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mi to ft

Formula: Length in Foot (ft) = Length in miles (mi) × 5280




ft to mi

Formula: Length in miles (mi) = Length in foot (ft) ÷ 5280

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Miles to Feet

Conversion Factors:

  • Miles to Feet: 1 mile = 5280 feet
  • Feet to Miles: 1 foot = 1/5280 miles

How to Convert Miles to Feet:

To convert a distance in miles to feet, multiply the number of miles by 5280.


Example: Convert 2 miles to feet.

Feet=2×5280=10560 feet

How to Convert Feet to Miles:

To convert a measurement from feet to miles, divide the number of feet by 5280.


Example: Convert 2640 feet to miles.

Miles=2640/5280=0.5 miles

Miles to Feet Conversion Table

Miles (mi)Feet (ft)
1 mile5280 feet
2 miles10560 feet
3 miles15840 feet
4 miles21120 feet
5 miles26400 feet
6 miles31680 feet
7 miles36960 feet
8 miles42240 feet
9 miles47520 feet
10 miles52800 feet
20 miles105600 feet
30 miles158400 feet
40 miles211200 feet
50 miles264000 feet
60 miles316800 feet
70 miles369600 feet
80 miles422400 feet
90 miles475200 feet
100 miles528000 feet

mi to ft Conversion Chart

mi to ft Conversion Chart

Feet to Miles Conversion Table

Feet (ft)Miles (mi) 
1 feet1.89e-4 miles
2 feet3.79e-4 miles
3 feet5.68e-4 miles
4 feet7.58e-4 miles
5 feet9.47e-4 miles
6 feet1.14e-3 miles
7 feet1.33e-3 miles
8 feet1.52e-3 miles
9 feet1.70e-3 miles
10 feet1.89e-3 miles
20 feet3.79e-3 miles
30 feet5.68e-3 miles
40 feet7.58e-3 miles
50 feet9.47e-3 miles
60 feet1.14e-2 miles
70 feet1.33e-2 miles
80 feet1.52e-2 miles
90 feet1.70e-2 miles
100 feet1.89e-2 miles

ft to mi Conversion Chart

ft to mi Conversion Chart

Difference Between Miles to Feet

Unit TypeUnit of length traditionally used in the US and UK for measuring longer distances.Smaller unit of length used in the US and UK for a variety of everyday measurements.
Basic DefinitionOne mile is defined as 5280 feet.One foot is defined as 12 inches, and there are 5280 feet in a mile.
UseCommonly used to measure distances between locations in most fields such as mapping, automotive, and sports.Frequently used to measure shorter lengths and heights in construction, real estate, and everyday situations.
Conversion FactorTo convert miles to feet, multiply by 5280.To convert feet to miles, divide by 5280.
ScaleLarger scale, more suitable for distances measured in large open spaces (e.g., roads, cross-country).Smaller scale, ideal for room dimensions, heights, and objects within immediate surroundings.
ExampleThe distance between two cities might be 120 miles.The length of a football field is 360 feet.

1. Solved Examples on Converting Miles to Feet

Example 1: Convert 1 mile to feet

Feet=1 mile×5280 ft

Feet=5280 feet

Result: 1 mile is equal to 5280 feet.

Example 2: Convert 3 miles to feet

Feet=3 miles×5280 ft

Feet=15840 feet

Result: 3 miles are equal to 15840 feet.

Example 3: Convert 0.5 miles to feet

Feet=0.5 miles×5280 ft

Feet=2640 feet

Result: 0.5 mile is equal to 2640 feet.

Example 4: Convert 7.25 miles to feet

Feet=7.25 miles×5280 ft

Feet=38280 feet

Result: 7.25 miles are equal to 38280 feet.

Example 5: Convert 12 miles to feet

Feet=12 miles×5280 ft

Feet=63360 feet

Result: 12 miles are equal to 63360 feet.

2. Solved Examples on Converting Feet to Miles

Example 1: Convert 5280 feet to miles

Miles=5280 feet/5280 ft/mile

Miles=1 mile

Result: 5280 feet is equal to 1 mile.

Example 2: Convert 2640 feet to miles

Miles=2640 feet/5280 ft/mile

Miles=0.5 miles

Result: 2640 feet is equal to 0.5 miles.

Example 3: Convert 7920 feet to miles

Miles=7920 feet/5280 ft/mile

Miles=1.5 miles

Result: 7920 feet is equal to 1.5 miles.

Example 4: Convert 10000 feet to miles

Miles=10000 feet/5280 ft/mile

Miles=1.89394 miles

Result: 10000 feet is approximately 1.89394 miles.

Example 5: Convert 15000 feet to miles

Miles=15000 feet/5280 ft/mile

Miles=2.84091 miles

Result: 15000 feet is approximately 2.84091 miles

1. Can you convert miles to feet for elevation changes?

Yes, converting elevation changes from miles to feet (such as in hiking or mountain climbing) helps quantify the challenge more concretely by showing the total feet ascended or descended.

2. How often do outdoor adventurers use miles to feet conversions?

Outdoor adventurers often use these conversions when mapping out hiking, biking, or camping trips to understand total travel distances in feet, which can be more usable in field conditions.

3. What tools can assist with converting miles to feet?

Online calculators, mobile apps, and conversion charts are commonly used tools for this conversion.

4. What are some practical uses of knowing how many feet are in a mile?

Practical uses include planning walking routes, measuring golf courses, and calculating material needs for track and field sports.

5. Are miles to feet conversions common in everyday life?

While not common in everyday life, they are frequently used in specific fields like athletics, land measurement, and transportation planning.

6. What is a common mistake when converting miles to feet?

A common mistake is forgetting to use the exact conversion factor of 5280, which can lead to inaccurate results.

7. How many walks is 1 mile?

The number of walks to equal 1 mile depends on your stride length. Typically, it’s about 2,000 steps for an average stride length, equating to roughly 1 mile walked.

8. Why isn’t a mile 5000 feet?

A mile isn’t 5000 feet because it was historically defined based on the Roman measurement of 5,000 Roman feet, but adjusted to 5280 feet in Britain to align with the furlong system (1 mile = 8 furlongs, 1 furlong = 660 feet).

9. Can you walk 2 miles in 30 minutes?

Yes, you can walk 2 miles in 30 minutes if you maintain a brisk pace of about 4 miles per hour. This speed is reasonable for most healthy adults at a moderate intensity level.

10. Why do runners often need to know the conversion from miles to feet?

Runners may use this conversion to better understand race distances, especially in track events where distances are often marked in feet or meter.