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Conversion Factors:

  • Square Miles to Acres: 1 square mile = 640 acres
  • Acres to Square Miles: 1 acre = 0.0015625 square mile

How to Convert Square Miles to Acres:

To convert square miles to acres, multiply the number of square miles by 640.

Acres=Square Miles×640

Example: Convert 2 square miles to acres.

Acres=2×640=1280 acres

How to Convert Acres to Square Miles:

To convert acres to square miles, divide the number of acres by 640.

Square Miles=Acres×0.0015625

Example: Convert 800 acres to square miles.

Square Miles=800×0.0015625=1.25 square miles

Square Miles to Acres Conversion Table

Square MilesAcres
1 sq mi640 ac
2 sq mi1,280 ac
3 sq mi1,920 ac
4 sq mi2,560 ac
5 sq mi3,200 ac
6 sq mi3,840 ac
7 sq mi4,480 ac
8 sq mi5,120 ac
9 sq mi5,760 ac
10 sq mi6,400 ac
20 sq mi12,800 ac
30 sq mi19,200 ac
40 sq mi25,600 ac
50 sq mi32,000 ac
60 sq mi38,400 ac
70 sq mi44,800 ac
80 sq mi51,200 ac
90 sq mi57,600 ac
100 sq mi64,000 ac

sq mi to acre Conversion Chart

Acres to Square Miles Conversion Table

AcresSquare Miles
1 ac0.0015625 sq mi
2 ac0.003125 sq mi
3 ac0.0046875 sq mi
4 ac0.00625 sq mi
5 ac0.0078125 sq mi
6 ac0.009375 sq mi
7 ac0.0109375 sq mi
8 ac0.0125 sq mi
9 ac0.0140625 sq mi
10 ac0.015625 sq mi
20 ac0.03125 sq mi
30 ac0.046875 sq mi
40 ac0.0625 sq mi
50 ac0.078125 sq mi
60 ac0.09375 sq mi
70 ac0.109375 sq mi
80 ac0.125 sq mi
90 ac0.140625 sq mi
100 ac0.15625 sq mi

acre to sq mi Conversion Chart

Difference Between Square Miles to Acres

AspectSquare MilesAcres
DefinitionA square mile is a unit of area equal to the area of a square each side of which measures one mile.An acre is a unit of area commonly used in the U.S. and the U.K., equal to 4,840 square yards.
SizeOne square mile is considerably larger, equal to 640 acres.One acre is smaller, constituting 1/640th of a square mile.
UsageSquare miles are commonly used for measuring larger territories such as cities or counties.Acres are frequently used for smaller land plots, like residential properties or small farms.
Conversion Factor1 square mile equals 640 acres.1 acre equals 0.0015625 square miles.
Historical OriginsDerived from the British imperial system and used predominantly in the U.S.Originates from the old English system and has been a standard measure in British-derived systems.
PrecisionLess commonly used for precise, small-scale measurements.More commonly used for detailed, small-scale property assessments.
Context of UseMore prevalent in geographic, regional planning, and large scale mapping.More common in agricultural planning, real estate, and land development.
Measurement StandardTypically used in countries that are still on or partially use the imperial system.Universally understood in English-speaking countries, and used alongside metric units in others.

1. Solved Examples on Converting Square Miles to Acres

Example 1: Converting 1 Square Mile to Acres

1 square mile=1×640 acres

1 square mile is 640 acres.

Example 2: Converting 3 Square Miles to Acres

3 square miles=3×640 acres

3 square miles is 1920 acres.

Example 3: Converting 0.5 Square Miles to Acres

0.5 square miles=0.5×640 acres

0.5 square miles is 320 acres.

Example 4: Converting 7 Square Miles to Acres

7 square miles=7×640 acres

7 square miles is 4480 acres.

Example 5: Converting 12 Square Miles to Acres

12 square miles=12×640 acres

12 square miles is 7680 acres.

2. Solved Examples on Converting Acres to Square Miles

Example 1: Converting 640 Acres to Square Miles

640 acres=640×0.0015625 square miles

640 acres is 1 square mile.

Example 2: Converting 1280 Acres to Square Miles

1280 acres=1280×0.0015625 square miles

1280 acres is 2 square miles.

Example 3: Converting 100 Acres to Square Miles

100 acres=100×0.0015625 square miles

100 acres is approximately 0.156 square miles.

Example 4: Converting 3000 Acres to Square Miles

3000 acres=3000×0.0015625 square miles

3000 acres is approximately 4.69 square miles.

Example 5: Converting 50 Acres to Square Miles

50 acres=50×0.0015625 square miles

50 acres is approximately 0.078 square miles.

Why is the conversion rate set at 640 acres per square mile?

The conversion rate of 640 acres per square mile is based on historical measurement standards used in the public land survey system in the United States, which standardized the size of a section of land to be one square mile or 640 acres. This facilitated a more uniform land distribution and management.

How can I quickly convert multiple square miles to acres without using a calculator?

For quick mental calculations without a calculator, remember that multiplying by 640 can be broken down into multiplying by 64 and then adding a zero to the result. For example, to convert 3 square miles to acres quickly: 3×64=192, then add a zero for 1920 acres.

Are there any tools available that can help with conversion from square miles to acres?

Yes, there are many online calculators and apps that can automatically convert square miles to acres for you. Additionally, most scientific calculators include functions to assist with such conversions.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when converting square miles to acres?

Common mistakes include confusing the conversion factor with other measurements, such as confusing acres with square feet or hectares. Always ensure that you are using the correct conversion factor of 640 acres per square mile.

Is there a simple way to remember the conversion between square miles and acres?

A simple way to remember the conversion is to associate the number 640 with the concept of a “mile-square” of land, which equals 640 acres. This is often remembered as one section in U.S. public land surveying.

Is there a difference in how urban and rural lands are measured in terms of square miles and acres?

The measurement units (square miles and acres) remain consistent whether measuring urban or rural land. However, the preferred unit may differ based on context—urban planners might use smaller units like acres or even square feet more frequently, whereas rural land is often measured in larger units like square miles due to the larger tracts of land involved.

Can environmental factors affect land measurements in square miles or acres?

Environmental factors do not directly affect the mathematical conversion of square miles to acres but can impact the physical measurement of the land’s boundaries (e.g., erosion, landslides). It’s important to periodically re-measure land to ensure accuracy in records and documentation.

How do I convert square miles to acres for irregularly shaped parcels of land?

For irregularly shaped parcels of land, the area in square miles must first be accurately determined, possibly using GIS software or land survey methods. Once the area is known in square miles, it can be converted to acres by multiplying by 640, regardless of the shape.