Scholarship Intent Letter

Last Updated: May 9, 2024

Scholarship Intent Letter

Earning a scholarship to attend the school you wish and to take up the course you want is any student’s dream come true. However, to achieve that dream, a student must first apply for the scholarship from the school that offers it. 
Now the question stands, what, how, and why. What to write? How to write it? Why is it a requirement to write a scholarship intent letter in the first place? You can check it out below, some 4+ examples of intent letters, the purpose for writing one and how to construct a good intent letter.

4+ Scholarship Intent Letter Examples

1. Scholarship Letter of Intent

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2. Student Scholarship Grant Letter of Intent

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3. Scholarship Letter of Intent Format

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What Do You Mean By Intent?

Intent means to have the focus, the consideration and the determination to do something.

What Is an Intent Letter?

An intent letter or a letter of intent is a type of document that declares the introductory responsibility of one person or a group of people to agree on something together.

What Is a Scholarship Intent Letter?

A scholarship intent letter is a statement or a document that serves the purpose of explaining your future plans, whether you are attending college or after you graduate.

What Is the Purpose of a Scholarship Intent Letter?

The purpose of writing this intent letter is to show the people you are applying for the scholarship your history, your educational background, academic achievements and school activities can be seen to see if you match the qualifications they are looking for in their scholars.

How to Compose a Scholarship Intent Letter?

To wow the people who are in charge of the scholarship you wish to apply for college, you must write an interesting, and honest scholarship intent letter to show them you are the candidate they are looking for, and you can start by doing the following:

  • Write the correct information

Start your letter by writing the name of the recipient on the upper left corner of your paper. The second line would be the complete address, the third line the contact number and lastly, the email address. Don’t forget the date, also avoid abbreviations with the dates as this is a formal letter and not simply a casual letter you write to friends.

  • The subject of your letter

This is often forgotten when writing a letter of intent, but this is as important as the whole content of the letter. The subject of your letter tells the reader your intentions of writing. Adding this will make it clearer.

  • Body of your letter

In your body of letter, this is where you tell them about you, your intentions of applying for the scholarship. State your educational history, your future plans, academic achievements and your extracurricular activities that may be applicable to the scholarship. Be honest about your intention to fulfill the requirements of the scholarship.

  • End your letter on a positive note.

Do not end your letter with a negative note or a threatening statement, as this is more likely to destroy any chance of you getting the scholarship. Rather, end it on a positive note and hope for the best.

  • Sign your letter.

Remember to always sign your letter after you write your name to end it.


Can my intent letter be short or does it have to be long?

Intent letters especially for scholarships do not have to be very long as long as you have stated everything. It is still a letter even if you only have two paragraphs. The length of your letter does not matter as long as the reason for writing is there. It defeats the purpose if you do not state your intention.

Is it a requirement to add my educational history in my letter?

Not necessary but it would be nice to add your educational history in case they wish to know.

Is it really necessary to write a scholarship intent letter when applying for a scholarship to the school that offered it?

Your scholarship intent letter is the bridge to your application. Yes it is really necessary to write one if you wish to have a chance to get chosen as the applicant for the scholarship. This is their way of seeing if you have the qualifications they are looking for.

With all that being said, as long as you follow the tips into writing an intent letter, remember that a formal letter has to observe the format from the examples above. Now that you have some ideas and some tips to writing an intent letter, go ahead and wow them with what you got. You got this!

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