External Audit Communication Plan



An external audit communication plan is vital for ensuring a smooth, efficient audit process. This plan lays out a clear framework for interactions between the organization and the external auditor, ensuring that all necessary information is shared in a timely and organized manner.


To streamline communication during the external audit process, ensuring clarity, efficiency, and compliance with audit requirements.

Key Stakeholders

  1. Audit Team: External auditors conducting the audit.
  2. Management Team: Executives and department heads in the organization.
  3. Audit Committee: Oversees the audit process.
  4. Employees: Staff involved in providing information and support.

Communication Tools

Communication Plan

Pre-Audit Phase

Activity Responsible Timeline Communication Method
Initial Meeting with Auditor Audit Committee Week 1 Video Conference
Distribute Audit Schedule Management Team Week 1 Email
Collect Preliminary Data Employees Week 2 Project Management Software

Audit Execution Phase

Activity Responsible Timeline Communication Method
Regular Updates Audit Team Weekly Email/Project Management Software
Document Requests Audit Team As Required Email/Project Management Software
Query Resolution Employees As Required Phone Calls/Email

Post-Audit Phase

Activity Responsible Timeline Communication Method
Draft Report Review Management Team Week 1 Post-Audit Email
Final Meeting Audit Committee Week 2 Post-Audit Video Conference
Implement Recommendations Management Team Ongoing Project Management Software

Best Practices

This communication plan aims to facilitate effective and efficient communication throughout the external audit process, ensuring all parties are well-informed and aligned.

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