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Conversion Factors:

  • Square Kilometers to Hectares: 1 square kilometer = 100 hectares
  • Hectares to Square Kilometers: 1 hectare = 0.01 square kilometers

How to Convert Square Kilometers to Hectares:

To convert square kilometers to hectares, multiply the number of square kilometers by 100.

Hectares=Square Kilometers×100


Convert 5 square kilometers to hectares.

Hectares=5×100=500 hectares

How to Convert Hectares to Square Kilometers:

To convert hectares to square kilometers, multiply the number of hectares by 0.01.

Square Kilometers=Hectares×0.01


Convert 300 hectares to square kilometers.

Square Kilometers=300×0.01=3 square kilometers

Square Kilometers to Hectares Conversion Table

Square Kilometers (km²)Hectares (ha)
1 km²100 hectares
2 km²200 hectares
3 km²300 hectares
4 km²400 hectares
5 km²500 hectares
6 km²600 hectares
7 km²700 hectares
8 km²800 hectares
9 km²900 hectares
10 km²1000 hectares
20 km²2000 hectares
30 km²3000 hectares
40 km²4000 hectares
50 km²5000 hectares
60 km²6000 hectares
70 km²7000 hectares
80 km²8000 hectares
90 km²9000 hectares
100 km²10000 hectares

sq km to hectare Conversion Chart

Hectares to Square Kilometers Conversion Table

Hectares (ha)Square Kilometers (km²)
1 hectare0.01 km²
2 hectares0.02 km²
3 hectares0.03 km²
4 hectares0.04 km²
5 hectares0.05 km²
6 hectares0.06 km²
7 hectares0.07 km²
8 hectares0.08 km²
9 hectares0.09 km²
10 hectares0.10 km²
20 hectares0.20 km²
30 hectares0.30 km²
40 hectares0.40 km²
50 hectares0.50 km²
60 hectares0.60 km²
70 hectares0.70 km²
80 hectares0.80 km²
90 hectares0.90 km²
100 hectares1.00 km²

hectare to sq km Conversion Chart

Difference Between Square Kilometers to Hectares

AspectSquare Kilometers (km²)Hectares (ha)
Unit Size1 square kilometer is equal to 100 hectares.1 hectare is equal to 0.01 square kilometers.
Usage ContextOften used for measuring larger areas like cities and countries.Commonly used for agricultural and forestry purposes.
Metric SystemStandard unit in the metric system for measuring large areas.A subunit in the metric system for area measurement.
Conversion SimplicityDirect conversion: multiply or divide by 100.Direct conversion: multiply or divide by 0.01.
PrecisionMore suitable for vast areas due to larger scale.Better suited for smaller, more precise area measurements.
Global UsageUsed internationally for geographical and land mapping.Widely used in agriculture, real estate, and environmental planning.
RelatabilityLess commonly used in daily life.More relatable for everyday use, especially in farming and land management.
Typical ApplicationUsed in environmental studies, geography, and city planning.Often used in land development and management plans.

1. Solved Examples on Converting Square Kilometers to Hectares

Example 1: Convert 0.5 km² to hectares.

Calculation: 0.5 km2×100=50 hectares

0.5 km² is equal to 50 hectares.

Example 2: Convert 2.75 km² to hectares.

Calculation: 2.75 km2×100=275 hectares

2.75 km² is equal to 275 hectares.

Example 3: Convert 0.2 km² to hectares.

Calculation: 0.2 km2×100=20 hectares

0.2 km² is equal to 20 hectares.

Example 4: Convert 15 km² to hectares.

Calculation: 15 km2×100=1500 hectares

15 km² is equal to 1500 hectares.

Example 5: Convert 3.6 km² to hectares.

Calculation: 3.6 km2×100=360 hectares

3.6 km² is equal to 360 hectares.

2. Solved Examples on Converting Hectares to Square Kilometers

Example 1: Convert 50 hectares to square kilometers.

Calculation: 50 hectares×0.01=0.5 km2

50 hectares is equal to 0.5 km².

Example 2: Convert 275 hectares to square kilometers.

Calculation: 275 hectares×0.01=2.75 km2

275 hectares is equal to 2.75 km².

Example 3: Convert 20 hectares to square kilometers.

Calculation: 20 hectares×0.01=0.2 km2

20 hectares is equal to 0.2 km².

Example 4: Convert 1500 hectares to square kilometers.

Calculation: 1500 hectares×0.01=15 km2

1500 hectares is equal to 15 km².

Example 5: Convert 360 hectares to square kilometers.

Calculation: 360 hectares×0.01=3.6 km2

360 hectares is equal to 3.6 km².

Why is it useful to convert square kilometers to hectares?

This conversion is useful in agriculture, forestry, and land management where smaller units like hectares are preferred for more precise measurements and practical management.

Are square kilometers or hectares used more commonly for mapping?

Hectares are more commonly used in mapping smaller, more specific areas like agricultural lands and development sites, while square kilometers are used for larger geographical areas such as cities or countries.

How accurate is the conversion from square kilometers to hectares?

The conversion is exact because it is based on a fixed ratio; 1 square kilometer always equals 100 hectares.

How might technology influence the future use of square kilometers and hectares in land measurement?

Advances in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and GPS technology may lead to more precise land measurements and possibly new standardized units that are easier to use in digital mapping and analysis.

How do conversion errors between square kilometers and hectares typically occur?

Errors can occur if the conversion factor (100) is applied incorrectly or if there is a misunderstanding about the size of the units, leading to miscalculations in planning or reporting.

What is the smallest area that can be accurately converted from square kilometers to hectares?

There is no minimum size limit for conversion; even very small areas can be converted from square kilometers to hectares as the math remains consistent regardless of scale.

How do international real estate markets use these conversions?

In international real estate, conversions between square kilometers and hectares are used to standardize property size descriptions for listings and comparisons across different countries.

Which is greater, 1 hectare or 1 square km?

One square kilometer is greater than one hectare. Specifically, 1 square kilometer is equal to 100 hectares.