Funny Resignation Letter

Last Updated: April 10, 2024

Funny Resignation Letter

Switching jobs doesn’t always have to be a somber affair. Sometimes, adding a dash of humor to your resignation can leave a lasting impression and keep things light, especially if you’re on good terms with your team. While it’s essential to maintain professionalism, a funny resignation letter can be a refreshing departure from the norm. If you’re thinking about going down this playful path, our examples.

What is a Funny Resignation Letter? – Definition

A funny resignation letter is a formal declaration of an employee’s intention to leave their current job, crafted with humor and light-heartedness. This style of resignation is often chosen by individuals looking to depart from their workplace on an upbeat note, particularly when they have shared many cheerful moments with their colleagues. However, it’s crucial to ensure that the humor is appropriate, tasteful, and won’t be misconstrued, to avoid potential misunderstandings or hurt feelings.

Funny Resignation Letter format

[Your Name]
[Your Address]
[City, State, Zip Code]
[Email Address]
[Phone Number]

[Employer’s Name]
[Company’s Name]
[Company’s Address]
[City, State, Zip Code]

Dear [Employer’s Name],

I am writing to officially tender my resignation from [Company Name] effective two weeks from today, [last working day]. After [length of time at the company], which felt like a mix of a marathon, a sprint, and occasionally, a circus, I have decided to take my talents elsewhere. Not to worry, I’m not joining a rival circus.

During my time at [Company Name], I’ve grown a lot—mostly sideways from all the birthday cakes. I have enjoyed being part of the team and am thankful for the opportunities you’ve given me, including the chance to see if it’s possible to survive solely on office snacks. Spoiler: It’s not.

I am leaving to pursue my dream of not having to wear pants on Monday mornings and to possibly become a freelance sofa tester. This decision was not made lightly and involves pursuing my lifelong dream of writing a book titled “How to Resign from Jobs in Funny Ways”.

I appreciate having had the opportunity to work with such a delightful team. Even though I will now be my own boss, I will fondly remember the annual ‘Most Likely to…’ awards and cherish my three consecutive ‘Most Likely to Steal Someone’s Lunch from the Fridge’ trophies.

Please let me know how I can help during the transition and ensure a seamless changeover. I’d be happy to train someone with the right level of sarcasm and enthusiasm for office pranks.

Thanks again for everything. I hope we can stay in touch, and you will keep me in mind if you hear about any job openings for professional chocolate tasters or mattress critics.

Yours comically,

[Your Signature (if sending a hard copy)]

[Your Printed Name]

How to Write a Funny Resignation Letter

Writing a resignation letter that is both funny and professional can be a memorable way to say goodbye to your current job. Here are some tips and points to consider when crafting a humorous resignation letter:

1. Start with the Basics

  • Addressee Information: Begin with the standard format. Include your name, position, the date, and the recipient’s name and position.
  • Salutation: A simple “Dear [Manager’s Name],” works perfectly.

2. State the Purpose of Your Letter

  • Announce Resignation: Clearly state that you are resigning and mention your last working day. Keep this part straightforward to avoid any confusion.

3. Add a Touch of Humor

  • Thank the Memorable Moments: Lightly jest about the unforgettable moments or the “infinite” coffee supplies.
  • Funny Anecdote: Share a brief, work-appropriate funny story or an inside joke that reflects good times at the company.

4. Express Gratitude with a Twist

  • Grateful Note: Thank your boss and colleagues for the experience, adding a humorous spin on what you’ll miss (e.g., “I will fondly remember the marathon meetings and the magical way you handled my weekly existential crises over TPS reports.”).

5. Keep it Positive

  • Positive Outlook: Mention how the job has prepared you for future challenges, humorously implying even the most bizarre tasks (like mastering the ancient art of photocopier maintenance).

6. Offer to Assist with the Transition

  • Help Offer: Lightly suggest helping train your replacement. You could add a funny comment like, “I promise to only teach them the good stuff and leave out my secret snack stash locations.”

7. Close on a Light Note

  • Closing Remarks: Keep the tone light and friendly as you wrap up the letter. A quip such as “I’ll miss everyone, even Bob in accounting who never returned my stapler.”
  • Signature: A simple “Warm regards,” followed by your signature and printed name works well.

8. Proofread Your Letter

  • Spelling and Grammar Check: Ensure there are no spelling or grammatical errors. Humor is best received in its perfect form.

9. Consider the Company Culture

  • Appropriateness: Ensure your humor is appropriate for your workplace. What is funny in one office may not be in another.

10. Keep a Copy

  • Documentation: Save a copy of the letter for your records. It might come in handy, or just be a fun keepsake.

What is the Best Example of a Funny Resignation Letter?

Dear [Manager’s Name],

I’ve always heard that when you know, you know. And now, I know. It’s not you, it’s me. Okay, maybe it’s a little bit you, but mostly it’s this fantastic opportunity that’s come my way, and I’ve decided to play the field career-wise. Just think of it as me taking a hiatus to explore other genres in the great series of “Life’s Careers.”

I’ll cherish our coffee breaks, those never-ending meetings (sarcasm intended), and of course, the memories of battling the office printer together. You’ve been more fun than my Netflix subscription, and that’s saying something.

I promise to visit when I can and regale you with tales from the “other side.” But for now, consider this my two weeks’ notice.

Forever your office pal (and the champ of office pranks),

[Your Name]

15+ Funny Resignation Letter Examples

Free Funny Resignation Letters – Copy & Paste

Looking for a lighthearted way to bid adieu? Dive into our collection of free funny resignation letters! Crafted with wit and warmth, they’re perfect for those wanting to leave on a high note. Simply copy, add your personal touch, and paste to give your colleagues a good chuckle!

Shortest Funny Resignation Letter Example

Dear [Boss’s Name],

I’m out! Thanks for all the fish!

Cheers, [Your Name]

This succinct and playful resignation draws inspiration from Douglas Adams’ “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” bidding a light-hearted goodbye while emphasizing its brevity.

April Fools Funny Resignation Letter Example

Dear [Manager’s Name],

As April unfolds its pranks, I have one for you – I resign! Just kidding. Or am I? Okay, I am (for now). But how’s that for keeping you on your toes? Here’s to many more surprises and non-resignations!

Yours in jest, [Your Name]

Perfect for an April 1st prank, this resignation letter teases with the concept of leaving but reveals itself as just a jest, ensuring some hearty laughter (hopefully!).

Employee Funny Resignation Letter Example

Dear [Team Leader’s Name],

I’ve decided to break up with the office coffee machine and start a new chapter. Yes, it’s true. Our love (my love for coffee) was legendary, but it’s time to explore other brews out there. I’ll always cherish our (mine and the coffee’s) steamed moments together. By the way, this also means I’m leaving the job. Will drop by for occasional coffee dates!

Stay caffeinated,
[Your Name]

A whimsical tribute to the most cherished office equipment, the coffee machine. This letter spins a tale of “love” and “parting”, serving a humorous nod to the everyday ritual of office caffeine consumption.

Sample Funny Resignation Letter Example

Dear [Manager’s Name],

Remember when I said I wanted a pet dragon and a moat around my desk? Since that’s not happening anytime soon (and trust me, I waited), I’ve decided to venture into the big wide world in search of both. I’ll send postcards. P.S.: This is my fun way of saying I’m resigning. You’ll be missed!

Sincerely seeking dragons,
[Your Name]

Evoking a sense of whimsy, this resignation letter brings forth a fantastical reason for leaving, cleverly intertwining humor and affection. Ideal for workplaces where imagination and creativity were cherished.

Unhappy Funny Resignation Letter Example

Dear [Manager’s Name],

In the immortal words of the Spice Girls, “Tell me what you want, what you really, really want.” Well, what I want is out! Yes, our shared workplace escapades have been a roller-coaster of emotions—mostly downhills and sudden drops. But as every theme park enthusiast knows, once the ride stops being fun, it’s time to exit.

Between the printer that has a vendetta against me and the cafeteria’s mystery meat, my daily routine has become an episode of a sitcom—just without the laugh track. So, I’ve decided to search for a new season elsewhere.

Cheerily waving goodbye (and perhaps a little dance), [Your Name]

This tongue-in-cheek letter humorously highlights workplace grievances with a lighthearted touch, perfect for those wanting to part ways with a smile. Ideal for crafting an “unhappy resignation letter” that leaves a lasting, jovial impression.

Funny Resignation Letter with Reason Example

Dear [Manager’s Name],

I’ve recently been offered a role as the chief taste tester at a chocolate factory. Yes, you read that right. Chocolate. Every day. How can a mere mortal resist? Thus, with a heavy heart (and soon to be heavier belly), I must bid adieu.

Remember me fondly as I embark on this cocoa-filled journey. And yes, I promise to send chocolates.

Sweet regards, [Your Name]

An amusing reason for resignation paints a delightful picture, allowing the receiver to chuckle while understanding the fictional gravity of the situation.

Funny Resignation Letter with Notice Example

Dear [Manager’s Name],

The future me, two weeks from now, has sent me a message. He’s lounging on a beach, coconut drink in hand, and wanted me to pass along the memo that he’s not coming back. In alignment with his wishes (and mine), consider this my official two-week notice.

Stay sandy, [Your Name]

Playfully framed around a future version of the employee, this letter uses imaginative humor while still conveying the traditional two-week notice.

Passive Aggressive Funny Resignation Letter Example

Dear [Manager’s Name],

After much introspection, I’ve decided to leave and explore environments where the coffee machine isn’t the hardest worker. Yes, my caffeine intake will drastically reduce, and while I might miss our legendary coffee breaks, I believe it’s a necessary sacrifice. Wishing this office more energy (without needing an espresso shot).

Latte-ly thinking of you, [Your Name]

This sly letter mixes a gentle ribbing of the workplace with clever coffee-themed humor, making it subtly cheeky.

Funny Resignation Letter for Work Example

Dear [Manager’s Name],

It’s not you, it’s me. Just kidding, it’s mostly the office plants. They’ve been giving me shady looks recently. As a precaution, I’ve decided to leaf before they plan a hostile takeover. It’s been real, and I’ll always cherish our shared moments battling the temperamental office AC.

Chlorophyll-ing out of here, [Your Name]

A playful twist using botanical humor, ideal for an office environment filled with (potentially sentient) plants.

Professional & Funny Resignation Letter Example

Dear [Manager’s Name],

In the professional realm, it’s essential to recognize when a new opportunity presents itself. With that said, I’ve been offered the prestigious title of “Couch Potato Extraordinaire” at home. While the pay is non-existent, the dress code is unbeatable. Jokes aside, I genuinely appreciate our time together and will carry the lessons learned here as I transition to my next role.

Best in jest, [Your Name]

Balancing humor with gratitude, this letter is suitable for those who want a chuckle without compromising professionalism.

Funny Resignation Letter to Colleague Example

Hey [Colleague’s Name],

Guess who’s trading their desk chair for a rocking chair? No, I’m not aging that quickly. I’m just reshuffling life’s furniture. Let’s catch up outside the maze of cubicles, where the coffee’s better, and the gossip is fresher.

Your cube-escape partner, [Your Name]

Tailored for a close colleague, this letter keeps the tone light-hearted and the invitation for future coffee chats open.

Funny Resignation Letter to Say Goodbye Example

Dear [Team],

Just like a magician with a flair for dramatic exits, I’m disappearing in a puff of smoke (well, not literally). Remember to applaud or at least ensure the fire alarm doesn’t go off. It’s been magical working with all of you!

Now you see me, soon you won’t, [Your Name]

Embracing theatrical humor, this farewell message guarantees a smile and a memorable exit.

Funny Resignation Letter from Disgruntled Employee Example

Dear [Manager’s Name],

I’ve decided to join a monastery, a place where my vow of silence might be better appreciated than in our lively team meetings. But don’t worry, I’ll be chanting for the company’s success every third Thursday.

Om-my way out, [Your Name]

A cheeky, light-hearted jab for those looking to highlight their experience with humor and a touch of irony.

Creative Resignation Letter Example

Dear [Manager’s Name],

Like a color running out of the palette, it’s time for me to brush off to new canvases. It’s not a fade-out, just a transition to a different shade of opportunity. Thanks for the colorful memories. Let’s make sure our paths cross in the gallery of life.

Painting a new future, [Your Name]

This art-inspired resignation letter is perfect for those with a creative touch, wanting to leave a memorable and imaginative mark.

What is the best verbiage for resignation?

When resigning from a position, the language you use should reflect professionalism, respect, and clarity. While humor can be incorporated, it should be done tastefully, without risking misunderstandings or appearing disrespectful. Here’s a suggested verbiage for a Causual resignation:

  • Initiate with a Formal Address: “Dear [Manager’s Name],”
  • State Your Intention Clearly: “I am writing to formally resign from my position at [Company Name], effective [Last Working Date].”
  • Express Gratitude: “I am grateful for the opportunities and experiences I have gained during my time here.”
  • Offer Transition Assistance: “I am committed to ensuring a smooth transition and will assist in any way possible during my notice period.”
  • Conclude Professionally: “Thank you for your understanding and support. I wish the company continued success in the future.”
  1. Know Your Audience: Before getting creative, ensure that the company culture and your manager will appreciate a non-traditional approach.
  2. Start with a Formal Address: Even in a creative letter, address your manager or HR person formally.
  3. Incorporate a Theme: Use an analogy, metaphor, or theme consistent throughout the letter, like comparing your journey to a book or an adventure.
  4. Be Positive: Focus on the positives, highlighting memorable moments, and expressing gratitude.
  5. State the Facts: Amid the creativity, mention your last working day and any other essential details.
  6. Offer Assistance: Even in a creative format, it’s professional to offer help during the transition.
  7. End with Warmth: A warm sign-off, keeping in line with the theme, can leave a lasting impression.


How Do I Write a Savage Resignation Letter?

To write a savage resignation letter, express your thoughts boldly and with wit. Use clever jabs and humorous reflections to highlight your reasons for leaving. Make it memorable but not offensive, ensuring it reflects your personality and final message.

How Do You Resign in a Classy Way?

Resigning classily involves a polite and professional letter, thanking the employer for the opportunities given. Maintain a positive tone, offer to assist during the transition, and avoid airing grievances to leave on good terms and preserve professional relationships.

What Is a Very Good Resignation Letter?

A very good resignation letter is clear, concise, and courteous. It formally announces your departure, includes a notice period, expresses gratitude for the opportunities, and offers help during the transition. It maintains professionalism throughout.

How Do You Write a Short but Sweet Resignation Letter?

Write a short but sweet resignation letter by getting straight to the point. Include your announcement of resignation, effective date, a brief word of thanks, and an offer to help with the transition. Keep it warm and positive.

What Is the Best Simple Resignation Letter Ever?

The best simple resignation letter briefly states the intent to resign, the final working day, expresses sincere thanks for the career opportunities, and offers to assist with the handover process. It maintains professionalism and leaves a positive final impression.

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