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Conversion Factors:

  • Square Kilometers to Square Miles: 1 square kilometer = 0.3861 square miles
  • Square Miles to Square Kilometers: 1 square mile = 2.5899 square kilometers

How to Convert Square Kilometers to Square Miles:

To convert square kilometers to square miles, multiply the number of square kilometers by 0.3861.

Square Miles=Square Kilometers×0.3861

Example: Convert 50 square kilometers to square miles.

Square Miles=50×0.3861=19.305 square miles

How to Convert Square Miles to Square Kilometers:

To convert square miles to square kilometers, multiply the number of square miles by 2.5899.

Square Kilometers=Square Miles×2.5899

Example: Convert 20 square miles to square kilometers.

Square Kilometers=20×2.5899=51.798 square kilometers

Square Kilometers to Square Miles Conversion Table

Square Kilometers (km²)Square Miles (mi²)
1 km²0.3861 mi²
2 km²0.7722 mi²
3 km²1.1583 mi²
4 km²1.5444 mi²
5 km²1.9305 mi²
6 km²2.3166 mi²
7 km²2.7027 mi²
8 km²3.0888 mi²
9 km²3.4749 mi²
10 km²3.8610 mi²
20 km²7.7220 mi²
30 km²11.5830 mi²
40 km²15.4440 mi²
50 km²19.3050 mi²
60 km²23.1660 mi²
70 km²27.0270 mi²
80 km²30.8880 mi²
90 km²34.7490 mi²
100 km²38.6100 mi²

sq km to sq mi Conversion Chart

Square Miles to Square Kilometers Conversion Table

Square Miles (mi²)Square Kilometers (km²)
1 mi²2.5899 km²
2 mi²5.1798 km²
3 mi²7.7697 km²
4 mi²10.3596 km²
5 mi²12.9495 km²
6 mi²15.5394 km²
7 mi²18.1293 km²
8 mi²20.7192 km²
9 mi²23.3091 km²
10 mi²25.8990 km²
20 mi²51.7980 km²
30 mi²77.6970 km²
40 mi²103.5960 km²
50 mi²129.4950 km²
60 mi²155.3940 km²
70 mi²181.2930 km²
80 mi²207.1920 km²
90 mi²233.0910 km²
100 mi²258.9900 km²

sq mi to sq km Conversion Chart

Difference Between Square Kilometers to Square Miles

AspectSquare Kilometers (km²)Square Miles (mi²)
DefinitionA square kilometer is an area of 1 kilometer by 1 kilometer.A square mile is an area of 1 mile by 1 mile.
Conversion Factor1 km² is equal to approximately 0.3861 mi².1 mi² is equal to approximately 2.5899 km².
UsageCommonly used in most countries outside the USA for mapping and geographical purposes.Predominantly used in the United States and the UK for geographical measurements.
Size PerceptionPerceived as larger in countries using the metric system.Often perceived as smaller in countries familiar with the imperial system.
PrecisionConsidered more precise due to the metric system’s decimal-based scaling.Less precise due to its fractional conversion factors.
Common in ScienceWidely used in scientific research and publications globally.Less commonly used in scientific contexts outside the USA.
Ease of CalculationEasier to calculate with other metric units due to the base 10 system.More complex calculations due to non-decimal system.
Cultural RelevanceThe preferred unit in international and environmental studies.More relevant in historical and local contexts within specific countries.

1. Solved Examples on Converting Square Kilometers to Square Miles

Example 1: Convert 10 km² to square miles.

Square Miles=10 km2×0.3861 mi2/km2=3.861 mi2

Example 2: Convert 25 km² to square miles.

Square Miles=25 km2×0.3861 mi2/km2=9.6525 mi2

Example 3: Convert 47 km² to square miles.

Square Miles=47 km2×0.3861 mi2/km2=18.1467 mi2

Example 4: Convert 75 km² to square miles.

Square Miles=75 km2×0.3861 mi2/km2=28.9575 mi2

Example 5: Convert 100 km² to square miles.

Square Miles=100 km2×0.3861 mi2/km2=38.61 mi2

2. Solved Examples on Converting to Square Miles to Square Kilometers

Example 1: Convert 5 mi² to square kilometers.

Square Kilometers=5 mi2×2.5899 km2/mi2=12.9495 km2

Example 2: Convert 15 mi² to square kilometers.

Square Kilometers=15 mi2×2.5899 km2/mi2=38.8485 km2

Example 3: Convert 30 mi² to square kilometers.

Square Kilometers=30 mi2×2.5899 km2/mi2=77.697 km2

Example 4: Convert 50 mi² to square kilometers.

Square Kilometers=50 mi2×2.5899 km2/mi2=129.495 km2

Example 5: Convert 100 mi² to square kilometers.

Solution: Square Kilometers=100 mi2×2.5899 km2/mi2=258.99 km2

Is the conversion from square kilometers to square miles accurate?

The conversion using the factor of 0.3861 is generally accurate for most practical purposes. However, for highly precise scientific calculations, more decimal places may be needed.

Why is it important to convert square kilometers to square miles?

Converting square kilometers to square miles is important in fields such as geography, real estate, and land management, especially when communicating data to audiences familiar with the imperial system.

Can I use a calculator for converting square kilometers to square miles?

Yes, you can use a calculator to multiply the square kilometers by 0.3861 to get the area in square miles. There are also many online converters available that can perform the calculation instantly.

What is the common error to avoid when converting square kilometers to square miles?

A common error to avoid is neglecting to use the precise conversion factor (0.3861), which can result in significant inaccuracies, especially in large measurements.

Which is bigger 1 square mile or 1 square kilometer?

One square kilometer is larger than one square mile. Specifically, 1 square kilometer equals approximately 0.3861 square miles. This makes the square kilometer significantly larger as it covers more ground area compared to a square mile. The distinction is important in fields like geography and land management, where accurate area measurement is crucial for planning and analysis.