Communication Lesson Plans for Adults


To enhance effective communication skills in adults, focusing on verbal, non-verbal, and digital communication in personal and professional settings.

Week 1: Foundations of Communication

Session Topic Description Activity Materials
1 Basics of Communication Understanding the communication process. Group discussion Flip chart, markers
2 Verbal Communication Exploring effective speaking techniques. Role-playing scenarios Scenario cards
3 Non-Verbal Communication The importance of body language and tone. Analyzing video clips Projector, videos
4 Active Listening Techniques for effective listening. Listening exercises Audio clips
5 Barriers to Communication Identifying and overcoming communication barriers Group brainstorming Note cards

Week 2: Professional Communication

Session Topic Description Activity Materials
6 Email Etiquette Best practices for professional email communication. Drafting email exercises Computers
7 Presentation Skills Techniques for engaging presentations. Mini-presentation practice PowerPoint, projector
8 Professional Networking Skills for effective networking. Networking role-play Business cards
9 Conflict Resolution Strategies for resolving workplace conflicts. Conflict scenario analysis Case study handouts
10 Feedback and Critique Giving and receiving constructive feedback. Feedback exchange activity Feedback forms

Week 3: Digital Communication

Session Topic Description Activity Materials
11 Social Media Communication Effective communication on social media platforms. Social media profile review Laptop, internet access
12 Online Collaboration Tools Utilizing tools for remote communication and teamwork. Collaborative project planning Collaboration software
13 Digital Etiquette Understanding etiquette in digital spaces. Discussion on digital behavior Case examples
14 Virtual Meeting Skills Conducting effective virtual meetings. Virtual meeting role-play Video conferencing tool
15 Digital Communication Trends Exploring emerging trends in digital communication. Research and presentation activity Internet access

Evaluation and Feedback

Regular feedback sessions, practical assessments, and a final presentation to evaluate progress and understanding of communication skills.

Materials Needed

These communication lesson plans for adults are designed to be straightforward and comprehensive, covering a wide range of essential communication skills. Tailored for adult learners, they combine theoretical understanding with practical application, ensuring participants are well-equipped for effective communication in various contexts

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