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Conversion Factors:

  • Square Miles to Hectares: 1 square mile = 258.999 hectares
  • Hectares to Square Miles: 1 hectare = 0.00386102 square miles

How to Convert Square Miles to Hectares:

To convert square miles to hectares, multiply the number of square miles by 258.999.

Hectares=Square Miles×258.999

Example: Convert 5 square miles to hectares.

Hectares=5×258.999=1294.995 hectares

How to Convert Hectares to Square Miles:

To convert hectares to square miles, multiply the number of hectares by 0.00386102.

Square Miles=Hectares×0.00386102

Example: Convert 1000 hectares to square miles.

Square Miles=1000×0.00386102=3.86102 square miles

Square Miles to Hectares Conversion Table

Square Miles (sq mi)Hectares (ha)
1 sq mi258.99 ha
2 sq mi517.99 ha
3 sq mi776.99 ha
4 sq mi1035.99 ha
5 sq mi1294.99 ha
6 sq mi1553.99 ha
7 sq mi1812.99 ha
8 sq mi2071.99 ha
9 sq mi2330.99 ha
10 sq mi2589.99 ha
20 sq mi5179.98 ha
30 sq mi7769.97 ha
40 sq mi10359.96 ha
50 sq mi12949.95 ha
60 sq mi15539.94 ha
70 sq mi18129.93 ha
80 sq mi20719.92 ha
90 sq mi23309.91 ha
100 sq mi25899.90 ha

sq mi to hectare Conversion Chart

Hectares to Square Miles Conversion Table

Hectares (ha)Square Miles (sq mi)
1 ha0.00386 sq mi
2 ha0.00772 sq mi
3 ha0.01158 sq mi
4 ha0.01544 sq mi
5 ha0.01930 sq mi
6 ha0.02316 sq mi
7 ha0.02702 sq mi
8 ha0.03088 sq mi
9 ha0.03474 sq mi
10 ha0.03861 sq mi
20 ha0.07721 sq mi
30 ha0.11582 sq mi
40 ha0.15442 sq mi
50 ha0.19303 sq mi
60 ha0.23163 sq mi
70 ha0.27024 sq mi
80 ha0.30884 sq mi
90 ha0.34745 sq mi
100 ha0.38610 sq mi

hectare to sq mi Conversion Chart

Difference Between Square Miles to Hectares

FeatureSquare MilesHectares
Unit TypeImperial systemMetric system
UsagePredominantly used in the U.S. and the U.K. for land measurement.Commonly used worldwide, especially in agriculture, forestry, and land planning outside of the U.S.
SizeLarger unit, 1 square mile is equal to 258.999 hectares.Smaller unit, 1 hectare is equal to 0.00386 square miles.
Conversion FactorTo convert to hectares, multiply by 258.999.To convert to square miles, multiply by 0.00386.
PrecisionOften used for large-scale land measurement such as regions or large properties.Used for smaller, more precise land measurements, useful in agricultural and urban planning.
Popularity in UseLess common globally, but essential in specific countries.Widely accepted and used globally, especially in countries that use the metric system.
Decimal RepresentationOften requires conversion to hectares or acres for more granular work.Easier to use in calculations that require multiple decimal places due to its smaller size.
Contextual ApplicationCommon in legal and official documents in countries using the Imperial system.Preferred in scientific and environmental studies due to international standardization.

1. Solved Examples on Converting Square Miles to Hectares

Example 1: Basic Conversion

Convert 1 square mile to hectares.

1 square mile is equal to 258.998811 hectares. Therefore:

1 square mile = 1 × 258.998811 hectares = 258.998811 hectares

Example 2: Real Estate Plot

A real estate company owns a plot of land that is 5 square miles in size. How many hectares is this?

1 square mile = 258.998811 hectares. Therefore:

5 square miles = 5 × 258.998811 hectares = 1,294.994055 hectares

Example 3: Agricultural Land

A farmer is looking to buy a new piece of land that is 0.75 square miles. Convert this area into hectares.

1 square mile = 258.998811 hectares. Therefore:

0.75 square miles = 0.75 × 258.998811 hectares = 194.249108 hectares

Example 4: National Park

A national park covers an area of 150 square miles. How many hectares is this area?

1 square mile = 258.998811 hectares. Therefore:

150 square miles = 150 × 258.998811 hectares = 38,849.821650 hectares

Example 5: Small Community

A small community spans an area of 0.1 square miles. Convert this area into hectares.

1 square mile = 258.998811 hectares. Therefore:

0.1 square miles = 0.1 × 258.998811 hectares = 25.899881 hectares

2. Solved Examples on Converting Hectares to Square Miles

Example 1: Basic Conversion

Convert 100 hectares to square miles.

1 hectare is equal to 0.00386102 square miles. Therefore:

100 hectares = 100 × 0.00386102 square miles = 0.386102 square miles

Example 2: Large Agricultural Field

A large agricultural field measures 450 hectares. How many square miles is this?

1 hectare = 0.00386102 square miles. Therefore:

450 hectares = 450 × 0.00386102 square miles = 1.737459 square miles

Example 3: City Park

A city plans to develop a new park that will cover 75 hectares. Convert this area into square miles.

1 hectare = 0.00386102 square miles. Therefore:

75 hectares = 75 × 0.00386102 square miles = 0.2895765 square miles

Example 4: Conservation Area

A conservation area covers 1200 hectares. How many square miles does this represent?

1 hectare = 0.00386102 square miles. Therefore:

1200 hectares = 1200 × 0.00386102 square miles = 4.633224 square miles

Example 5: Small Farm

A small farm is being sold that is 15 hectares in size. Convert this size into square miles.

1 hectare = 0.00386102 square miles. Therefore:

15 hectares = 15 × 0.00386102 square miles = 0.0579153 square miles

Can errors occur when converting from square miles to hectares?

Yes, errors can occur due to rounding or using an incorrect conversion factor. To minimize errors, always use the precise conversion factor and consider rounding only after the final calculation.

Are there any historical reasons for using square miles instead of hectares?

Yes, the use of square miles is rooted in British imperial measurements, which were widely used historically in places like the United States and the United Kingdom. Hectares, part of the metric system, are commonly used internationally, which facilitates easier comparison and calculation across different regions.

What role does technology play in converting square miles to hectares?

Technology, especially GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and advanced calculators, plays a significant role in ensuring accurate and efficient conversions between square miles and hectares, aiding in mapping, land use planning, and resource management.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when converting square miles to hectares?

Common mistakes include using an incorrect conversion factor, not accounting for decimal places in calculations, and rounding off too early in the calculation process.

Can conversions from square miles to hectares vary depending on the country?

The mathematical conversion does not vary by country, as it is based on standardized international units. However, the preference for using either square miles or hectares can vary, influencing how often and in what contexts the conversions are used.