Writing A Science Fiction Novel

Last Updated: May 24, 2024

Writing A Science Fiction Novel

The legend of science fiction began with George Lucas and how it grew to become when he started first created Star Wars, where it became the series everyone knows and loves today. From there, a lot of new TV series and novels about science fiction have recently emerged over time. But what makes science fiction so great is perhaps the imagination and the uniqueness of not only the plot, but the world and the environment that you have managed to concoct or whip up after months of thinking based on pure imagination. But writing a science fiction novel is just like writing any other novel.

There are steps that will have to be followed. The thing is however, it is not exactly necessary to follow them as there is no perfect way to go about writing your novel. But nevertheless, here are at least seven ways you can start bringing your science fiction novel dreams into a reality. You may also see essay writing examples & samples.

1. Start with Questions.

Here is the basic thing to understand. There is no such thing as an original idea anymore. Everything that you have ever been thinking of is already considered a borrowed idea or maybe it is something so uniquely innovative. There are many elements that actually make for a great science fiction novel and not just purely the location. Remember that at the heart and soul of every good book is always the character and his or her journey. As you are writing your story, it is important to ask questions from time to time with regards to the chain of events that you have managed to build during the progression of the story. You may also see what do you mean by writing skills

2. Create Complexity … Slowly.

And this is where you begin to let your imagination take flight. After all, it would not be called a science fiction novel if it did not have any particular elements of what comprises one in the first place. If you have no idea where to start, learn to take inspiration from one of the movies that you have seen over the years.

For Star Wars, George Lucas had to create a whole new universe on his own from creating the different kinds of planets that had their own environment to the kind of technology that allows space travel to the kind of creatures that inhabited that certain planet to the kind of language that they were going to use for the different species. The more of those things that you know about, the more real the world feels. Then look for the seams, where say, class, gender and race intersect. The seams of a world are like tectonic plates building up pressure until something breaks. That’s where the conflict happens. And conflict is what drives plot and character when you write a science fiction novel. You may also like writing examples in pdf.

3. Be Consistent When You Write a Science Fiction Novel.

One mistake that writers and novelists tend to make is being inconsistent. Yes, the characters may develop overtime, so does the plot– but never the rules, whatever they may be, need to remain consistent. If you establish in the first chapter of the first book that X happens because Y, you shouldn’t change that in book three just because you got a better idea. If change happens, make it part of a story. Make sure there’s a reason. This is true for characters, as well. Because once you start being inconsistent with even the most minute of details, everything would be ruined and that you would need to start from the top. Although, it would be advisable to create a layout of your book as to avoid going back to where you started. You may also check out script writing examples & samples.

4. Character is Everything.

Characters need to be unique individuals, not merely representative stereotypes of their respective culture/ethnicity/species, but also not so unique that they don’t seem like they could have come from the world you’ve created.

One example would be the upcoming PS4 game Detroit: Become Human wherein it explores the world that is filled with Androids whose only role is to help out humans with their chores, tasks, jobs, etc… Now, you may think that this is just an ordinary game, but what makes this game revolutionary from the rest of the sci-fi games that were released over time is the genius of the storytelling of that allows the players to decide the fate of what becomes of these Androids. At first glance, you may think that this will be the stereotypical non-feeling Androids that you have often seen or read in TV series. But make no mistake. The game designers have made it to a point that each protagonist Android has his or her own personality and character that the players themselves will decide on what they become. You might be interested in formal writing examples & samples.

5. Are We There Yet?

If you’re planning a book series, you need some hint of how it all ends. Are you aiming at an open or closed series? Epic or episodic? Are you trying to change the world and the characters irrevocably by the end of your series, like Lord of the Rings? Or do you want smaller stories in which actions accrete to change the world and the characters over time, as happens in Richard Kadrey’s Sandman Slim series? You would need to decide that for yourself. You may also see tips for writing an effective essay.

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6. One Book At A Time.

Take it slow. Breathe in and breathe out. You just finished your first science fiction novel. Now, do not be to rash in deciding whether you would want to make a sequel or not.

Give yourself time to rejuvenate those creative juices and only begin when you yourself are ready. Sure, your audiences might be demanding for it, but use that time to formulate a whole new adventure that awaits the fate of these characters. Regardless—and this is the may be the most important thing when you write a science fiction novel series—you’re only writing (and your readers are only reading) one book at a time. If the series itself maps a whole storyline, then each installment, each new book, is a stop on the journey. At each stop, the characters get their arcs, they develop, and they achieve–or fail–in their goals. Each story needs to be able to stand on its own. You may also like informative writing examples & samples.

Books are born out of passion and love, not for profit. They are born to tell a different story that enriches and opens the minds of the audience.

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