Communication Lesson Plan for High School


To enhance high school students’ communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal, through interactive, thought-provoking activities and discussions.

Week 1: Introduction to Effective Communication

Day Activity Description Materials
Monday Communication Icebreaker Team-building activities to break communication barriers. None
Tuesday Role-Playing Scenarios Practicing verbal communication in different scenarios. Scenario cards
Wednesday Debate Session Introduction to debating; small group debates on easy topics. None
Thursday Non-Verbal Communication Activities focused on understanding body language. Video clips
Friday Journal Reflection Writing about personal communication strengths and areas for improvement. Journals

Week 2: Public Speaking Skills

Day Activity Description Materials
Monday Speech Writing Workshop Workshop on writing effective speeches. Writing materials
Tuesday Impromptu Speaking Practice impromptu speaking on random topics. Topic cards
Wednesday Group Presentation Preparing and presenting a topic in groups. Presentation tools
Thursday Feedback Session Peer-to-peer feedback on presentations. Feedback forms
Friday Guest Speaker A guest speaker session on public speaking tips. None

Week 3: Interpersonal Communication

Day Activity Description Materials
Monday Active Listening Workshop Exercises to improve listening skills. Audio recordings
Tuesday Conflict Resolution Role-play on resolving conflicts effectively. Scenario cards
Wednesday Empathy Building Activities to build empathy and understanding. Story examples
Thursday Group Discussion Discussing various topics to foster open communication. None
Friday Reflective Circle Sharing experiences and learnings of the week. None

Week 4: Digital Communication

Day Activity Description Materials
Monday Social Media Analysis Analyzing communication styles on different platforms. Internet access
Tuesday Email Writing Skills Crafting professional emails. Computers
Wednesday Online Etiquette Discussing the dos and don’ts of digital communication. Presentation
Thursday Creating Digital Content Producing short digital content for communication. Digital devices
Friday Review and Feedback Reviewing the month’s activities and feedback session. Feedback forms

Evaluation and Feedback

Regular assessments through activities, presentations, and reflective writing to gauge progress in communication skills.

Materials Needed

This lesson plan is designed to comprehensively address various aspects of communication skills suitable for high school students. It blends theoretical knowledge with practical application, ensuring students are well-equipped to communicate effectively in diverse situations

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