Individual Employee Termination Communication Plan


Effective communication is crucial during the employee termination process. A well-structured communication plan ensures clarity, maintains professionalism, and minimizes misunderstandings. This plan outlines key steps and strategies for communicating with the individual employee who is being terminated.


Communication Plan Overview

Prior to Termination Meeting

  1. Preparation
    • Who: HR Manager, Direct Supervisor
    • What: Review employee’s performance records, legal considerations, and termination rationale.
    • How: Confidential meetings and document reviews.
    • When: At least one week before the termination meeting.
  2. Scripting the Conversation
    • Who: HR Manager
    • What: Prepare a script outlining the key points to be communicated.
    • How: Written script to ensure clarity and completeness.
    • When: Two days before the termination meeting.

During Termination Meeting

  1. Conducting the Meeting
    • Who: HR Manager, Direct Supervisor
    • What: Communicate the termination decision clearly and respectfully.
    • How: In-person meeting in a private setting.
    • When: Scheduled time, ideally mid-week.
  2. Discussion Points
    • Termination rationale.
    • Next steps (e.g., final paycheck, benefits information).
    • Offer of support (e.g., outplacement services).


  1. Follow-Up Communication
    • Who: HR Manager
    • What: Provide written documentation of the termination, including any necessary instructions.
    • How: Email or letter.
    • When: Within one day of the meeting.
  2. Support for Remaining Team Members
    • Who: Direct Supervisor, HR Manager
    • What: Address the team to manage morale and clarify any role changes.
    • How: Team meeting or individual conversations.
    • When: Within two days of the termination.

Key Considerations

This communication plan serves as a guide to manage the delicate process of employee termination. It emphasizes clear, professional, and empathetic communication, ensuring that the process is handled with the utmost respect and consideration for all parties involved

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