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Conversion Factors:

  • Hectares to Acres: 1 hectare = 2.47105 acres
  • Acres to Hectares: 1 acre = 0.404686 hectares

How to Convert Hectares to Acres:

To convert hectares to acres, multiply the number of hectares by 2.47105.


Example: Convert 5 hectares to acres.

Acres=5×2.47105=12.35525 acres

How to Convert Acres to Hectares:

To convert acres to hectares, multiply the number of acres by 0.404686.


Example: Convert 10 acres to hectares.

Hectares=10×0.404686=4.04686 hectares

Hectares to Acres Conversion Table

Hectares (ha)Acres (ac)
1 ha2.47105 ac
2 ha4.94210 ac
3 ha7.41315 ac
4 ha9.88420 ac
5 ha12.35525 ac
6 ha14.82630 ac
7 ha17.29735 ac
8 ha19.76840 ac
9 ha22.23945 ac
10 ha24.71050 ac
20 ha49.42100 ac
30 ha74.13150 ac
40 ha98.84200 ac
50 ha123.55250 ac
60 ha148.26300 ac
70 ha172.97350 ac
80 ha197.68400 ac
90 ha222.39450 ac
100 ha247.10500 ac

hectare to acre Conversion Chart

acre to hectare Conversion Chart

Acres (ac)Hectares (ha)
1 ac0.404686 ha
2 ac0.809372 ha
3 ac1.214058 ha
4 ac1.618744 ha
5 ac2.023430 ha
6 ac2.428116 ha
7 ac2.832802 ha
8 ac3.237488 ha
9 ac3.642174 ha
10 ac4.046860 ha
20 ac8.093720 ha
30 ac12.140580 ha
40 ac16.187440 ha
50 ac20.234300 ha
60 ac24.281160 ha
70 ac28.328020 ha
80 ac32.374880 ha
90 ac36.421740 ha
100 ac40.468600 ha

acre to hectare Conversion Chart

Difference Between Hectares to Acres

AspectHectares (ha)Acres (ac)
DefinitionA metric unit of area measurement.A unit of area commonly used in the imperial system.
UsageWidely used internationally, especially in agriculture.Commonly used in the United States, UK, and a few other countries.
Conversion1 hectare = 2.47105 acres.1 acre = 0.404686 hectares.
SizeLarger than an acre.Smaller than a hectare.
StandardizationPart of the International System of Units (SI).Part of the imperial and US customary systems.
Common ContextsUsed in land measurement, especially in agriculture and forestry.Used in real estate, farming, and land measurement.
Geographical PreferencePreferred in countries using the metric system.Preferred in countries using the imperial system.
Practical ExampleA typical sports field might be about 1 hectare.A typical residential lot might be about 1 acre.

1. Solved Examples on Converting Hectares to Acres

Example 1: Convert 3 Hectares to Acres

  • Acres=Hectares×2.47105
  • 3×2.47105=7.41315
  • 3 hectares = 7.41 acres

Example 2: Convert 7 Hectares to Acres

  • Acres=Hectares×2.47105
  • 7×2.47105=17.29735
  • 7 hectares = 17.30 acres

Example 3: Convert 15 Hectares to Acres

  • Acres=Hectares×2.47105
  • 15×2.47105=37.06575
  • 15 hectares = 37.07 acres

Example 4: Convert 25 Hectares to Acres

  • Acres=Hectares×2.47105
  • 25×2.47105=61.77625
  • 25 hectares = 61.78 acres

Example 5: Convert 50 Hectares to Acres

  • Acres=Hectares×2.47105
  • 50×2.47105=123.5525
  • 50 hectares = 123.55 acres

2. Solved Examples on Converting Acres to Hectares

Example 1: Convert 5 Acres to Hectares

  • Hectares=Acres×0.404686
  • 5×0.404686=2.02343
  • 5 acres = 2.02 hectares

Example 2: Convert 12 Acres to Hectares

  • Hectares=Acres×0.404686
  • 12×0.404686=4.856232
  • 12 acres = 4.86 hectares

Example 3: Convert 20 Acres to Hectares

  • Hectares=Acres×0.404686
  • 20×0.404686=8.09372
  • 20 acres = 8.09 hectares

Example 4: Convert 35 Acres to Hectares

  • Hectares=Acres×0.404686
  • 35×0.404686=14.16401
  • 35 acres = 14.16 hectares

Example 5: Convert 75 Acres to Hectares

  • Hectares=Acres×0.404686
  • 75×0.404686=30.35145
  • 75 acres = 30.35 hectares

Why is the conversion from Hectares to Acres important?

Converting from Hectares to Acres is important for understanding land measurements in different countries, especially when dealing with agricultural, real estate, and land management contexts where different units are used.

Is converting Hectares to Acres commonly needed?

Yes, converting Hectares to Acres is commonly needed, especially in regions where different measurement systems are used for land, such as comparing European agricultural areas (hectares) to American farms (acres).

How do I quickly approximate Hectares to Acres in my head?

To quickly approximate Hectares to Acres in your head, you can remember that 1 hectare is approximately 2.5 acres. This will give you a rough estimate for quick calculations.

Where is the Hectares to Acres conversion most commonly used?

The Hectares to Acres conversion is most commonly used in international land transactions, agricultural planning, and environmental studies where land areas are measured and reported in different units.

Does converting Hectares to Acres affect property value?

Converting Hectares to Acres does not affect the property value but helps stakeholders understand the property size in a familiar unit, which can influence their valuation perception.

How do Hectares to Acres conversions benefit farmers?

Hectares to Acres conversions benefit farmers by allowing them to understand and compare land sizes, plan crop production, and manage resources efficiently across regions with different measurement systems.