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Formula: Length in nautical miles (nmi) = Length in miles (mi) × 0.868976


Nautical mile:

MilesNautical miles

nmi to mi

Formula: Length in miles (mi) = Length in nautical miles (nmi) ÷ 0.868976

Nautical mile:

Mile :

Nautical milesMiles
Miles to Nautical Miles

Conversion Factors:

  • Miles to Nautical Miles: 1 mile = 0.868976 nautical miles
  • Nautical Miles to Miles: 1 nautical mile = 1.15078 miles

How to Convert Miles to Nautical Miles:

To convert miles to nautical miles, multiply the number of miles by 0.868976.

Nautical Miles=Miles×0.868976

Example: Convert 10 miles to nautical miles.

Nautical Miles=10×0.868976=8.68976 nautical miles

How to Convert Nautical Miles to Miles:

To convert nautical miles to miles, multiply the number of nautical miles by 1.15078.

Miles=Nautical Miles×1.15078

Example: Convert 10 nautical miles to miles.

Miles=10×1.15078=11.5078 miles

Miles to Nautical Miles Conversion Table

MilesNautical Miles (in exponential notation)

mi to nmi Conversion Chart

mi to nmi Conversion Chart

Nautical Miles to Miles Conversion Table

Nautical MilesMiles (in exponential notation)

nmi to mi Conversion Chart

nmi to mi Conversion Chart

Difference Between Miles to Nautical Miles

FeatureMilesNautical Miles
Basic DefinitionA mile is a unit of length used mainly in the United States and the United Kingdom. It is defined as 5,280 feet.A nautical mile is a unit of measurement used in maritime and air navigation, approximately equal to 1.15078 statute miles.
LengthOne mile is standardized at exactly 5,280 feet or about 1,609 meters.One nautical mile is typically defined as 1,852 meter or about 6,076.1 feet.
UsageUsed predominantly in countries like the United States for general land measurement, road distances, and sports such as running and horse racing.Primarily used in maritime and aerial navigation across the globe to measure travel distances and in weather reports related to oceanic conditions.
Conversion FactorTo convert miles to nautical miles, multiply by approximately 0.868976.To convert nautical miles to miles, multiply by approximately 1.15078.
Navigational RelevanceLess relevant for navigational purposes on water due to non-inclusion of the natural curvature of the Earth.Essential for navigation at sea and in the air, as it factors in the Earth’s curvature, making it more accurate for global mapping.
Geographical ContextMore commonly used in terrestrial contexts within countries like the US and UK.Used internationally in aviation and nautical contexts due to its relevance to global positioning and international regulations.
Historical OriginOriginates from the Roman mille passus, or “thousand paces,” which was approximately 5,000 Roman feet. Later standardized to today’s definition.Derived from one minute of arc of latitude along any meridian arc and historically used by maritime nations for navigation.

1. Solved Examples on Converting Miles to Nautical Miles

Example 1: Convert 1 mile to nautical miles

Nautical Miles=1 mile×0.868976 nmi/mile

Nautical Miles=0.868976 nmi

Result: 1 mile is approximately 0.869 nautical miles.

Example 2: Convert 5 miles to nautical miles

Nautical Miles=5 miles×0.868976 nmi/mile

Nautical Miles=4.34488 nmi

Result: 5 miles are approximately 4.345 nautical miles.

Example 3: Convert 10 miles to nautical miles

Nautical Miles=10 miles×0.868976 nmi/mile

Nautical Miles=8.68976 nmi

Result: 10 miles are approximately 8.690 nautical miles.

Example 4: Convert 25 miles to nautical miles

Nautical Miles=25 miles×0.868976 nmi/mile

Nautical Miles=21.7244 nmi

Result: 25 miles are approximately 21.724 nautical miles.

Example 5: Convert 50 miles to nautical miles

Nautical Miles=50 miles×0.868976 nmi/mile

Nautical Miles=43.4488 nmi

Result: 50 miles are approximately 43.449 nautical miles

Solved Examples on Converting Nautical Miles to Miles

Example 1: Convert 1 nautical mile to miles

Miles=1 nautical mile×1.15078 mi/nmi

Miles=1.15078 miles

Result: 1 nautical mile is approximately 1.151 miles.

Example 2: Convert 5 nautical miles to miles

Miles=5 nautical miles×1.15078 mi/nmi

Miles=5.7539 miles

Result: 5 nautical miles are approximately 5.754 miles.

Example 3: Convert 10 nautical miles to miles

Miles=10 nautical miles×1.15078 mi/nmi

Miles=11.5078 miles

Result: 10 nautical miles are approximately 11.508 miles.

Example 4: Convert 20 nautical miles to miles

Miles=20 nautical miles×1.15078 mi/nmi

Miles=23.0156 miles

Result: 20 nautical miles are approximately 23.016 miles.

Example 5: Convert 50 nautical miles to miles

Miles=50 nautical miles×1.15078 mi/nmi

Miles=57.539 miles

Result: 50 nautical miles are approximately 57.539 miles.

1. Why is a mile not equal to a nautical mile in length?

Because nautical miles are based on the circumference of the Earth and are used in navigation to represent one minute of latitude.

2. How does GPS technology use nautical miles?

GPS technology displays distances in nautical miles for marine settings because it aligns with navigational practices based on latitude and longitude.

3. Why might a pilot need to convert miles to nautical miles?

A pilot might need to convert to nautical miles to navigate using standard aviation charts, which are typically scaled in nautical miles.

4. Can converting miles to nautical miles help in cruise planning?

Yes, knowing this conversion helps cruise planners align travel distances with maritime maps and navigation systems.

5. What should you double-check after converting miles to nautical miles?

Always double-check your calculations for any entry errors that could affect the conversion output.

6. What common mistakes should be avoided when converting miles to nautical miles?

Avoid rounding off the conversion factor too early, as this can significantly affect the accuracy of your results.

7. How do I ensure accuracy when converting large numbers from miles to nautical miles?

For large number conversions from miles to nautical miles, it is critical to use a precision calculator or software to prevent rounding errors and ensure the use of the exact conversion factor (0.868976).