Crisis Communication Plan Outline

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Crisis Communication Plan Outline


Objective: To establish a proactive communication strategy in the event of a crisis, ensuring timely, accurate, and effective messaging to all stakeholders.

I. Preparation Phase

A. Crisis Communication Team Formation

  • Roles & Responsibilities:
    • Team Leader: Oversees the plan and decision-making.
    • Spokesperson: Communicates with the public and media.
    • Social Media Manager: Manages online presence.
    • Legal Advisor: Provides legal counsel.
    • HR Representative: Addresses internal staff concerns.

B. Risk Assessment and Potential Crisis Scenarios

  • Table 1: Potential Crisis Scenarios
    • Scenario | Likelihood | Impact | Preventative Measures

C. Communication Channels and Tools

  • Primary Channels: Email, Social Media, Press Releases.
  • Secondary Channels: SMS, Website Updates, Hotline.

II. Response Phase

A. Crisis Identification and Assessment

  • Criteria for Crisis Identification: Severity, Impact, Urgency.
  • Initial Assessment Form: See Graph 1.

B. Messaging and Communication

  • Initial Response: Acknowledgement of the situation.
  • Ongoing Communication: Regular updates, factual information.
  • Final Statement: Resolution and steps taken.

C. Media Management

  • Press Release Template: See Template A.
  • Media Briefing Guidelines: Key messages, dos and don’ts.

III. Recovery Phase

A. Post-Crisis Evaluation

  • Feedback Collection: Surveys, social media analysis.
  • Performance Review Meeting: Evaluate the response effectiveness.

B. Updating the Crisis Communication Plan

  • Revisions Based on Learnings: Modify scenarios, team roles, communication channels.

IV. Training and Simulation

A. Regular Training Sessions

  • Topics: Crisis communication strategies, media handling.

B. Simulation Drills

  • Frequency: Bi-annually.
  • Simulation Drill Report: Analysis of team’s performance.


Appendix A: Contact Information

  • Internal Contacts: Team members, department heads.
  • External Contacts: Media outlets, emergency services.

Appendix B: Templates and Checklists

  • Press Release Template: For immediate release of information.
  • Checklist for Crisis Response: Step-by-step guide during a crisis.

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