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Conversion Factors:

  • Square Yards to Hectares: 1 square yard = 0.00008361 hectares
  • Hectares to Square Yards: 1 hectare = 11,959.9 square yards

How to Convert Square Yards to Hectares:

To convert square yards to hectares, multiply the number of square yards by 0.00008361.

Hectares=Square Yards×0.00008361


Convert 5000 square yards to hectares.

Hectares=5000×0.00008361=0.41805 hectares

How to Convert Hectares to Square Yards:

To convert hectares to square yards, multiply the number of hectares by 11,959.9.

Square Yards=Hectares×11,959.9


Convert 2 hectares to square yards.

Square Yards=2×11,959.9=23,919.8 square yards

Square Yards to Hectares Conversion Table

Square Yards (sq yd)Hectares (ha)
1 sq yd8.36127e-5 ha
2 sq yd1.67225e-4 ha
3 sq yd2.5083e-4 ha
4 sq yd3.3445e-4 ha
5 sq yd4.1806e-4 ha
6 sq yd5.0167e-4 ha
7 sq yd5.8528e-4 ha
8 sq yd6.6890e-4 ha
9 sq yd7.52513e-4 ha
10 sq yd8.3612e-4 ha
20 sq yd1.67225e-3 ha
30 sq yd2.50838e-3 ha
40 sq yd3.34450e-3 ha
50 sq yd4.18063e-3 ha
60 sq yd5.01675e-3 ha
70 sq yd5.85288e-3 ha
80 sq yd6.68900e-3 ha
90 sq yd7.52513e-3 ha
100 sq yd8.36125e-3 ha

sq yd to hectare Conversion Chart

Hectares to Square Yards Conversion Table

Hectares (ha)Square Yards (sq yd)
1 ha11,959.9 sq yd
2 ha23,919.8 sq yd
3 ha35,879.7 sq yd
4 ha47,839.6 sq yd
5 ha59,799.5 sq yd
6 ha71,759.4 sq yd
7 ha83,719.3 sq yd
8 ha95,679.2 sq yd
9 ha107,639.1 sq yd
10 ha119,599 sq yd
20 ha239,198 sq yd
30 ha358,797 sq yd
40 ha478,396 sq yd
50 ha597,995 sq yd
60 ha717,594 sq yd
70 ha837,193 sq yd
80 ha956,792 sq yd
90 ha1,076,391 sq yd
100 ha1,195,990 sq yd

hectare to sq yd Conversion Chart

Difference Between Square Yards to Hectares

AspectSquare YardsHectares
Unit SizeSmaller unit of areaMuch larger unit of area
Usage ContextUsed primarily in the US and UKUsed globally, especially in agriculture
Measurement SystemPart of the Imperial systemPart of the Metric system
PrecisionLess suitable for very large areasMore suitable for large tracts of land
Common ApplicationsReal estate, interior spacesFarming, forestry, large-scale planning
Decimal ComplexityMay involve smaller decimalsOften involves larger whole numbers
Geographical PreferencePreferred in regions using Imperial unitsPreferred in metric-using countries
Professional UseMore common in domestic contextsFrequently used in scientific and environmental studies

1. Solved Examples on Converting Square Yards to Hectares

Example 1:

Convert 100 square yards to hectares.

100 sq yd×0.00008361 ha/sq yd=0.008361 ha

Example 2:

Convert 500 square yards to hectares.

500 sq yd×0.00008361 ha/sq yd=0.041805 ha

Example 3:

Convert 1,000 square yards to hectares.

1,000 sq yd×0.00008361 ha/sq yd=0.08361 ha

Example 4:

Convert 2,500 square yards to hectares.

2,500 sq yd×0.00008361 ha/sq yd=0.209025 ha

Example 5:

Convert 10,000 square yards to hectares.

10,000 sq yd×0.00008361 ha/sq yd=0.8361 ha

2. Solved Examples on Converting Hectares to Square Yards

Example 1:

Convert 0.5 hectares to square yards.

0.5 ha×11,959.9 sq yd/ha=5,979.95 sq yd

Example 2:

Convert 1 hectare to square yards.

1 ha×11,959.9 sq yd/ha=11,959.9 sq yd

Example 3:

Convert 2 hectares to square yards.

2 ha×11,959.9 sq yd/ha=23,919.8 sq yd

Example 4:

Convert 3.25 hectares to square yards.

3.25 ha×11,959.9 sq yd/ha=38,869.675 sq yd

Example 5:

Convert 10 hectares to square yards.

10 ha×11,959.9 sq yd/ha=119,599 sq yd

How accurate is the conversion from square yards to hectares?

The conversion factor of 0.00008361 is precise for practical purposes. However, for very large or legally sensitive transactions, precise survey measurements and conversions might be required.

What tools can I use to convert square yards to hectares?

You can use online calculators, conversion tables, or mobile apps specifically designed for land area conversions. These tools make it easy to convert between various units of area quickly and accurately.

Are square yards and square feet the same?

No, square yards and square feet are different units of area. One square yard equals nine square feet.

What other units are commonly used to measure land besides square yards and hectares?

Other common land measurement units include acres in the Imperial system and square meters in the Metric system.

Are there any common errors to avoid when converting square yards to hectares?

A common error is not using the precise conversion factor or rounding off too early in calculations, which can lead to significant discrepancies in large area measurements.

How can technology improve the accuracy of converting square yards to hectares?

Technology, such as geographic information systems (GIS) and advanced calculators, can improve the accuracy of conversions by handling complex calculations and providing precise measurements, essential for large-scale or detailed land assessments.