Internal Crisis Communication Plan

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Internal Crisis Communication Plan

A well-crafted Internal Crisis Communication Plan ensures that your organization can respond promptly, accurately, and confidently during an emergency. In the midst of a crisis, effective communication is key to maintaining trust, morale, and operational continuity.


1. Crisis Communication Team

2. Identification of Key Stakeholders

3. Types of Crises

4. Communication Channels

5. Message Creation

6. Training and Drills

7. Monitoring and Feedback

8. Review and Update

Implementation Timeline

Timeframe Action Item
Immediate Activate Crisis Communication Team.
1-2 Hours Identify the type and scope of the crisis.
2-4 Hours Draft and disseminate the initial message.
24 Hours Provide a second update and schedule regular updates.
Post-Crisis Conduct a post-mortem analysis and update the plan.

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A comprehensive Internal Crisis Communication Plan is crucial for maintaining operational integrity and trust within an organization during a crisis. By preparing in advance and outlining clear steps and responsibilities, an organization can navigate through challenging times more effectively and emerge stronger. Regular updates and training ensure the plan evolves and remains effective for any future crises.

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