Metaphor Poems for 3rd Grade

Last Updated: June 6, 2024

Metaphor Poems for 3rd Grade

Delve into the enchanting world of metaphor poems tailored for 3rd graders! This complete guide offers a variety of “Metaphor Examples” specifically designed to captivate young minds. Through these poems, children can effortlessly learn about metaphors, enhancing their language skills and creativity. Perfect for both classroom teaching and home learning, these examples make understanding metaphors both fun and educational.

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What is the Best Example of Metaphor Poems for 3rd Grade?

What is the Best Example of Metaphor Poems for 3rd Grades

The best example of metaphor poems for 3rd grade should be simple yet imaginative, like comparing the moon to a glowing lantern in the night sky. Such poems introduce young learners to the concept of metaphors in an engaging and relatable manner. By using everyday objects and experiences, these poems make the abstract idea of metaphors accessible and enjoyable for third graders, fostering a love for language and creativity.

List of Metaphors Poem for 3rd Grade

List of Metaphors Poem for 3rd Grade

1. “Butterflies in the Garden”

This Butterflies in the Garden poem likens a garden to a colorful canvas, filled with butterflies. It’s perfect for teaching 3rd graders about the beauty of nature and the use of metaphors in poetry.

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  • Butterflies as Flying Flowers: Represents the beauty and delicacy of butterflies.
  • Garden as a Painter’s Palette: Symbolizes the variety and vibrancy of nature.
  • Sun as a Golden Spotlight: Illustrates the warmth and brightness of sunlight.

2. “The Laughing Brook”

The Laughing Book Ideal for 3rd graders, this poem describes a small stream as a playful character, making it a fun way to learn about personification and metaphor. This approach is ideal for teaching Metaphor Examples for Kids and Easy Metaphor Examples, making them perfect for use in Metaphor Examples for Schools and Metaphor Examples for Teaching.

Download Full Poem The Laughing Brook PDF


  • Brook as a Laughing Child: Represents the joyful and lively nature of the stream.
  • Stones as the Brook’s Playmates: Symbolizes the interaction between water and rocks.
  • Trees Whispering Secrets: Implies the gentle sounds of nature as communication.

3. “Moon’s Lullaby”

This Moon Lullaby poem is great for introducing young students to celestial metaphors, describing the moon as a nurturing figure.

Download Full Poem Moon's Lullaby PDF


  • Moon as a Night’s Lantern: Suggests guidance and illumination in darkness.
  • Stars as Twinkling Eyes: Represents wonder and beauty in the night sky.
  • Night as a Soft Blanket: Conveys comfort and protection.

4. “The Kite’s Dance”

A lively kite dance poem that personifies a kite in the sky, suitable for teaching metaphors related to movement and joy.

Download Full Poem The Kite's Dance PDF


  • Kite as a Dancing Bird: Symbolizes freedom and grace.
  • Wind as a Playful Companion: Suggests the enabling force of nature.
  • Sky as a Vast Stage: Represents opportunity and boundless space.

5. “The Ocean’s Song”

This Ocean Song poem personifies the ocean, making it an engaging way for 3rd graders to learn about nature’s metaphors.

Download Full Poem The Ocean's Song PDF


  • Waves as Melodies: Symbolizes the rhythmic and soothing nature of ocean waves.
  • Sand as a Soft Canvas: Represents the ever-changing nature of shorelines.
  • Seashells as Ocean’s Treasures: Suggests the beauty and mystery of marine life.

6. “Sunflower’s Smile”

This cheerful Sunflower smile poem compares a sunflower to a smiling face, perfect for introducing young students to similes and metaphors.


  • Sunflower as a Beaming Face: Represents joy and positivity.
  • Petals as Rays of Sunshine: Suggests warmth and radiance.
  • Stem as a Strong Backbone: Symbolizes resilience and support.

Short Metaphor Poems for 3rd Grade

1. “The Moon is a Silver Coin”

This Moon is a silver coin poem is ideal for 3rd graders, using the familiar image of a coin to describe the moon. Its simplicity helps children easily grasp the concept of metaphors. It’s often used in elementary classrooms to introduce metaphorical language, showing how everyday objects can be used to describe natural phenomena in a poetic way.


  • Moon as a Silver Coin: Indicates the moon’s round shape and shiny appearance.
  • Stars as Diamonds: Suggests the brightness and preciousness of stars.
  • Night Sky as a Velvet Cloth: Implies the smooth, dark expanse of the night sky.

2. “My Teacher is a Gardener”

A delightful My Teacher is a Gardener poem for young students, it compares a teacher’s role to that of a gardener. This metaphor is easily understood by 3rd graders and is used to teach the nurturing aspect of education. It’s common in educational settings to illustrate how teachers help ‘grow’ their students’ knowledge and character.


  • Teacher as a Gardener: Represents the teacher’s role in nurturing students’ growth.
  • Knowledge as Seeds: Implies that learning is like planting seeds of wisdom.
  • Classroom as a Garden: Suggests that the classroom is a place for growth and development.

3. “Books are Magic Portals”

This poem is a favorite among 3rd graders for its magical imagery. It turns the act of reading into an adventurous journey, using metaphors to describe books as portals to other worlds. It’s often used to encourage reading and imagination in young learners.


  • Books as Magic Portals: Highlights the idea that reading opens doors to new worlds.
  • Words as Magic Spells: Suggests that the words in books have the power to enchant and captivate.
  • Pages as Wings: Implies that each page turn allows the reader to soar into new adventures.

4. “Sunshine is Liquid Gold”

Perfect for young minds, this poem uses the concept of precious gold to describe the warmth and value of sunshine. It helps 3rd graders understand metaphors by relating the sun’s rays to something valuable and desirable. The poem is often used in lessons about nature and poetry.


  • Sunshine as Liquid Gold: Conveys the preciousness and warmth of sunlight.
  • Sun’s Rays as Golden Fingers: Implies the sun’s reach and touch are like valuable, gentle hands.
  • Morning as a Golden Blanket: Suggests that morning light covers the world in a warm, comforting glow.

Inspirational Metaphor Poems for 3rd Grade

1. “Stars as Guides”

This poem inspires children to dream big and aim high. It compares stars to life’s guiding lights, perfect for discussions on ambitions and goals in a 3rd-grade setting. This poem can be an engaging Metaphor Example in Daily Life, resonating with Metaphors for Success and Metaphors for Personality Traits.


  • Stars as Guiding Lights: Represents goals and aspirations.
  • Sky as a Canvas: The endless possibilities in life.
  • Moon as a Mentor: Guidance and wisdom on lifeโ€™s journey.

2. “The Mountain’s Might”

Originating from folk tales, this poem symbolizes overcoming challenges. It’s used in classrooms to teach resilience and determination.


  • Mountain as a Challenge: Represents obstacles in life.
  • Path as a Journey: The process of growth and learning.
  • Summit as Success: Achieving goals through perseverance.

3. “Ocean of Dreams”

A poem about ambition and hope, ideal for encouraging 3rd graders to dream big. It uses the ocean as a metaphor for the vastness of dreams.This poem personifies the ocean, making it an engaging way for 3rd graders to learn about nature’s metaphors. It can be a part of lessons on Metaphor Examples in Literature and Metaphor Examples in Semantics, exploring Metaphors in Business Talk.


  • Ocean as Potential: The limitless possibilities in life.
  • Waves as Opportunities: The ups and downs in pursuing dreams.
  • Horizon as Future: Endless opportunities ahead.

Funny Metaphor Poems for 3rd Grade

1. “The Laughing Moon”

A light-hearted poem that brings humor to a classroom. It’s often used to teach about metaphors in a fun, engaging way. This poem serves as an excellent Poem with Metaphor Example, introducing concepts like Metaphors for Change and Metaphors for Life.


  • Moon as a Comedian: Brings joy and laughter.
  • Stars as Audience: Representing those who enjoy the humor.
  • Night Sky as a Theater: The vast space where joy unfolds.

2. “Silly Socks Symphony”

This amusing poem compares socks to musical instruments, perfect for a laugh in 3rd grade classrooms while teaching metaphors.


  • Socks as Musical Instruments: The varied and playful aspects of everyday objects.
  • Laundry Basket as Orchestra Pit: The chaos and harmony of daily life.
  • Drying Line as Stage: Showcasing the fun in mundane activities.

3. “The Chatty Sunflower”

A whimsical poem that imagines sunflowers as talkative friends, used in classrooms to make learning about metaphors enjoyable. It’s an example of Simple Metaphor Examples and Metaphor Examples About a Person, often used in Metaphors for Learning.


  • Sunflowers as Chatterboxes: The lively nature of nature.
  • Garden as a Party: A place full of interaction and fun.
  • Bees as Messengers: The interconnectedness of nature and life.

Famous Metaphor Poems for 3rd Grade

1. “The Butterfly’s Day”

This poem, beloved by children, uses the metaphor of a butterflyโ€™s journey to represent growth and transformation. It’s ideal for teaching change and development. It incorporates Simile and Metaphor Examples, showing how everyday scenes can be transformed into vibrant Metaphorical Poems.


  • Butterfly as Change: Personal growth and transformation.
  • Cocoon as Safety: The comfort zones we must leave.
  • Flight as Freedom: Exploring new opportunities and experiences.

2. “Rainbow Bridges”

A popular Rainbow Bridges poem in schools, it uses the rainbow as a metaphor for hope and unity. It’s great for discussions on diversity and inclusivity.


  • Rainbow as Bridge: Connecting diverse elements.
  • Colors as Differences: Celebrating diversity.
  • Sky as Community: The world we share and build together.

3. “The Wise Old Tree”

Often used in educational settings, this poem uses a tree as a metaphor for wisdom and growth, teaching children about patience and knowledge.


  • Tree as Knowledge Keeper: The accumulation of wisdom over time.
  • Roots as History: Foundations and origins.
  • Leaves as Lessons: The growth and learning through lifeโ€™s seasons.

Best Metaphor Poems for 3rd Grade

1. “The Clouds are Cotton” by Emily Elizabeth

This delightful poem uses everyday imagery to make metaphors relatable for 3rd graders. It’s a gentle introduction to how poetry can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. The poem is often used in classrooms to teach metaphorical thinking and encourage children to see the world through a more imaginative lens.


  • Clouds as Cotton: Fluffy clouds resembling soft cotton.
  • Rain as Nature’s Music: Raindrops creating rhythmic sounds akin to music.
  • Sun as a Bright Smile: The sun shining brightly like a cheerful smile.

2. “My Teacher is a Dragon” by Mark Brown

This humorous poem is a favorite among 3rd graders, portraying the teacher as various creatures. Itโ€™s a playful way to introduce the concept of metaphorical descriptions, showing how they can be used to express feelings and characteristics creatively. It’s perfect for classroom reading and discussions on metaphors.


  • Teacher as a Dragon: A metaphor for a teacher’s fierce yet protective nature.
  • Words as Fire: The teacher’s words being impactful and powerful.
  • Eyes as Spotlights: The teacher’s attentive gaze that misses nothing.

3. “The Moon’s a Balloon” by David McCord

David McCord’s poem is a wonderful example of using simple metaphors to spark imagination in young minds. It encourages 3rd graders to look at the moon and the sky in a playful, imaginative way. This poem is often used to inspire creativity and introduce children to metaphorical thinking in poetry.


  • Moon as a Balloon: The moon depicted as a floating balloon in the sky.
  • Stars as Twinkling Lights: Stars likened to small, shimmering lights.
  • Night Sky as a Dark Ocean: The vast, dark sky compared to an expansive ocean.

In conclusion, metaphor poems for 3rd graders offer a fantastic gateway into the world of poetic imagination and language. Through engaging and relatable metaphors, these poems enrich young minds, teaching them to view the world through a creative and thoughtful lens. Such poems not only enhance language skills but also foster a lifelong love for poetry and imaginative thinking. For more examples and insights into metaphor poems suitable for childrenย and Classroom Poems offer a wealth of information and inspiration.

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