Narrative Report For Students


A narrative report for students is a comprehensive tool that allows educators to provide detailed feedback on a student’s performance, growth, and areas for improvement. The primary goal of this report is to offer a holistic view of the student’s academic and personal development.

Student Information

Name: [Student Name]
Grade: [Grade Level]
School Year: [Academic Year]
Teacher: [Teacher’s Name]

Academic Performance

1. Subject-wise Performance

Subject Grade Remarks
English A Excellent comprehension and creative writing skills.
Math B+ Good understanding of concepts but needs practice in problem-solving.
Science B Shows interest in practical experiments; theory needs improvement.

2. Graphical Representation of Performance

![Bar Graph showing subject-wise grades for the student across different terms]

3. Attendance Record

Month Days Present Days Absent Remarks
January 20 2 Good attendance
February 18 4

Behavioral and Social Development

1. Behavior in Class

  • Participation: Actively participates in class discussions and group activities.
  • Conduct: Respectful towards teachers and peers. Follows classroom rules.

2. Extracurricular Activities

  • Participated in the school science fair.
  • Member of the school basketball team.

Goals and Recommendations

Academic Goals

  1. Math: Improve problem-solving skills through regular practice.
  2. Science: Enhance understanding of theoretical concepts.

Personal Development Goals

  1. Leadership: Take on a leadership role in group projects.
  2. Time Management: Work on organizing and planning study time effectively.

Teacher’s Recommendations

  • Engage in additional reading outside the curriculum to foster a love for learning.
  • Attend after-school tutoring for subjects where improvement is needed.


This narrative report reflects [Student Name]’s achievements and areas for growth. It is a testament to their hard work and potential. Continued support and encouragement will aid in their overall development.


Appendix A: Samples of Student’s Work

  • [Include samples of essays, projects, and other significant work]

Appendix B: Standardized Test Scores

  • [Detailed report of standardized test scores, if applicable]

Report Generator

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