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Conversion Factors:

  • Square Kilometers to Acres: 1 square kilometer = 247.105 acres
  • Acres to Square Kilometers: 1 acre = 0.00404686 square kilometers

How to Convert Square Kilometers to Acres:

To convert square kilometers to acres, multiply the number of square kilometers by 247.105.

  • Acres=Square Kilometers×247.105

Example: Convert 2 square kilometers to acres.

Acres=2×247.105=494.21 acres

How to Convert Acres to Square Kilometers:

To convert acres to square kilometers, divide the number of acres by 247.105.

  • Square Kilometers=Acres/247.105

Example: Convert 300 acres to square kilometers.

Square Kilometers=300/247.105=1.214058 square kilometers

Square Kilometers to Acres Conversion Table

Square Kilometers (km²)Acres (ac)
1 km²247.105 ac
2 km²494.21 ac
3 km²741.315 ac
4 km²988.42 ac
5 km²1235.525 ac
6 km²1482.63 ac
7 km²1729.735 ac
8 km²1976.84 ac
9 km²2223.945 ac
10 km²2471.05 ac
20 km²4942.1 ac
30 km²7413.15 ac
40 km²9884.2 ac
50 km²12355.25 ac
60 km²14826.3 ac
70 km²17297.35 ac
80 km²19768.4 ac
90 km²22239.45 ac
100 km²24710.5 ac

sq km to acre Conversion Chart

Acres to Square Kilometers Conversion Table

AcresSquare Kilometers
1 acre0.004 km²
2 acres0.008 km²
3 acres0.012 km²
4 acres0.016 km²
5 acres0.020 km²
6 acres0.024 km²
7 acres0.028 km²
8 acres0.032 km²
9 acres0.036 km²
10 acres0.040 km²
20 acres0.081 km²
30 acres0.121 km²
40 acres0.162 km²
50 acres0.202 km²
60 acres0.243 km²
70 acres0.283 km²
80 acres0.324 km²
90 acres0.364 km²
100 acres0.405 km²

acre to sq km Conversion Chart

Difference Between Square Kilometers to Acres

AspectSquare Kilometers (km²)Acres (ac)
Unit TypeMetric unit of areaImperial unit of area
SizeLarger unit, generally used for measuring larger areasSmaller unit, often used for land measurement in agriculture
UsageCommonly used in science, mapping, and at governmental levelsPredominantly used in the United States and the UK for land
Conversion Factor1 km² is equivalent to about 247.105 acres1 acre is equivalent to about 0.00404686 km²
PrecisionMore suitable for large scale measurements such as national parksMore precise for smaller land parcels, like residential plots
Geographical PreferencePreferred in countries using the metric systemFavored in countries using the imperial system
Decimal RepresentationOften represented in decimals for smaller measurementsUsually represented in whole numbers but can be decimal
Global RelevanceGlobally recognized and used in international contextsMore localized usage, though recognized globally

1. Solved Examples on Converting Square Kilometers to Acres

Example 1: Convert 2 km² to acres.

Acres=2 km²×247.105 acres/km²

Acres=494.21 acres

Example 2: Convert 0.5 km² to acres.

Solution: Acres=0.5 km²×247.105 acres/km

Acres=123.5525 acres

Example 3: Convert 7.25 km² to acres.

Acres=7.25 km²×247.105 acres/km²

Acres=1791.01125 acres

Example 4: Convert 15 km² to acres.

Solution: Acres=15 km²×247.105 acres/km²

Acres=3706.575 acres

Example 5: Convert 0.03 km² to acres.

Acres=0.03 km²×247.105 acres/km²

Acres=7.41315 acres

2. Solved Examples on Converting Acres to Square Kilometers

Example 1: Convert 100 acres to square kilometers.

Square Kilometers=100 acres/247.105

Square Kilometers=0.4047 km²

Example 2: Convert 50 acres to square kilometers.

Solution: Square Kilometers=50 acres/247.105

Square Kilometers=0.2024 km²

Example 3: Convert 300 acres to square kilometers.

Square Kilometers=300 acres/247.105

Square Kilometers=1.2141 km²

Example 4: Convert 1 acre to square kilometers.

Square Kilometers=1 acre/247.105

Square Kilometers=0.0040 km²

Example 5: Convert 625 acres to square kilometers.

Square Kilometers=625 acres/247.105

Square Kilometers=2.5291 km²

Can I convert acres back to square kilometers?

Yes, to convert acres back to square kilometers, divide the number of acres by 247.105. This provides the area in square kilometers.

Are square kilometers or acres used more commonly worldwide?

Square kilometers are more commonly used worldwide as they are part of the metric system, which is the standard measurement system in most countries. Acres are primarily used in the United States, the United Kingdom, and a few other countries that utilize the imperial system.

What is the smallest amount of land I can measure in square kilometers and still convert to acres?

There is no technical limit to the smallest amount of land that can be measured in square kilometers for conversion to acres. However, for very small plots, acres or even smaller units might be more practical to express the size.

Why might someone prefer using acres over square kilometers?

Someone might prefer using acres over square kilometers due to familiarity with the unit, especially in countries like the U.S. or the UK, where real estate and agricultural measurements commonly use acres.

Are there any historical reasons why acres are still used?

Acres have been used historically for land transactions in English-speaking countries and are ingrained in cultural and legal practices in these regions, which explains their continued use today, especially in rural and agricultural settings.