Romance de la luna, luna

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Romance de la luna, luna

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Romance de la luna, luna Poem – by Federico García Lorca (Text-Version)

The moon came to the forge
with its tuberose bustle.
The boy looks at her.
The boy is looking at her.
in the shaken air
the moon moves its arms
and teaches, lubricious and pure,
her breasts of hard tin.
Run away moon, moon, moon.
If the gypsies came
they would do with your heart
white necklaces and rings.
Boy, let me dance.
When the gypsies come
they will find you on the anvil
with eyes closed.

Run away moon, moon, moon,
I already feel their horses.
Boy, leave me, don’t step
my starched white.

the horseman approached
playing the drum of the plain
Inside the forge the child,
his eyes are closed.

Through the olive grove they came,
bronze and dream, the gypsies.
heads up
and narrowed eyes.

How the zumaya sings,
oh how he sings in the tree!
The moon goes through the sky
with a child by the hand.

Inside the forge they cry,
screaming, the gypsies.
The air watches over her, watches over her.
The air is veiling her.

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