Student Council Speech for Elementary

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Student Council Speech for Elementary

Hello, Everyone!

My name is [Your Name], and I am excited to run for a position on the student council. I believe I can bring positive changes to our school and represent all students’ voices effectively.

Why I Am Running

I want to be on the student council because I care about our school and the people in it. I want to make sure everyone feels included and heard. I am a good listener, and I will always consider everyone’s ideas and suggestions.

My Goals

If I am elected, here are some of the things I would like to accomplish:

  1. More Fun Events
    • Organize fun events like theme days, talent shows, and game tournaments.
    • Plan more field trips to interesting places where we can learn and have fun.
  2. Better School Environment
    • Work on keeping our school clean and beautiful with more recycling bins and plant more flowers.
    • Start a “Kindness Campaign” to encourage everyone to be nice to each other and spread positivity.
  3. More Opportunities for Students
    • Create more clubs based on what students are interested in, like a book club, art club, or science club.
    • Arrange for guest speakers to come and talk to us about different careers and hobbies.

Why You Should Vote for Me

I believe I am the right choice for the student council because:

  • I Am Responsible: I always complete my homework on time and help others when they need it.
  • I Am a Team Player: I enjoy working with others and believe that together we can achieve great things.
  • I Am Creative: I have lots of ideas on how to make our school an even better place to learn and have fun.


In conclusion, I hope you will consider voting for me, [Your Name], for the student council. I promise to listen to your ideas, work hard to make our school a better place, and always be there for you. Together, we can make our school a place where everyone is happy and successful.

Thank you for your support!

Vote for [Your Name]!

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