Communication Plan for Church


To establish effective communication within the church community and with the broader public, ensuring everyone is informed, engaged, and inspired.

Plan Overview:

  1. Audience Analysis:
    • Internal Audience: Congregation members, church staff, volunteers.
    • External Audience: Local community, online followers, potential visitors.
  2. Key Messages:
    • Church values and mission.
    • Upcoming events and services.
    • Community involvement and outreach programs.
  3. Communication Channels:
    • Primary Channels: Church website, social media, email newsletters.
    • Secondary Channels: Bulletins, flyers, local media outlets.

Implementation Strategy:

Activity Channel Frequency Responsible
Weekly Newsletters Email Weekly Communication Team
Social Media Posts Facebook, Instagram Daily Social Media Coordinator
Service Announcements Website, Bulletin As needed Pastoral Staff
Community Event Publicity Local Media, Flyers Monthly Outreach Team
Prayer Requests & Support Email, App Ongoing Pastoral Care Team

Evaluation and Feedback:

Emergency Communication:

Annual Review:

Visual Aids:

Supporting Materials:

This comprehensive communication plan is designed to be straightforward and ready to implement, ensuring that your church’s message is consistently and effectively conveyed to both internal and external audiences. Regular evaluation and adaptation are key to maintaining a vibrant and engaged community.

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