Leave of Absence Letter

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Leave of Absence Letter

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Dear [Principal’s Name],


Subject: Request for Leave of Absence


I am writing this letter to formally request a leave of absence for personal reasons. As a dedicated educator at [School Name], I have always prioritized my professional responsibilities. However, due to unforeseen personal circumstances, I find myself in need of time away from my teaching duties.


I am requesting a leave starting from [Start Date] to [End Date]. During this period, I aim to address my personal matters effectively, ensuring that they do not impact my professional life in the long term. I understand the importance of planning and continuity in education, and therefore, I am committed to ensuring a smooth transition during my absence.


To assist with this, I propose the following steps:

  1. Preparation of Lesson Plans: I will prepare detailed lesson plans for the duration of my absence, which can be easily followed by a substitute teacher. These plans will align with our current curriculum and educational standards.
  2. Coordination with Colleagues: I will coordinate with fellow teachers to assist with any cross-curricular activities or projects that may be impacted during my leave.
  3. Communication with Students and Parents: If deemed necessary, I can draft a communication to be sent to students and their parents, informing them of my temporary absence and reassuring them of the continued quality of education.
  4. Availability for Emergencies: Although I plan to be fully focused on my personal matters, I will be available via email for any urgent queries or emergencies related to my classes.

I deeply regret any inconvenience my absence may cause and appreciate your understanding and support in this matter. Please let me know if there are any forms or formalities I need to complete as part of this leave request.


Thank you for considering my request. I am hopeful for a positive response and aim to return to my duties with renewed vigor and focus.


Yours sincerely,

[Your Name]
[Your Position]
[School Name]

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