Retirement Resignation Letter to Team Members

Last Updated: April 28, 2024

Retirement Resignation Letter to Team Members

Emily R. Johnson
Project Manager
Innovatech Enterprises
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Dear Team,

I am writing to share with you my decision to retire from my position as Project Manager at Innovatech Enterprises, effective [Your Last Working Day]. This decision was not made lightly, but after [Number] years of service, I feel it’s time for me to step aside and enjoy the next phase of my life.

Leading this team has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career. Together, we’ve tackled challenging projects, met tight deadlines, and achieved outstanding results that exceeded expectations. Each of you has played a crucial role in our team’s success, and I am deeply grateful for your hard work, dedication, and camaraderie.

As I prepare to leave, I am confident that you will continue to excel and drive Innovatech Enterprises to new heights. I am committed to ensuring a smooth transition and will do everything I can to support you during this period.

Thank you for the wonderful memories and the support you’ve provided me. I will cherish our time together and look forward to hearing about your future successes. Please feel free to reach out to me at [Your Email Address]; I would love to stay in touch.

Wishing you all the best,

Emily R. Johnson

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