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How to Convert Millimeters to Micrometers

To convert a length from millimeters (mm) to micrometers (µm), you multiply the number of millimeters by 1,000 because one millimeter equals 1,000 micrometers.


Suppose you have 5 millimeters and want to convert this measurement to micrometers.

5 mm×1000=5000 µm

Thus, 5 millimeters equals 5,000 micrometers.

How to Convert  Micrometers to Millimeters

To convert a measurement from micrometers (µm) to millimeters (mm), you divide the number of micrometers by 1,000 because one millimeter is equivalent to 1,000 micrometers.


If you have 3,000 micrometers and wish to convert this measurement to millimeters:

3000 µm÷1000=3 mm

Therefore, 3,000 micrometers is equal to 3 millimeters.

Millimeters to Micrometers Conversion Table

Millimeters (mm)Micrometers (µm)
1 mm1,000 µm
2 mm2,000 µm
3 mm3,000 µm
4 mm4,000 µm
5 mm5,000 µm
6 mm6,000 µm
7 mm7,000 µm
8 mm8,000 µm
9 mm9,000 µm
10 mm10,000 µm
20 mm20,000 µm
30 mm30,000 µm
40 mm40,000 µm
50 mm50,000 µm
60 mm60,000 µm
70 mm70,000 µm
80 mm80,000 µm
90 mm90,000 µm
100 mm100,000 µm
millimters to micrometers

Micrometers to Millimeters Conversion Table

Micrometers (µm)Millimeters (mm)
1 µm0.001 mm
2 µm0.002 mm
3 µm0.003 mm
4 µm0.004 mm
5 µm0.005 mm
6 µm0.006 mm
7 µm0.007 mm
8 µm0.008 mm
9 µm0.009 mm
10 µm0.01 mm
20 µm0.02 mm
30 µm0.03 mm
40 µm0.04 mm
50 µm0.05 mm
60 µm0.06 mm
70 µm0.07 mm
80 µm0.08 mm
90 µm0.09 mm
100 µm0.1 mm

Differences Between Millimeters (mm) and Micrometers (µm)

AspectMillimeters (mm)Micrometers (µm)
Unit Size1 millimeter = 0.001 meters1 micrometer = 0.000001 meters
Measurement ScaleSuitable for small but visible measurementsUsed for microscopic or very fine measurements
UsageCommon in everyday measurements like lengths of pencils, dimensions of booksCommon in scientific fields, especially biology and engineering for measuring cell sizes, machine parts
Decimal PlacesLess precise than micrometers, typically used without decimals for practical purposesExtremely precise, often used with multiple decimals to measure very small entities

Solved Examples on mm to  µm and µm to mm Conversion

1. Converting Millimeters to Micrometers

Example 1: convert 1 mm to µm

1 mm=1×1000 µm

1 mm = 1000 µm

Example 2: convert 3 mm to µm

3 mm=3×1000 µm

3 mm = 3000 µm

Example 3: convert 4.5 mm to µm

4.5 mm=4.5×1000 µm

4.5 mm = 4500 µm

Example 4: convert 7 mm to µm

7 mm=7×1000 µm

: 7 mm = 7000 µm

Example 5: convert 12 mm to µm

12 mm=12×1000 µm

12 mm = 12000 µm

2. Converting Micrometers to Millimeters

Example 1: Convert 2000 µm to mm

2000 µm=2000÷1000 mm

2000 µm = 2 mm

Example 2: Convert 5500 µm to mm

5500 µm=5500÷1000 mm

5500 µm = 5.5 mm

Example 3: Convert  750 µm to mm

750 µm=750÷1000 mm

750 µm = 0.75 mm

Example 4 : Convert 10000 µm to mm

10000 µm=10000÷1000 mm

10000 µm = 10 mm

1. How do you convert µm to mm?

: To convert micrometers (µm) to millimeters (mm), you divide the number of micrometers by 1,000. This is because one millimeter equals 1,000 micrometers.

Millimeters (mm)=Micrometers (µm)÷1000

2. What does 1 µm mean?

1 µm (one micrometer) is a unit of length in the metric system, equal to one millionth of a meter (0.000001 meter). It’s a standard unit used primarily in science and engineering to measure very small distances, such as the dimensions of bacteria, or the wavelength of infrared radiation.

3. How to calculate µm?

Calculating micrometers usually involves converting from another unit of measurement to micrometers. For example, if you have measurements in millimeters and you want to convert them to micrometers, you multiply by 1,000.

Micrometers (µm)=Millimeters (mm)×1000

4. What is the conversion factor between millimeters and micrometers?

One millimeter is equal to 1,000 micrometers. Conversely, one micrometer is 0.001 millimeters.

5. How do you convert 2 millimeters to micrometers?

Multiply the number of millimeters by 1,000. For 2 mm, the conversion would be 2×1000=20002×1000=2000 micrometers.

6. How can I convert micrometers back to millimeters?

Divide the number of micrometers by 1,000. For example, 5000 micrometers would be 5000÷1000=55000÷1000=5 millimeters.

7. Is there a simple tool or calculator online to convert mm to µm and vice versa?

Yes, many websites and apps offer unit conversion tools that can easily convert between millimeters and micrometers.

8. What are micrometers commonly used to measure?

Micrometers are used to measure very small distances such as the thickness of a cell or a thin film layer in scientific and industrial contexts.