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m to cm

Formula: Length in centimeters (cm ) = Length in meters (m) × 1,00




cm to m

Formula: Length in meters (m) = Length in centimeters (cm ) ÷ 100




Conversion Factors:

  • Meters to Centimeters: 1 meter = 100 centimeters
  • Centimeters to Meters: 1 centimeter = 0.01 meters

How to Convert Meters to Centimeters:

To convert meters to centimeters, multiply the number of meters by 100.


Example: Convert 2 meters to centimeters.

Centimeters=2 m×100=200 cm

How to Convert Centimeters to Meters:

To convert centimeters to meters, divide the number of centimeters by 100.


Example: Convert 250 centimeters to meters.

Meters=250 cm100=2.5 m

Meters to Centimeters

Meters to Centimeters Conversion Table

Meters (m)Centimeters (cm)
1 m100 cm
2 m200 cm
3 m300 cm
4 m400 cm
5 m500 cm
6 m600 cm
7 m700 cm
8 m800 cm
9 m900 cm
10 m1000 cm
20 m2000 cm
30 m3000 cm
40 m4000 cm
50 m5000 cm
60 m6000 cm
70 m7000 cm
80 m8000 cm
90 m9000 cm
100 m10000 cm

m to cm Conversion Chart

m to cm Conversion Chart

Centimeters to Meters Conversion Table

Centimeters (cm)Meters (m)
1 cm0.01 m
2 cm0.02 m
3 cm0.03 m
4 cm0.04 m
5 cm0.05 m
6 cm0.06 m
7 cm0.07 m
8 cm0.08 m
9 cm0.09 m
10 cm0.10 m
20 cm0.20 m
30 cm0.30 m
40 cm0.40 m
50 cm0.50 m
60 cm0.60 m
70 cm0.70 m
80 cm0.80 m
90 cm0.90 m
100 cm1.00 m

cm to m Conversion Chart

cm to m Conversion Chart

Difference Between Meters to Centimeters

AspectMeters (m)Centimeters (cm)
Unit TypeMeters are a base unit of length in the metric system.Centimeters are a smaller unit derived from meters.
ScaleSuited for measuring longer distances and heights.Ideal for measuring smaller lengths and dimensions.
Conversion1 meter equals 100 centimeters.1 centimeter equals 0.01 meters.
SymbolDenoted as ‘m’.Denoted as ‘cm’.
UsageCommonly used in construction, engineering, and sports.Used in fabric measurements, crafting, and detailing.
PrecisionLess precise for very small measurements.Provides greater precision for fine measurements.
Common ExamplesHeight of a person, length of a room.Width of a pencil, thickness of paper.
ApplicationsUsed in road signs, building plans, and navigation.Applied in medical measurements and fabric cutting.

1. Solved Examples on Converting Meters to Centimeters

Example 1: Convert 2.5 meters to centimeters.

2.5 meters×100=250 centimeters

Result: 2.5 meters is equal to 250 centimeters.

Example 2:Convert 4 meters to centimeters.

4 meters×100=400 centimeters

Result: 4 meters is equal to 400 centimeters.

Example 3:Convert 1.75 meters to centimeters.

1.75 meters×100=175 centimeters

Result: 1.75 meters is equal to 175 centimeters.

Example 4: Convert 3.2 meters to centimeters.

3.2 meters×100=320 centimeters

Result: 3.2 meters is equal to 320 centimeters.

Example 5:Convert 6 meters to centimeters.

6 meters×100=600 centimeters

Result: 6 meters is equal to 600 centimeters.

2. Solved Examples on Converting Centimeters to Meters

Example 1: Convert 500 centimeters to meters.

500 centimeters×0.01=5 meters

Result: 500 centimeters is equal to 5 meters.

Example 2: Convert 800 centimeters to meters.

800 centimeters×0.01=8 meters

Result: 800 centimeters is equal to 8 meters.

Example 3: Convert 350 centimeters to meters.

350 centimeters×0.01=3.5 meters

Result: 350 centimeters is equal to 3.5 meters.

Example 4: Convert 1200 centimeters to meters.

1200 centimeters×0.01=12 meters

Result: 1200 centimeters is equal to 12 meters.

Example 5: Convert 2750 centimeters to meters.

2750 centimeters×0.01=27.5 meters

Result: 2750 centimeters is equal to 27.5 meters

1. Can you convert large values of meters to centimeters easily?

Yes, converting large values is straightforward. Simply multiply the number of meters by 100 to get the equivalent in centimeters.

2. Why do we need to convert meters to centimeters?

Converting meters to centimeters can be useful when dealing with smaller units of length or when precision is required in measurements. It’s a common conversion used in various fields such as construction, engineering, and crafting.

3. Is there a quick way to estimate the conversion of meters to centimeters?

Yes, if you need a quick estimate, you can think of it as shifting the decimal point two places to the right. For example, 2 meters would be approximately 200 centimeters.

4. Can meters and centimeters be used interchangeably?

While meters and centimeters both measure length, they are different units in the metric system. Meters are larger units, typically used for longer measurements, while centimeters are smaller units often used for shorter measurements or more precise values.

5. Are there any common mistakes to avoid when converting meters to centimeters?

One common mistake is forgetting to multiply by 100 when converting from meters to centimeters. Another mistake is mixing up meters and centimeters in calculations, so it’s essential to double-check units to ensure accuracy.

6. What tools can I use to convert meters to centimeters?

There are many online converters and calculators available that can quickly and accurately convert meters to centimeters. Additionally, most scientific calculators have a built-in function for unit conversions.