Near Miss Incident Report

On March 28, 2024, at approximately 1:15 PM, a near miss incident occurred at the intersection of 8th Street and Maple Drive in the industrial district of Midtown, MT. The incident involved a pedestrian, identified as Sarah Jennings, and a company delivery truck operated by XYZ Logistics.

Ms. Jennings was crossing 8th Street within the marked pedestrian crosswalk with a walk signal in her favor. Simultaneously, the XYZ Logistics truck, making a right turn onto 8th Street from Maple Drive, nearly collided with Ms. Jennings. The truck driver, Tom Smith, applied the brakes just in time, stopping the vehicle mere inches from Ms. Jennings.

Both Ms. Jennings and Mr. Smith were visibly shaken but unharmed. Mr. Smith immediately checked on Ms. Jennings to ensure her well-being, and both parties exchanged contact information. Witnesses at the scene included two nearby construction workers and a cyclist waiting at the intersection.

A review of the incident revealed that Mr. Smith’s view of the crosswalk was partially obstructed by a parked delivery van, preventing him from seeing Ms. Jennings as she stepped onto the crosswalk. Additionally, Mr. Smith acknowledged that he was focused on oncoming traffic from his left and did not adequately check the crosswalk before proceeding.

In response to the near miss, XYZ Logistics conducted an immediate review of its driver training programs, emphasizing the importance of thorough visibility checks at intersections, especially in areas with high pedestrian traffic. The company has also initiated a campaign to educate its drivers on the potential hazards of urban deliveries, including obstructed views and pedestrian right-of-way.

This near miss incident serves as a critical reminder of the importance of vigilance and adherence to traffic laws to prevent accidents. It highlights the need for both drivers and pedestrians to be aware of their surroundings and for companies to ensure their employees are adequately trained in safe driving practices.

The incident has been documented in the company’s safety records, and a follow-up meeting has been scheduled to discuss further preventive measures. XYZ Logistics is committed to preventing similar incidents in the future and to fostering a culture of safety among its employees and the communities it serves.

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