Length Conversion Calculator

Length Converters to Centimeter (cm)

Millimeter to CentimeterMicrometer to CentimeterNanometer to Centimeter
Mile to CentimeterYard to CentimeterFeet to Centimeter
Inch to CentimeterNautical Mile to CentimeterKilometer to Centimeter
Meter to Centimeter

Length Converters to Kilometer (km)

Meter to KilometerCentimeter to KilometerMillimeter to Kilometer
Micrometer to KilometerMile to KilometerYard to Kilometer
Feet to KilometerInch to KilometerNanometer to Kilometer

Length Converters to Meter (m)

Centimeter to MeterMillimeter to MeterMicrometer to Meter
Nanometer to MeterMile to MeterYard to Meter
Feet to MeterInch to MeterNautical Mile to Meter
Kilometer to Meter

Length Converters to Millimeter (mm)

Kilometer to MillimeterMeter to MillimeterCentimeter to Millimeter
Micrometer to MillimeterNanometer to MillimeterMile tor Nanometer
Yard to MillimeterFeet to MillimeterInch to Millimeter
Nautical Mile to Millimeter

Length Converters to Micrometer (µm)

Nanometer to MicrometerMile to MicrometerYard to Micrometer
Feet to MicrometerInch to MicrometerNautical Mile to Micrometer
Kilometer to MicrometerMeter to MicrometerCentimeter to Micrometer
Millimeter to Micrometer

Length Converters to Nanometer (nm)

Mile to NanometerFeet to NanometerInch to Nanometer
Nautical Mile to NanometerKilometer to NanometerCentimeter to Nanometer
Millimeter to NanometerMicrometer to Nanometer

Length Converters to Yard (yd)

Kilometer to YardMeter to YardCentimeter to Yard
Millimeter to YardMicrometer to YardNanometer to Yard
Mile to YardFeet to YardInch to Yard
Nautical Mile to Yard

Length Converters to Mile (mi)

Yard to MileFeet to MileInch to Mile
Nautical Mile to MileKilometer to MileMeter to Mile
Centimeter to MileMillimeter to MileMicrometer to Mile
Nanometer to Mile

Length Converters to Feet (ft)

Kilometer to FeetMeter to FeetCentimeter to Feet
Millimeter to FeetMicrometer to FeetNanometer to Feet
Mile to FeetYard to FeetInch to Feet
Nautical Mile to Feet

Length Converters to Inch (in)

Kilometer to InchMeter to InchCentimeter to Inch
Millimeter to InchMicrometer to InchNanometer to Inch
Mile to InchYard to InchFeet to Inch
Nautical Mile to Inch

Length Converters to Nautical Mile (nmi)

Meter to Nautical MileCentimeter to Nautical MileMillimeter to Nautical Mile
Micrometer to Nautical MileNanometer to Nautical MileMile to Nautical Mile
Yard to Nautical MileFeet to Nautical MileInch to Nautical Mile

Length Conversion Chart

How to use Length Converter

Using a length converter involves a few simple steps to convert measurements from one unit of length to another. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Input the Number

  • Locate the first input box on the length converter interface.
  • Type in the number corresponding to the length you want to convert. If you’re converting 1 kilometer, simply enter “1”.

Step 2: Select the Unit to Convert From

  • Click on the dropdown menu next to the first input box.
  • Select ‘Kilometer’ or the appropriate unit that you are starting with.

Step 3: Select the Unit to Convert To

  • Move to the dropdown menu next to the second input box, where “Meter” is shown in your image.
  • Choose ‘Meter’ or the unit into which you want to convert your initial measurement.

Step 4: Execute the Conversion

  • If there is a button for conversion, such as a ‘Calculate’, ‘Convert’, or a similar command button, click it.
  • If the tool automatically converts the input as you type, then simply wait for the conversion to appear.

Step 5: View the Result

  • The converted length should now be displayed, often in the second input box or in a separate result area on the tool.

How to Solve Length Conversion?

To solve length conversion, identify the units you are starting with and the units you wish to convert to. Use a conversion factor to multiply or divide the original measurement. This factor is the amount of the target unit equivalent to one unit of the original.

What is the Rule for Length Conversion?

The rule for length conversion is to multiply the original measurement by the conversion factor that relates the original unit to the desired unit. Ensure the factor is correct for converting from the source unit to the target unit.

What is the Conversion Table of Length?

A conversion table for length lists various units of length (like meters, inches, feet) and their equivalent values in other units. It provides a quick reference to convert between different measurement systems.

What is a Length Converter Chart?

A length converter chart visually represents the conversion factors between different units of length. It typically includes columns for common units like meters, centimeters, millimeters, inches, and feet, showing how to convert from one to another.

How Do You Read Length Measurements?

To read length measurements, note the unit used and the value. Length measurements are typically read as a number followed by a unit (e.g., 5 meters, 10 feet), indicating how long an object is using the specified unit.

Is Length the Same as Height?

No, length and height are not the same. Length refers to the measurement of something from end to end, typically the longest dimension, while height refers to the measurement from base to top, or head to foot, in the case of an object or person standing.

Know More About All Measurements of Length

Kilometer (km)Meter (m)Centimeter (cm)
Millimeter (mm)Micrometer (µm)Nanometer (nm)
Mile (mi)Yard (yd)Foot (ft)
inches (in)Nautical Mile (nmi)