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Everness Poem – by Jorge Luis Borges (Text-Version)

There is only one thing. It is oblivion.
God, who saves the metal, saves the slag
and encrypts in his prophetic memory
the moons that will be and those that have been.

Everything is already. the thousands of reflections
that between the two twilights of the day
your face was left in the mirrors
and those who will still be leaving.

And everything is a part of the diverse
crystal of that memory, the universe;
its arduous corridors have no end

and the doors are closed at your step;
only on the other side of the sunset
you will see the Archetypes and Splendors.


Only one thing does not exist: oblivion.
God, who saves the metal and the dross,
encodes within the prophetic memory
moons that will be and have already been.

It’s all there. thousands of reflections
that, between each dawn and dusk,
your face left and has yet to
leave in many mirrors.

And everything is part of that diverse
looking glass of memory, the universe;
staggering corridors which have no end

and doors that close after your passing;
only on the far side of sunset
will you see Archetypes and Splendors.

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