Safety Incident Report

Last Updated: April 28, 2024

Safety Incident Report

On March 22, 2024, at around 9:30 AM, a safety incident occurred at the construction site of the Future Heights Building Project, located at 567 Progress Avenue, New Horizons City, NH. The incident involved a scaffold collapse, which resulted in two construction workers, Mark Thompson and Luis Garcia, sustaining injuries.

The scaffold, designed to support workers and materials during the exterior finishing of the second floor, unexpectedly gave way, causing the workers to fall approximately 10 feet to the ground below. Immediate action was taken by the on-site safety officer, who called emergency services while first aid was administered to the injured workers by trained colleagues.

Upon arrival, emergency medical responders provided further medical assistance and transported both Mr. Thompson and Mr. Garcia to New Horizons General Hospital. Mr. Thompson was treated for a fractured wrist, while Mr. Garcia sustained a concussion and several bruises. Both are expected to make a full recovery.

A preliminary investigation into the incident was launched by the site safety officer in conjunction with local safety regulators. Initial findings suggest that the scaffold collapse was due to a combination of overloading and the use of damaged support beams, which had not been identified during the routine safety check conducted earlier that week.

In response to the incident, all construction activities were temporarily halted to allow for a comprehensive safety audit of the site. This included a thorough inspection of all scaffolding, machinery, and equipment used on site. All construction staff will undergo additional safety training, focusing on scaffold safety, hazard identification, and emergency response procedures.

Corrective measures have been implemented to prevent future incidents, including the immediate replacement of all damaged equipment and the introduction of more rigorous safety checks. The construction company has also committed to working closely with safety regulators to review and enhance existing safety protocols.

The safety and well-being of all employees are of utmost importance, and this incident serves as a solemn reminder of the critical need for stringent safety measures in all aspects of construction operations. This report will be filed with the appropriate regulatory bodies and will form part of an ongoing effort to improve safety standards across the construction industry.

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