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Conversion Factors:

  • Square Feet to Acres: 1 acre = 43,560 square feet
  • Acres to Square Feet: 1 square foot = 1/43,560 acre

How to Convert Square Feet to Acres:

To convert square feet to acres, divide the number of square feet by 43,560.

Acres=Square Feet×0.0000229568 Acres

Example: Convert 10,000 square feet to acres.

Acres=10,000×0.0000229568=0.2296 acres

How to Convert Acres to Square Feet:

To convert acres to square feet, multiply the number of acres by 43,560.

Square Feet=Acres×43,560

Example: Convert 5 acres to square feet.

Square Feet=5×43,560=217,800 square feet

Square Feet to Acre Conversion Table

Square Feet (sq ft)Acres (ac) (approx)
1 sq ft2.295e-5 ac
2 sq ft4.591e-5 ac
3 sq ft6.886e-5 ac
4 sq ft9.182e-5 ac
5 sq ft1.148e-4 ac
6 sq ft1.377e-4 ac
7 sq ft1.607e-4 ac
8 sq ft1.836e-4 ac
9 sq ft2.066e-4 ac
10 sq ft2.295e-4 ac
20 sq ft4.591e-4 ac
30 sq ft6.886e-4 ac
40 sq ft9.182e-4 ac
50 sq ft1.148e-3 ac
60 sq ft1.377e-3 ac
70 sq ft1.607e-3 ac
80 sq ft1.836e-3 ac
90 sq ft2.066e-3 ac
100 sq ft2.295e-3 ac

sq ft to acre Conversion Chart

Acre to Square Feet Conversion Table

Acres (ac)Square Feet (sq ft)
1 ac43,560 sq ft
2 ac87,120 sq ft
3 ac130,680 sq ft
4 ac174,240 sq ft
5 ac217,800 sq ft
6 ac261,360 sq ft
7 ac304,920 sq ft
8 ac348,480 sq ft
9 ac392,040 sq ft
10 ac435,600 sq ft
20 ac871,200 sq ft
30 ac1,306,800 sq ft
40 ac1,742,400 sq ft
50 ac2,178,000 sq ft
60 ac2,613,600 sq ft
70 ac3,049,200 sq ft
80 ac3,484,800 sq ft
90 ac3,920,400 sq ft
100 ac4,356,000 sq ft

acre to sq ft Conversion Chart

Difference Between Square Feet to Acre

AspectSquare FeetAcres
DefinitionA square foot is a unit of area used primarily in the U.S., measuring the area of a square with each side being one foot long.An acre is a larger unit of area used commonly in the U.S. for measuring large tracts of land.
SizeOne square foot equals 0.092903 square meters.One acre is equivalent to 43,560 square feet or about 4,047 square meters.
UsageOften used for smaller, residential or internal property measurements, such as apartments and rooms.Typically used for measuring larger areas like fields, large plots of land, and forests.
ConversionThere are 43,560 square feet in one acre.One acre consists of 43,560 square feet.
Contextual UseMore common in urban real estate, interior design, and architecture.More prevalent in rural land management, agriculture, and real estate development.
PrecisionUseful in detailed, small-scale measurements where precision is crucial.Less precise when used for small measurements; more suited for broad land area assessments.
Decimal RepresentationTypically represented without decimals for practical everyday use.Often involves decimals when converted from or to other measurements like square feet.
Visual RepresentationEasier to visualize for indoor spaces and smaller plots.Harder to visualize without context due to its large size, often represented in maps or plots.

1. Solved Examples on Converting Square Feet to Acre

Example 1

Convert 5,000 square feet to acres.

Acres=5,000×0.0000229568=0.114784 Acres

Example 2

Convert 15,000 square feet to acres.

Acres=15,000×0.0000229568=0.344352 Acres

Example 3

Convert 20,500 square feet to acres.

Acres=20,500×0.0000229568=0.4703164 Acres

Example 4

Convert 30,000 square feet to acres.


Example 5

Convert 1 square foot to acres.


2. Solved Examples on Converting Acre to Square Feet

Example 1

Convert 0.5 acres to square feet.

Square Feet=0.5×43,560=21,780 Square Feet

Example 2

Convert 1 acre to square feet.

Square Feet=1×43,560=43,560 Square Feet

Example 3

Convert 2.25 acres to square feet.

Square Feet=2.25×43,560=98,010 Square Feet

Example 4

Convert 3.75 acres to square feet.

Square Feet=3.75×43,560=163,350 Square Feet

Example 5

Convert 10 acres to square feet.

Square Feet=10×43,560=435,600 Square Feet

What are some common uses for converting Square Feet to Acres?

Converting square feet to acres is commonly used in real estate to assess land size for sales and development purposes, agriculture for farm planning, and public land management.

How accurate is the conversion from Square Feet to Acres?

The conversion from square feet to acres using the factor 0.0000229568 is very accurate. It is based on the exact relationship where 1 acre equals 43,560 square feet.

What if I need to convert an irregularly shaped property from Square Feet to Acres?

The shape of the property doesn’t affect the area calculation as long as you know the total square footage. Simply multiply the total square feet by the conversion factor to get the area in acres, regardless of the property’s shape.

Can you convert Square Feet to Acres for commercial property?

Yes, the process for converting square feet to acres is the same for both commercial and residential properties. Multiply the square footage by 0.0000229568 to find the area in acres.

What is the smallest area in Square Feet that can still be converted to Acres?

There is no minimum limit; you can convert any area from square feet to acres. For very small areas, the result will be a very small decimal in acres.

What should I double-check after converting Square Feet to Acres?

After converting, double-check your calculations for accuracy, especially if the square footage or the conversion factor was estimated. Verify that the total square footage is correct and that the calculation aligns with standard conversion practices.