Project Narrative Report

Last Updated: April 28, 2024

Project Narrative Report


This project narrative report is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of a specific project, outlining its objectives, processes, outcomes, and recommendations. It is structured to be clear, concise, and easy to implement.

Project Overview

Project Title: [Project Name]

  • Project Duration: [Start Date] – [End Date]
  • Team Members: [Number of Team Members]
  • Project Leader: [Project Leader’s Name]
  • Objective: [Brief description of project objectives]

Project Execution

1. Phases of the Project

Phase Start Date End Date Key Deliverables
Planning [Date] [Date] Project plan
Implementation [Date] [Date] Execution of tasks
Evaluation [Date] [Date] Assessment of outcomes

2. Budget Overview

Item Budgeted Cost Actual Cost
Resources $[Amount] $[Amount]
Manpower $[Amount] $[Amount]
Miscellaneous $[Amount] $[Amount]

3. Progress Tracking

![Gantt Chart showing the timeline and progress of different project phases]

Outcomes and Achievements

  • Outcome 1: [Description of a key achievement or result]
  • Outcome 2: [Description of a key achievement or result]
  • Outcome 3: [Description of a key achievement or result]

Challenges and Learnings

  • Challenge 1: [Description of a significant challenge faced]
  • Response: [How the challenge was addressed]
  • Learning: [Key takeaways from the experience]

Conclusions and Recommendations

  • Conclusion 1: [Insight or finding from the project]
  • Conclusion 2: [Insight or finding from the project]
  • Recommendation: [Suggested improvements or future actions]


Appendix A: Detailed Project Documentation

  • [Include detailed reports, data sheets, or technical documents]

Appendix B: Team Member Contributions

  • [List of team members and their specific contributions to the project]

Report Generator

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