment around them. Child observation reports give you the correct information to use for assessments or to simply see the difference in development for a child.

Who is in charge of doing this type of report?

These types of reports are mostly done by teachers or counsellors. However, even students who may be studying psychology can do a child observation report. As for parents, they are able to do so as well, except it would not be as specific as most report summaries.

Why should I watch what I write?

The reason for this is because you are writing a document that can be accessed by just about anyone. This includes the child’s parents or guardians. This document can be used for public information and should be treated in a professional manner.

How many examples should be placed in the report?

A minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 examples that would prove the observations you made.

Child observation reports are the types of documents you can use when observing a child. It gives out good insights and information about the child that can be used for assessments.

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