School Communication Plan

Creating a comprehensive, simple-to-use, and ready-to-implement School Communication Plan involves organizing information in a clear and accessible format. Here’s an example, incorporating tables for easy reference:

School Communication Plan Example


This plan outlines the communication strategies for XYZ School, aiming to facilitate clear and consistent communication between teachers, students, parents, and the broader school community.

Communication Objectives

  • Enhance parent-teacher-student engagement.
  • Provide timely and accurate information.
  • Foster a supportive and inclusive school community.

Communication Channels & Responsibilities

Channel Purpose Responsible Party Frequency
Email General announcements, newsletters School Admin Weekly
School Website Updates, resources, calendars IT Department As needed
Social Media (Facebook, Twitter) Community engagement, event promotion Marketing Team Daily
SMS Alerts Urgent updates, reminders School Admin As needed
Parent-Teacher Meetings Personalized student progress updates Teachers Quarterly
Student Portal Assignments, grades, resources IT Department Daily

Key Messages

  • School values and mission.
  • Academic and extracurricular opportunities.
  • Health and safety protocols.
  • Community events and volunteering.

Communication Schedule

Month Key Messages Channels Used
January New Semester Welcome, Health Guidelines Email, Website, Social Media
February Parent-Teacher Meetings, School Fair Email, SMS Alerts, Website
December Year-End Review, Holiday Wishes Email, Social Media, Website

Feedback Mechanisms

  • Online surveys for parents and students.
  • Suggestion boxes in school premises.
  • Regular meetings with parent committees.

Evaluation and Adaptation

  • Quarterly review of communication effectiveness.
  • Adapt strategies based on feedback and changing needs.

Emergency Communication Plan

  • Clear protocols for emergencies, including designated channels (SMS, Website) for immediate communication.

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