Names of Colours

Last Updated: May 7, 2024

Names of Colours

Embark on a chromatic odyssey with our comprehensive exploration of color names. From the soft whispers of pastel hues to the bold declarations of primary colors, each name holds a universe of aesthetic, cultural, and emotional significance. This guide delves into the vast spectrum of colors, uncovering the stories and meanings behind each shade. Whether you’re an artist, designer, or simply a color enthusiast, prepare to broaden your palette and deepen your appreciation for the world of color.

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List of Names of Colours

Dive into the spectrum of colors with our extensive list, spanning from the softest pastels to the deepest hues. Each color name offers a glimpse into a world of visual and emotional resonance, enriching our perception of art, nature, and design. This collection not only serves as a palette for artists and designers but also as an inspiration for anyone intrigued by the beauty and diversity of colors. Explore the names that define our colorful world and let your imagination soar with every shade.

White Black Red Blue
Alabaster Burgundy Cerulean Denim
Emerald Fuchsia Gold Honeydew
Ivory Jade Khaki Lavender
Magenta Navy Ochre Peach
Quartz Ruby Sapphire Taupe
Ultramarine Vermilion Wisteria Xanadu
Yellow Zaffre Amber Azure
Beige Crimson Diamond Ebony
Flame Ginger Heliotrope Indigo
Jonquil Kelp Lemon Mulberry
Nectarine Olive Periwinkle Quicksilver
Rose Shamrock Tangerine Umber
Viridian Wheat Xenon Yolk
Zinc Apricot Bistre Celadon
Driftwood Ecru Flax Gainsboro
Harlequin Iris Jasper Keppel
Linen Mauve Neon Onyx
Persimmon Quartz Grey Razzmatazz Seashell
Teal Ube Vanilla Watermelon
Xanthic Yucca Zircon Aegean Blue
Bittersweet Chartreuse Dahlia Electric Blue
Fern Gamboge Hazel Iceberg
Jambalaya Kobicha Lapis Lazuli Maroon
Nickel Orchid Pumpkin Quince
Raspberry Sage Thistle Ultraviolet
Verdigris Wine Xylophone Black YInMn Blue
Zinnwaldite Arctic Lime Byzantium Coral
Daffodil Eucalyptus Fulvous Glacier
Heather Ink Jasmine Kryptonite
Lilac Mint Nutmeg Opal
Pine Quagmire Rosewood Saffron
Turquoise Utopia Violette Willow
Xerox Blue Yellow Green Zinc White Atomic Tangerine
Blue Violet Cerise Dandelion Eggshell
French Rose Glaucous Harvest Gold Indanthrone Blue
Juniper Kelly Green Lemon Chiffon Moccasin
Nadeshiko Pink Obsidian Puce Quinacridone Magenta
Raw Umber Sky Blue Tyrian Purple Unicorn Silver
Venetian Red Wenge Xanadu Green Yellow Ochre
Zircon Blue Amaranth Bronze Coquelicot
Deep Sapphire Electric Lime Fandango Gamboge Orange
Hollywood Cerise Imperial Red Jade Green Kiwi
Lava Malachite Neon Carrot Outer Space
Persian Blue Quicksand Rose Quartz Sunset Orange
Titanium Yellow Ultramarine Blue Viridian Green Wild Strawberry

Types of Colours

Colors can be categorized in various ways, reflecting their properties, origins, and uses. Here are some common types of colors:

Three Primary Colors

  • Red: A warm color that is one of the three primary colors of light.
  • Blue: A cool primary color, fundamental in color mixing.
  • Yellow: A warm primary color that, along with red and blue, forms the basis of all other hues.

Three Secondary Colors

  • Green: Made by mixing blue and yellow; found abundantly in nature.
  • Orange: Created by combining red and yellow; evokes warmth and energy.
  • Purple: A blend of red and blue; often associated with royalty and luxury.

Six Tertiary Colors

  • Combinations of primary and secondary colors, such as:
    • Red-orange
    • Yellow-orange
    • Yellow-green
    • Blue-green
    • Blue-purple
    • Red-purple

Warm Colors

  • Include reds, oranges, and yellows; associated with warmth, energy, and passion.

Cool Colors

  • Comprise blues, greens, and purples; often linked to calmness, serenity, and nature.

Neutral Colors

  • Black: Absence of light; associated with sophistication and formality.
  • White: All colors of light combined; signifies purity and cleanliness.
  • Gray: Between black and white; symbolizes neutrality and balance.
  • Brown: Earthy color, created by mixing red, black, and yellow; associated with stability and reliability.

Pastel Colors

  • Light, soft shades often used for a gentle, soothing effect.

Metallic Colors

  • Mimic the look of metals; includes gold, silver, bronze, and copper.

Fluorescent Colors

  • Extremely bright, vivid colors that appear to glow under certain lighting conditions.

List of Names of Colours Starting with A-Z

Names of Colours starting with A

Color Name Hex Code Description
Alabaster #F2F0E6 A pale, grayish white
Amaranth #E52B50 A bright reddish pink
Amber #FFBF00 A golden yellow
Amethyst #9966CC A medium purple
Apricot #FBCEB1 A pale orange
Aquamarine #7FFFD4 A bluish-green
Azure #007FFF A bright blue
Apple Green #8DB600 A light green
Antique Brass #CD9575 A muted bronze
Arctic Lime #D0FF14 A vibrant lime green

Names of Colours starting with B

Color Name Hex Code Description
Baby Blue #89CFF0 A pale sky blue
Beige #F5F5DC A soft, tan color
Bisque #FFE4C4 A pale orange-pink
Black #000000 The darkest color
Blush #DE5D83 A medium reddish pink
Bronze #CD7F32 A metallic brown
Burgundy #800020 A deep red wine color
Byzantium #702963 A deep purple
Banana Yellow #FFE135 A bright yellow
Bubblegum #FFC1CC A light pink

Names of Colours starting with C

Color Name Hex Code Description
Cadet Blue #5F9EA0 A soft blue-green
Cardinal #C41E3A A vivid red
Carmine #960018 A rich red
Celadon #ACE1AF A pale green
Cerulean #007BA7 A deep sky blue
Champagne #F7E7CE A light beige
Charcoal #36454F A dark gray
Chartreuse #7FFF00 A vivid green-yellow
Chocolate #D2691E A dark brown
Cobalt Blue #0047AB A deep blue

Names of Colours starting with D

Color Name Hex Code Description
Daffodil #FFFF31 A bright yellow
Dandelion #F0E130 A vibrant yellow
Denim #1560BD A classic blue jean
Desert Sand #EDC9AF A light tan
Diamond #B9F2FF A sparkling light blue
Driftwood #847A59 A grayish-brown
Dusk #4C516D A deep twilight blue
Dusty Rose #DCAE96 A muted pink
Dodger Blue #1E90FF A vivid blue
Dahlia Purple #8E4D45 A deep purple-pink

Names of Colours starting with E

Color Name Hex Code Description
Earth Yellow #E1A95F A warm yellow-brown
Eggplant #614051 A deep purple
Eggshell #F0EAD6 An off-white
Electric Blue #7DF9FF A bright cyan
Emerald #50C878 A vibrant green
Eucalyptus #44D7A8 A pale green
Ebony #555D50 A dark black-green
Ecru #C2B280 A pale brown
Egg Blue #0CCE6B A pale turquoise
Espresso #612718 A dark brown coffee

Names of Colours starting with F

Color Name Hex Code Description
Fawn #E5AA70 A light yellowish tan
Fern Green #4F7942 A rich green
Firebrick #B22222 A dark red
Flax #EEDC82 A pale yellow
Forest Green #228B22 A deep green
French Blue #0072BB A vibrant medium blue
Fuchsia #FF00FF A vivid pink-purple
Fulvous #E48400 A deep yellowish-brown
Fandango #B53389 A dark pink-purple
Frostbite #E936A7 A bright pinkish-purple

Names of Colours starting with G

Color Name Hex Code Description
Gainsboro #DCDCDC A light gray
Ghost White #F8F8FF A very light blueish white
Gold #FFD700 A bright metallic yellow
Goldenrod #DAA520 A dark yellow
Gray #808080 A neutral gray
Green #008000 A medium green
Green Yellow #ADFF2F A light greenish yellow
Gunmetal #2a3439 A dark bluish-gray
Gamboge #E49B0F A deep yellow
Glacier Blue #5CA4A9 A pale blue

Names of Colours starting with H

Color Name Hex Code Description
Honeydew #F0FFF0 A very light green
Hot Pink #FF69B4 A bright pink
Hunter Green #355E3B A dark green
Heliotrope #DF73FF A vibrant purple
Harvest Gold #DA9100 A deep yellow
Heather Gray #B6B6B4 A gray with a hint of brown
Hibiscus #B43757 A deep pinkish-purple
Honey #FFC30B A warm yellow
Hooker’s Green #49796B A medium green
Horizon Blue #5A87A0 A soft blue

Names of Colours starting with I

Color Name Hex Code Description
Ivory #FFFFF0 A soft white
Indigo #4B0082 A deep blue-violet
Iris #5A4FCF A medium blue-purple
Iceberg #71A6D2 A light blue
Imperial Red #ED2939 A bright red
Inchworm #B2EC5D A bright green
Indian Red #CD5C5C A deep reddish-brown
Indigo Dye #091F92 A dark blue
Icterine #FCF75E A pale yellow
Iron #D4D7D9 A light gray

Names of Colours starting with J

Color Name Hex Code Description
Jade #00A86B A rich green, similar to the gemstone
Jasper #D73B3E A reddish-brown, named after the mineral
Jazzberry Jam #A50B5E A deep raspberry pink
Jonquil #F4CA16 A strong yellow
June Bud #BDDA57 A yellow-green, reminiscent of early summer
Jungle Green #29AB87 A medium dark green with a hint of blue
Jet Black #343434 A deep, dark black
Jadeite #00A36C A slightly lighter shade of jade
Jaffa Orange #EF863F A vibrant orange
Jasmine #F8DE7E A light yellow, named after the flower

Names of Colours starting with K

Color Name Hex Code Description
Kelly Green #4CBB17 A vivid green
Khaki #C3B091 A light brown with a hint of yellow
Keppel #3AB09E A turquoise-green shade
Kobicha #6B4423 A brown, similar to coffee
Kobi #E79FC4 A light pink-lavender
Kombu Green #354230 A deep, dark green
Kumquat #FB991C A bright orange
Kryptonite Green #1CFA1C A vibrant neon green
Kenyan Copper #7C1C05 A reddish-brown, reminiscent of copper
Kimono Violet #6E3974 A medium violet

Names of Colours starting with L

Color Name Hex Code Description
Lavender #E6E6FA A soft purple
Lemon #FFF700 A bright, vivid yellow
Lilac #C8A2C8 A light purple, similar to the flower
Lime Green #32CD32 A bright green, more vibrant than lime
Linen #FAF0E6 An off-white, similar to the fabric
Lapis Lazuli #26619C A deep blue, named after the gemstone
Laser Lemon #FFFF66 A neon yellow
Laurel Green #A9BA9D A medium green-gray
Lava #CF1020 A deep red, reminiscent of molten lava
Liberty #545AA7 A medium blue, named for its dignified tone

Names of Colours starting with M

Color Name Hex Code Description
Magenta #FF00FF A vivid purplish-pink
Maroon #800000 A dark brownish-red
Mint Green #98FF98 A pale, refreshing green
Mauve #E0B0FF A pale purple
Mustard #FFDB58 A dark yellow
Mahogany #C04000 A dark reddish-brown
Malachite #0BDA51 A bright green, similar to the mineral
Midnight Blue #191970 A dark blue, reminiscent of the night sky
Myrtle Green #317873 A dark green with a hint of blue
Melon #FDBCB4 A soft, peachy-pink

Names of Colours starting with N

Color Name Hex Code Description
Navy Blue #000080 A very dark shade of blue
Neon Carrot #FFA343 A bright orange
Neon Green #39FF14 A vivid shade of green
Nickel #727472 A medium gray with a metallic tint
Nectarine #FF8656 A bright, peachy orange
Neon Pink #FE4164 A vivid pink
Nile Green #B4BB72 A light to medium green reminiscent of the Nile’s waters
Non-photo Blue #A4DDED A pale blue used in graphic arts
Navy Purple #9457EB A deep, bluish-purple
Nutmeg #825E2F A warm, light brown

Names of Colours starting with O

Color Name Hex Code Description
Olive #808000 A dark yellow-green
Orchid #DA70D6 A pale purple
Outer Space #414A4C A dark grayish-blue
Ochre #CC7722 An earthy, yellow-brown
Ocean Blue #4F42B5 A medium to dark blue
Olive Drab #6B8E23 A dull olive green
Opal #A8C3BC A pale, greenish-blue
Orange Peel #FF9F00 A bright orange
Orchid Pink #F2BDCD A soft pink
Ox Blood #4A0000 A deep, dark red

Names of Colours starting with P

Color Name Hex Code Description
Peach #FFE5B4 A soft, orange-pink
Periwinkle #CCCCFF A pale blue with a hint of purple
Plum #8E4585 A dark purple
Powder Blue #B0E0E6 A soft, light blue
Prussian Blue #003153 A dark blue with greenish undertones
Pumpkin #FF7518 A bright orange
Purple Heart #69359C A medium purple
Persian Blue #1C39BB A strong, medium blue
Papaya Whip #FFEFD5 A very pale orange
Pistachio #93C572 A light green

Names of Colours starting with Q

Color Name Hex Code Description
Quartz #51484F A medium gray with a hint of purple
Quinacridone Magenta #8E3A59 A deep, reddish-purple
Queen Blue #436B95 A medium blue
Quicksilver #A6A6A6 A shiny gray
Quartz Pink #F5B2B2 A light pink
Quail #5B3330 A muted, earthy brown
Quetzal Green #007A5E A deep green
Quince #F6BE00 A bright, golden yellow
Queen Pink #E8CCD7 A pale, dusty pink
Quicksand #BD978E A medium, sandy pink

Names of Colours starting with R

Color Name Hex Code Description
Ruby #E0115F A deep red
Rose #FF007F A bright shade of pink
Raspberry #E30B5D A dark pink
Royal Blue #4169E1 A bright shade of blue
Russet #80461B A reddish-brown
Robin’s Egg Blue #00CCCC A light blue
Rosewood #65000B A dark reddish-brown
Rust #B7410E A reddish-orange brown
Razzmatazz #E3256B A vibrant pink
Regalia #522D80 A deep purple

Names of Colours starting with S

Color Name Hex Code Description
Saffron #F4C430 A bright shade of yellow
Sage #BCB88A A grey-green resembling the herb
Sapphire #0F52BA A deep blue
Scarlet #FF2400 A bright red
Seafoam Green #93E9BE A light green with a hint of blue
Sepia #704214 A dark brown
Shamrock Green #009E60 A bright green
Sky Blue #87CEEB A light blue
Slate Gray #708090 A gray with a hint of blue
Smoky Black #100C08 A very dark black

Names of Colours starting with T

Color Name Hex Code Description
Teal #008080 A dark blue-green
Thistle #D8BFD8 A light purple with a hint of grey
Tomato #FF6347 A bright red-orange
Turquoise #40E0D0 A medium blue-green
Tangerine #F28500 A bright orange
Taupe #483C32 A dark grey-brown
Telemagenta #CF3476 A deep magenta
Tiffany Blue #0ABAB5 A light blue-green
Titanium Yellow #EEE600 A bright yellow
Tyrian Purple #66023C A dark purple

Names of Colours starting with U

Color Name Hex Code Description
Ultramarine #3F00FF A bright deep blue
Umber #635147 A reddish-brown
Unicorn Silver #A79FB7 A pale, silvery lilac
Urobilin #E1AD21 A dark yellow
Ultramarine Blue #4166F5 A slightly purplish blue
Ultra Pink #FF6FFF A bright pink
Ube #8878C3 A pale purple
UFO Green #3CD070 A bright green
Ultrared #FC6C85 A bright red-pink
Upsdell Red #AE2029 A deep red

Names of Colours starting with V

Color Name Hex Code Description
Vanilla #F3E5AB A soft, pale yellow
Vermilion #E34234 A vibrant red-orange
Violet #8F00FF A deep purple
Viridian #40826D A dark cyan-green
Vegas Gold #C5B358 A muted gold
Venetian Red #C80815 A deep scarlet
Verdigris #43B3AE A pale turquoise
Veronica #A020F0 A bright violet
Violet-Blue #324AB2 A medium blue-purple
Vivid Sky Blue #00CCFF A bright cyan-blue

Names of Colours starting with W

Color Name Hex Code Description
Watermelon #FC6C85 A vibrant pinkish-red
Wheat #F5DEB3 A light, warm tan
White #FFFFFF Pure white
Wisteria #C9A0DC A light medium violet
Wild Blue Yonder #A2ADD0 A soft blue
Windsor Tan #A75502 A deep brown
Wine #722F37 A deep red
Wintergreen #20F986 A cool mint green
Wenge #645452 A dark brown
Wild Strawberry #FF43A4 A bright pink

Names of Colours starting with X

Color Name Hex Code Description
Xanadu #738678 A greenish-gray
Xenon Blue #B7C3D0 A cool, muted blue
Xanthic #EEED09 A bright yellow
Xanthous #F1B42F A golden-yellow
Xiketic #0C020F A very dark blue
Xylitol Blue #56A8CB A medium sky blue
Xylophone Gold #C19434 A brassy gold
X-ray Blue #021D49 A deep cobalt blue
Xenium Purple #6C0277 A vibrant purple
Xerxes Rose #F64A8A A vivid pink

Names of Colours starting with Y

Color Name Hex Code Description
Yellow #FFFF00 A bright primary yellow
Yale Blue #0F4D92 A dark azure
Yellow Green #9ACD32 A moderate green-yellow
Yolk Yellow #FFD300 A deep egg yellow
Yucca #699878 A greenish-gray
YInMn Blue #2E5090 A bright azure
Yellow Orange #FFAE42 A bright orange-yellow
Yacht Club #7BA3A8 A cool sea blue
Yarrow #FFC3A0 A pale pinkish-orange
Yellowstone #D2B48C A tan resembling the national park

Names of Colours starting with Z

Color Name Hex Code Description
Zaffre #0014A8 A deep sapphire blue
Zinnwaldite #EBC2AF A pale pinkish-brown
Zinc White #FEFEFE A bright white
Zircon #DEE3E3 A light blue-gray
Zombie #E4D69B A pale yellow-green
Zomp #39A78E A medium blue-green
Zucchini #004435 A dark green
Zest #E5841B A bright orange
Zenith Blue #1A7F8E A soft cyan
Ziggy Stardust #FC8EAC A vibrant pink

What is the rarest colour name?

The rarest colour name is subjective and can vary widely, but one example is “Sarcoline,” a flesh-toned colour not widely known. Regarding emotions, colors like bright reds and yellows can sometimes induce feelings of anxiety due to their intensity and association with danger or caution. Conversely, soothing colors like soft blues and greens are often associated with reducing depression. These colors evoke a sense of calm and tranquility, reminiscent of the sky or a serene landscape, which can help alleviate feelings of sadness by providing a comforting, peaceful environment.

What colour gives off anxiety?

Bright, intense colours like red and neon yellow can sometimes induce feelings of anxiety due to their association with danger, urgency, and alerts, potentially overstimulating the senses in certain contexts. On the flip side, soothing colours like soft blues and greens are known for their calming effect, making them beneficial for alleviating depression. These colors are reminiscent of natural elements like the sky and foliage, promoting a sense of tranquility and renewal. Incorporating these hues into one’s environment can foster a peaceful, restorative space that counteracts feelings of sadness and promotes mental well-being.

What colour helps depression?

Soft blues and gentle greens are often cited as colours that help alleviate depression. These hues are reminiscent of natural elements—the clear sky and calm seas for blue, and fresh foliage for green—evoking a sense of peace and renewal. Their calming effect on the mind promotes relaxation and can counteract feelings of sadness by creating a serene atmosphere. Incorporating these colors into living spaces or choosing clothing in these shades can contribute to a tranquil environment, encouraging positive mental well-being and providing a subtle, uplifting backdrop to everyday life.

In conclusion, exploring the names of colors reveals a rich tapestry of linguistic and cultural diversity, each hue telling its own story. From the calming blues and greens to the energizing reds and yellows, understanding color names enhances our appreciation of the world’s visual and emotional complexity, enriching our communication and creative expression in the vast spectrum of life

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