Security Incident Response Communication Plan

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Security Incident Response Communication Plan

To efficiently manage and communicate during security incidents, minimizing impact and maintaining stakeholder trust.

Incident Response Communication Strategy Table

Stage Action Tools/Channels
Preparation Establish communication protocols and emergency contacts. Contact Lists, Communication Policy Document
Identification Notify key stakeholders of potential incident. Email Alerts, Secure Messaging
Containment Provide ongoing updates as incident is being contained. Internal Briefings, Secure Conference Calls
Eradication Communicate eradication measures and progress. Intranet Updates, Encrypted Emails
Recovery Inform stakeholders when normal operations resume. Company-wide Announcements, Press Statements
Post-Incident Conduct post-incident review and communicate lessons learned. Webinars, Detailed Reports

Implementation Timeline Graph

  1. Immediate: Activation of the communication plan upon incident identification.
  2. Ongoing: Regular updates throughout containment, eradication, and recovery stages.
  3. Post-Incident: Summary communication and debrief within one week of incident resolution.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Time to first communication post-incident
  • Accuracy of information disseminated
  • Stakeholder satisfaction with communication efforts
  • Completion of post-incident communication

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Incident Communication Lead: Primary point of contact for all communications.
  • IT Security Team: Provides technical updates and incident status.
  • HR Manager: Manages internal communications and employee relations.
  • Public Relations Officer: Handles external communications, including media.

Budget Considerations

Allocate funds for necessary communication tools, training, and potential external communication assistance.

Review and Adaptation Plan

Regular assessment of communication effectiveness, with adjustments made based on feedback and evolving security landscapes.

This plan serves as a straightforward, comprehensive guide for handling communication during security incidents, adaptable to different organizational sizes and types.


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